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Coffee Brands Starting With Q

Charl Joost
Last Updated: May 12th, 2023

The drink that is a part of just about every household’s morning routine is bound to have more than just a few brands. In fact, there are hundreds of coffee brands available all over the world.

Although each brand has different qualities and flavors, they all have one thing in common. The common denominator between all these brands is that they aim to make the best coffee for their customers to enjoy. 

As there are so many brands of coffee around, we have taken it upon ourselves to break it down. We are going to take a look at the coffee brands starting with Q. 

Coffee Brands Starting With Q

You may be surprised by the number of coffee brands starting with Q. This article will closely examine these various brands.

  1. Q-Coffee
  2. Quarta Caffe
  3. Quail Street Coffee Roasters
  4. Queen Coffee Bean
  5. Queen City Collective Coffee
  6. Quills Coffee
  7. Quirky Coffee Co
  8. Question Coffee
  9. Quest Coffee Company
  10. Quarter Horse Coffee
  11. Quartermaine Coffee Roasters
  12. Quivr Coffee

1. Q-Coffee

Image: Q-Coffee

The first of the two coffee brands starting with ‘Q’ is Q-Coffee. This brand was established in Amsterdam and specializes in coffee capsules. Q-Coffee was developed from the idea that coffee could provide drinkers with more than just caffeine. 

Q-Coffee refers to their coffee as ‘functional coffee’ as it is enhanced with supplements. The supplements used in Q-Coffee are specifically selected to enhance your physical performance as well as your mental performance.

The supplements are said to be all-natural physical as well as cognitive enhancers. 

This coffee brand has six products available at the moment. Each product is focused on a different area of the body. The six products that Q-Coffee is focused on include Energy, Focus, Immune, Memory, Relax, and Weight coffees. 

A big bonus to Q-Coffee’s product is that they make use of Plant Capsules. These capsules are made completely out of sugar canes. During the production of the Plant Capsules, there is also no use or burning of fossil fuels.

These capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and can be disposed of in your organic waste bin after use. The Plant Capsules are said to compost in just four weeks!

If you are looking for something more from your coffee, it may be time to give Q-Coffee a try. 

2. Quarta Caffe

Our next brand is Quarta Caffe. Quarta Caffe is an Italian brand that was founded in the 1950s. The brand was a family entrepreneurial reality that is run today by Antonio Quarta and his two sons Gaetano and Edoardo Quarta. 

Over the years, Quarta Caffe has grown and developed taking each new task in its stride. The company continued to grow in popularity and with this, they needed to increase their production.

The increased production meant the company needed to upgrade and improve its production methods and machinery, which is just what it did. 

Thanks to their passion, attention to detail, and holding quality above all else, Quarta Caffe is known today as one of the world’s best Italian roasting companies.

But even more empowering than just popularity, is that the brand has included sustainability in its production methods. 

Quarta Caffe has reduced its carbon footprint by using vegetable and compostable capsules. These capsules are also compatible with Nespresso Machines.

The aroma and taste of the coffee are not compromised by these capsules and are a great start in creating a better tomorrow, even though the gesture may seem small.

3. Quail Street Coffee Roasters

naked coffee roasters

Quail Street Coffee Roasters is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster based in Indio, California. They focus on roasting small batches of high-quality imported coffee beans and carry roasts from all around the globe. 

They currently carry six different styles of coffee beans, as well as a cold brew option that is served in glass containers and is only available for local pickup. All of Quail Street’s coffee beans come freshly roasted and are available for domestic and international shipment. 

Even the decaffeinated option from Quail Street Coffee Roasters is full of flavor, and the coffee beans used are from Columbia. There is also a caffeinated Columbian option called “Nariño Fiesta,” which carries a bright flavor with medium acidity.

They also import and roast coffee beans from Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala. Each offering from Quail Street Coffee Roasters brings something different to the table in terms of flavor and body, and the company has a great reputation for customer service and prompt responses to questions. 

4. Queen Coffee Bean

kent coffee beans

The Queen Coffee Bean company is a coffee shop and roastery located in North Carolina that specializes in a wide range of different interesting coffees. They offer different single-origin offerings, as well as specialty blends that aren’t available anywhere else. 

Their online store is one of the only places where customers can find full bags of chocolate flavored cherry chocolate, and each coffee bean selection can be ground to match the specifications of different coffee makers. 

Queen Coffee Bean also sells individual samples of each coffee roast, which allows customers to try many different flavors without breaking the bank. Trying more flavors allows new coffee enthusiasts to expand their palates, and figure out which styles of coffee they enjoy most.

There is also a unique flavored blend of coffee beans named “Ethiopian Cinnamon Buttercream Coffee,” which offers some of the sweetest and most interesting flavors in the coffee industry today. This is a great roast for those with a sweet tooth, as well as people who do not traditionally enjoy regular drip coffee. 

5. Queen City Collective Coffee

Queen City Collective Coffee is a Denver, Colorado-based coffee company that was started by three friends after an extended trip to Africa. They offer four different coffee subscription services, and there is an extensive online store with many different regions and roasts to choose from.

The subscription service offered by Queen City Collective Coffee has options for between one and four bags of coffee per month, and the larger packages come with greater discounts. The four-bag coffee subscriptions cost $62 per month, which allows for an $18 discount compared to the one-bag versions for $20.

Another interesting selection offered by the company is the “Natural” coffee beans from Rwanda, which come unwashed and unprocessed. There is also a washed version of the same coffee beans, which is more suitable for fans of traditionally processed coffee beans. 

There are also single-origin coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as different blends and decaffeinated options. The company also occasionally collaborates with other reputable Colorado-based coffee roasters to come up with some truly unique coffee creations. 

6. Quills Coffee

things before buying volcanica coffee online

Quills Coffee is a full-service coffee roastery that is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. They sell a full line of different imported coffees, as well as stylish merchandise. There are also six different coffee subscriptions to choose from, as well as a wholesale pricing program. 

Each blend formulated and roasted by Quills Coffee is created with a different result in mind. Their signature blend is called “Inkwell,” which is a mild blend that is suitable for a wide variety of different coffee enthusiasts and palates. 

There is also an espresso blend called “Blacksmith” that is specifically made for home espresso machines, as well as a “Southern Gothic” roast which is specifically designed for making cold brew coffee at home. 

There are also 6 different coffee subscriptions to choose from, each of which brings something different to the table in terms of flavor. There are four different traditional flavored coffee subscriptions, as well as a decaffeinated option and a roaster’s choice subscription. 

7. Quirky Coffee Co

olive coffee roasters

The Quirky Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster that specializes in exotic arabica beans from all around the world. They ship whole bean coffee and also offer 8 different grind styles that are specifically made for different styles of coffee makers. 

There are many different single-origin coffee beans to choose from on the Quirky Coffee Co website, including specialty varieties like Kenyan Peaberry beans. There is also a decaffeinated option from Honduras that has its caffeine removed by the Swiss Water Decaffeination plant in Canada. 

Quirky Coffee Co also sells a “Specialty Coffee Surprise” package that includes a random coffee of the roaster’s choice. This can include either single-origin coffees or blends and is a great way for curious coffee enthusiasts to try interesting new roasts.

Each individual style of coffee sold by Quirky Coffee Co is available for a one-time purchase as well as in subscription form. The company also sells gift cards, which make for a great surprise for friends and families who are adventurous coffee enthusiasts.

8. Question Coffee

mellower coffee

Question Coffee is a women-led coffee cooperative that has been featured by the likes of National Geographic and the New York Times. 30 percent of the proceeds from coffee sales go to the cooperative for their coffee beans, while the other 70 percent is dedicated to professional training and trading programs for coffee farmers who are women.

Question Coffee cooperative can be visited in person at their Coffee Centre in Kigali, Rwanda, as well as their exclusive park café in Kinigi at Volcanoes National Park. Their online store is the most popular way to purchase coffee, and it is constantly updated with new offerings from the co-op.  

There are currently three individual coffee selections to choose from in the online store, as well as two different coffee subscription options. The web store is simple to navigate and is updated often with the newest and most interesting coffee beans available. 

There is also a coffee academy that can be booked for those who are looking to expand their coffee knowledge. Their facilities are also available to be booked for tours, and all proceeds directly benefit the cooperative and its charitable efforts. 

9. Quest Coffee Company

make your own bulletproof coffee alternative

Quest Coffee Company is a “farm to cup” coffee company that specializes in “single origin, single estate, single varietal” coffees. They have cultivated personal relationships with coffee farmers from around the world, and have pledged to pay them a fair wage for their efforts. 

There are three central roasts that the company specializes in, with the “Medio” being the mildest in taste and balanced in terms of acidity and body. There is also a “Ponto” roast that is a bit darker and has less acidity compared to the Medio blend. 

The “Signature” blend from Quest Coffee has the highest amount of caramelization and carries tasting notes of chocolate and spice. There is also a decaffeinated option that is full of flavor with a deep body and a mild amount of acidity. 

Quest Coffee Company offers a monthly subscription service called the “Monthly Harvest Membership.” There is also a wholesale coffee discount that allows small businesses like cafes and restaurants to buy large quantities of coffee beans at a significant discount.  

10. Quarter Horse Coffee

coffee beans for the moka pot

Quarter Horse Coffee is a UK-based coffee that has been around since the year 2012. Their first location was opened in Oxford, with the second shop being located in Birmingham. They serve up a wide variety of different coffee styles, as well as some unique innovations like brew bags. 

All of Quarter Horse Coffee’s products are packaged in “letterbox friendly” packaging that is both eco-friendly and affordable to ship. They also organize all of their coffee roasts into three different categories to simplify the shopping process. 

The company has established quality relationships with international producers and has also made significant efforts to reduce their carbon footprint over the years. They sell coffee and espresso beans from 9 different countries, and each roast is clearly labeled with tasting notes. 

There is also a “Roasters Selection” pack option, which includes four different rotating styles of coffee. The most popular coffee bundle is called the “Explore Pack,” which includes one “Stable” coffee as well as the choice of a “Venture” or “Unique” selection. 

11. Quartermaine Coffee Roasters

starbucks coffee beans

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters is a cafe and coffee roastery located in Rockville, Maryland that was formed by the original founders of Starbucks in 1991. The owners and the company’s coffee specialists regularly make trips around the world to taste and purchase new raw coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are then imported and sorted at the company’s East Coast roasting facility in Rockville. While each batch of coffee beans is treated a bit differently based on flavor and body, all of Quartermine’s coffees are dark roasted to a “chestnut brown” color. 

While Quartermaine Coffee Roasters products can be found all up and down the East Coast, the easiest way for most people to purchase a bag of coffee beans is through their online store. All of Quartermaine’s coffees are sorted into categories for easy shopping, and there are also 7 different types of teas available. 

There is also an entire section dedicated to highlighting Fair Trade coffees. Purchasing certified Fair Trade coffee is a great way to try some of the best coffees in the world while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your coffee beans have been ethically sourced. 

12. Quivr Coffee

Quivr Coffee is a high-end company that specializes in a wide variety of different coffee products. They produce everything from pre-packaged nitro cold brew drinks to coffee packs specially made for steeped coffee. 

There are also two different whole-bean coffees to choose from, as well as three different styles of tea. The coconut coffee body scrub rounds out the Quivr Coffee lineup, and there is also branded merch like insulated coffee mugs for sale. 

The nitro-infused cold brew cans are some of the company’s top sellers, and there is a regular coffee as well as a decaffeinated option. There are also different nitro-infused teas in the portfolio, including oolong, hibiscus, and black tea versions. 

The steeped tea packs from Quivr Coffee are considered by many to be one of the best values in the coffee industry, as each pack contains 10 individual coffee packs for under $20. There is a decaf version as well as a traditional “steeped coffee” option to accommodate different coffee drinkers. 

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