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The 13 Best Coffee Club Subscriptions (2024 Guide)

Ashe Samuels
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

When you’re busy and exhausted, the last thing you want is a lack of coffee. The best coffee club subscriptions keep you stocked so this scenario never appears in your kitchen!

Even better, coffee club subscriptions are just a ton of fun. Beginner coffee drinkers can start their journey with regular access to a variety of origins and roast levels. If you’re a hobbyist or homebrewer, a coffee club can expose you to lesser-known brands (or save you time buying bags online). It seems a new coffee club crops up every month, so I’m here to make things easy on you.

The best coffee club subscriptions need to be tailored to your budget and tastes – budget, frequency, green values, you name it. We have compiled standout examples in this article so you can find the coffee subscription box you didn’t know you needed.

The Top Coffee Club Subscriptions Quick Look

What Should I Look For in a Coffee Club Subscription?

look for in a coffee club subscription

Before I explore my top recommendations, I’ve got a few tips on how to choose subscription models effectively. Overlooking these details could result in a box with coffee you don’t like or a delivery frequency out-of-touch with your habit.

Are You a Casual Drinker or a Hobbyist?

Drinking habits are a major factor in choosing the most compatible subscription. Are you someone who drinks coffee on a daily basis or a few times per month?

If you’re starting to drink more often, signing up could save you time restocking or searching for new brands. On the other hand, if you’re just getting your toes wet, a coffee club subscription may be too big of an investment.

Do You Like Custom Quizzes or Straightforward Purchases?

Part of the fun of the subscription box is customization. With so many options on your plate, many subscriptions provide personalized quizzes to help you narrow things down.

If you’d rather have something straightforward – such a curated box – I’ll make note of that in the list below.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Coffee club subscriptions save you more money than buying each bag individually. It’s rare you’ll find one without a 10% discount or free shipping!

The average subscription hovers around $15 to $25 a month for one or two bags, respectively. They can be more money if you choose product add-ons or different tier subscriptions.

What Kind of Delivery Frequency Are You Looking For?

A major source of appeal in a coffee club subscription is the easy, hands-off delivery. As such, keep an eye out for a delivery frequency that suits your lifestyle.

If you drink coffee regularly, once a week is a good frequency. If you drink coffee a few times per month, look for a two-week or three-week frequency.

If you drink coffee very rarely, you’ll probably save more money buying individual bags instead of subscribing. Some subscriptions allow you to order bags every other month, which I’ll take note of.

Some models only provide decaf, while others sprinkle in half-caf selections. I’m an exclusive decaf drinker myself, so I’ll make note of which ones are geared to the caffeine-free side of life.

Do You Prefer Caffeine or Decaf?

Caffeinated coffee is easily the most numerous category in coffee club subscriptions, but decaf drinkers have options! Some models only provide decaf, while others sprinkle in half-caf selections.

Do You Prefer Old Favorites or Trying Something New?

Some coffee clubs are inherently experimental and give you something new every order. Others let you customize to regularly bring in old favorites.

If you can’t pick between the two, there’s a third option: some coffee clubs let you change your order as you go.

How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Most subscription services offer different grind levels to save you time. Where you’ll start seeing bigger differences are in their instant coffee, recyclable cups, or cold brew offerings.

Double-check with your favorite coffee brewing methods before choosing a service.

What are Your Favorite Origins?

If you want to focus on certain origins, some coffee clubs allow you to choose – for example, all Ethiopian or Colombian blends. Others are random, giving you somewhere new to explore every time you open your box.

Is a Coffee Club Worth It?

Only you can answer this question! That’s what makes these subscriptions so special – the personalized element.

Coffee clubs are beneficial for people who get tired of reordering coffee and want a hands-off way to enjoy their habit. These clubs can also offer exclusive benefits like early product access, special online events, or rare coffee.

People who drink coffee very rarely or don’t want another subscription in their life likely won’t sign up. These subscriptions can also be pricey if you’re used to budget coffee from the grocery store.

If you need help answering this question, I’ve got a slew of options below with unique strengths and weaknesses.

A Deeper Look at the Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

1. Best Option For Origin-Focused Drinkers: Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club proudly boasts as the number one coffee club subscription and for good reason. With their impressive array of single-origin coffee and flexible quantity, they’re impossible to overlook.

They offer dozens of single origins for you to enjoy, ranging from Tanzania to Indonesia. Each box comes packed with your curated coffee, a postcard from the origin you’re trying out, and a handy booklet. This booklet comes with brewing suggestions and tasting notes to help you enjoy your coffee to the fullest. All of their coffee is roasted to order, too, so there’s no need to worry about stale beans.

Their bag sizes are exceptionally convenient. You can order a double bag, a single bag, or even a half bag. If you prefer or exclusively drink decaf, they also have a decaf subscription plan (be still, my decaffeinated heart!). Is it any wonder why Atlas Coffee Club reigns supreme?

Sadly, you don’t get weekly options with their subscription service – only every two weeks or every four weeks. You also can’t choose your origins, so this option is best for drinkers who like to experiment.

If you want to touch base on just about every origin out there, Atlas Coffee Club will take you around the world.


  • Impressive variety of single-origin coffees
  • Roasted to order
  • Ability to choose roast levels and grind sizes
  • Coffee capsule options
  • Decaf subscription option is available
  • Fun goodies like postcards and brewing notes with each order


  • Limited delivery frequency – every two or four weeks
  • Coffee capsules may not be recyclable
  • No ability to choose origins

2. Best Option For Very Rare Origins: Volcanica Coffee Club

Volcanica Coffee Club

Coffee subscription boxes make it easy to save money on your hobby in the long term. Volcanica Coffee provides a steady 10% discount that quickly adds up over time.

Just one look at the Volcanica portfolio and you’ll get a good idea of why they regularly appear in coffee conversations. They source high-quality coffee from esteemed origins such as Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, Tarrazu in Costa Rica, and the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Their bag sizes lean toward the larger side, too, which could be a boon for drinkers who want to share their gifts with others. If you have a sensitive stomach, there are low-acid coffee options available.

Unfortunately, Volcanica Coffee Club’s subscription box process isn’t the most streamlined. Instead of a useful quiz or user-friendly interface, you have to click their Subscribe & Save option from a product’s drop-down menu. However, you can’t select this option directly from their Subscription page menu. As of writing this, the website’s older interface makes it a little difficult to browse and put together a box.

While the website could use a little buffing, the effort is worth it. This subscription is the kind of delectable and rare coffee extravaganza many drinkers dream about trying.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $17.99 to $19.99


  • Access to famed origins such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Hawaii, and Tanzania
  • Access to lesser-known origins such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Nepal
  • Flexible delivery service – every one, two, three, four, six, or eight weeks
  • Coffee bundles to let you try several at once
  • Ability to choose larger bag sizes – 16oz, 3lbs, and 5lbs
  • Ability to choose different grind levels
  • Low-acid coffee options available
  • Wide variety of decaf and half-caf options (Swiss Water processed)


  • Ordering process is a little convoluted
  • Website is difficult to browse at times
  • No instant coffee options
  • No curated boxes
  • No additional goodies like early access or free shipping

3. Best Option For Locally Roasted Coffee: Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee

Do you prefer to drink coffee from local roasters? Trade Coffee offers a broad portfolio where you can whittle down into specific states and even cities.

Trade Coffee’s subscription box ships over four hundred and fifty coffees from dozens of American roasters, all bringing their own unique approach to the table. If you need a decaf-only subscription, Trade Coffee will accommodate you in fine form.

Their subscription model provides two tiers – their Fan Favorites and Trade’s Top Shelf. The former category is for exceptionally popular bags, while the latter provides a range of origins and roast levels. If those options aren’t your thing, you can customize them. These boxes come in a single bag, three bags, or six bags at your frequency of choice. Trade Coffee is one of the rare subscriptions that allows you order every week and a half.

While they have a useful coffee quiz that lets you narrow down your order, it’s not the most complex – just a few questions about roast type, bag amount, and delivery frequency. Some readers may prefer a more detailed quiz that asks about flavor notes or allows you to select specific origins. For those that prefer the simple end of things, this feature could actually be a plus!

All in all, Trade Coffee is approachable and straightforward, making it easy for you to enjoy some local flavor.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $15.79


  • Faster delivery frequency option available – once every week and a half
  • Locally focused subscription so you can enjoy roasters in your city or state
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions
  • First coffee bag is free
  • Roasted to order
  • If you don’t like your first bag, they’ll swap in another one for free
  • Decaf-only coffee subscription is available
  • Fun gift box options for co-workers, friends, or family


  • Coffee quiz is solid, but not the most detailed
  • No ability to select coffee by origin
  • No instant coffee options
  • No recyclable coffee capsule options

4. Best Option For Club Benefits: Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

Quality over quantity is the calling card of Blue Bottle Coffee. This well-known American roaster has a subscription model that’s small-batch, specialty, and brimming with value.

On top of regular access to amazing coffee, signing up for their subscription puts you on their VIP list. As a VIP member, you get first access to new products, complimentary shipping, and event access. Coffee drinkers who want to be more active in their hobby will love putting together a Blue Bottle Coffee box.

They have seventeen curated subscription boxes to choose from, straddling the fine line between customization and time-saving. They separate each box into standout categories such as African single-origin or balanced flavor notes. If you want to be surprised – but not lean too far away from your preferences – this is a nicely balanced approach. If you prefer to choose individual bags, their curated style may not have much appeal.

They exclusively roast specialty coffee in small batches to ensure you’re getting the highest quality possible. If you don’t drink coffee much but still want a truly special brew, they offer half-bags. Their delivery frequency is also one of the fastest around. You can get coffee on your doorstep once per week as well as monthly or bi-monthly!

While most of their coffee is certified organic, Blue Bottle Coffee is up front that they have to make exceptions sometimes. This sticking point may be a dealbreaker for some drinkers. It’s a detail I consider heavily when purchasing my own coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee is the subscription you choose when you want to elevate your coffee habit into a lifestyle.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $13


  • All coffee is specialty-grade
  • Strong selection of curated boxes
  • Traceable coffee from producers they have established relationships with
  • Instant coffee subscription options
  • Cold brew subscription options
  • Decaf-only coffee subscription is available
  • Flexible variety of coffee models


  • Most coffee is certified organic, but it’s not guaranteed
  • No ability to select by origin or choose individual bags
  • No half-caf options

5. Best Option For Detailed Sourcing: Intelligentsia


Intelligentsia is a household name for its wide portfolio and dedication to direct sourcing. Their site showcases not just rows of coffee, but the traders and farmers they form strong business relationships with.

With coffee sourcing an increasingly important issue, this subscription box is a shoo-in for conscientious drinkers. Intelligentsia offers several subscription boxes, with the most prominent being their single-origin tier. Each bag provides a high level of detail sometimes missing in other roasters. You’ll learn not just about flavor notes and origin, but regions, elevation levels, and coffee bean varieties.

If you prefer to choose individual bags, you have that option, too! The subscription box staples are all here – your coffee is roasted to order, you can choose your delivery frequency, and you get exclusive savings. You also get extra goodies as a subscriber such as early access to new products.

There are no recyclable coffee pods here, but you do have the option to choose two types of instant coffee. Frankly, this is a pretty well-rounded club to sign up for.

Intelligentsia is a prime choice for drinkers who want a lot of options and want to know more about their hobby beyond the surface details.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $12


  • Provides a higher level of transparency and insight into coffee sourcing
  • Several curated subscription boxes as well as the ability to customize
  • Faster delivery frequency option available at once per week
  • Free shipping on all subscription boxes
  • Roasted to order
  • Subscribers’ benefits such as VIP access or extra savings
  • Instant coffee subscription available
  • Decaf coffee subscription is available


  • No recyclable coffee pods
  • Only two instant coffee options
  • No ability to choose half-bags
  • No half-caf options

6. Best Eco-Friendly Option: Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee

Coffee isn’t exactly the most sustainable habit in the world. Equator Coffee’s business model doesn’t just acknowledge this, they embrace it: they’re planning on reducing their carbon footprint over the next several years.

Equator Coffee uses Loring Smart Roasters, roasting technology that cuts carbon emissions by a solid 80%. They’ve also been a Certified B Corp since 2011, a certification only given to businesses going above and beyond in the name of sustainability.

Their massive portfolio includes enough single-origins and blends to keep you happy for a long time. You’ll find some lesser-known origins such as Sumatra, Rwanda, and even Thailand. Subscribers get even more benefits such as early access to new products or special promotions. A unique detail here is the ability to get coffee quite infrequently – once every eight weeks if you want!

They provide multiple curated options to get you started fast, such as their Single Origin Subscription or Seasonal Blend Subscription. If you’d rather pick, you can also customize your box down to the last bag.

This subscription service is conscientious and adventurous, perfect for a drinker who wants their hobby to become a more satisfying (and greener) experience.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $16 to $20


  • Roaster with a track record of reducing carbon emissions
  • Impressive coffee selection with rare origins
  • Longer subscription time – you get can get coffee every eight weeks
  • 30% off your first subscribed coffee bag
  • Recurring orders over $40 get free shipping
  • Roasted to order
  • Subscribers get early access and specialized promotions
  • Instant coffee subscriptions are available
  • Decaf coffee subscriptions are available (and with many options)


  • No recyclable coffee pods
  • No half-caf options

7. Best African-Centered Option: Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893

The story behind Kahawa 1893 is a fascinating one. The brand first emerged back in 1893 – hence the name – from the founder’s grandfather, a former driver who had dreams of starting his own coffee farm.

With a long-standing legacy like that, you know this brand will offer some truly spectacular coffee. Kahawa 1893 focuses exclusively on African origins such as Kenya, The Democratic Republic Of Congo, and Rwanda. In fact, I was quite surprised to find you can directly tip farmers. This is a feature I’ve never seen before and something that should be more standard! 

Their subscriptions make it even easier to indulge in your habit. You get to save 10% on every order and can customize based on roast level, caffeine level, and size.

Although the coffee is delectable and the business model a breath of fresh air, there’s not much club in this coffee club subscription – there are no special rewards, exclusive events, or first-time access to new products.

Overall, Kahawa 1893 is a solid pick for coffee drinkers who are tired of greenwashing and crave a more transparent payment model from their roasters. It’ll also be appealing to people who just want to focus on quality coffee.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $16.99 to $19.99


  • Exclusively offers specialty-grade coffee
  • Offers the rare opportunity to directly tip farmers
  • Supports underserved women-owned coffee cooperatives
  • Single-serve options for busy or tired drinkers
  • Strong selection of African origins such as Kenya, Congo, and Rwanda
  • Decaf subscription model is available


  • No bags smaller than 12oz
  • Only one decaf option
  • No half-caf options
  • No Asian or South American origins
  • No convenient coffee quiz for people unfamiliar with subscriptions or brewing

8. Best Option For Experimental Drinkers: Yes Plz

Yes Plz

While some coffee drinkers prefer a regular rotation of their favorites, this roaster is for drinkers who adore pleasant surprises.

Yes Plz offers a coffee club subscription that shakes things up every week (or two or three or four, depending on your needs!). You’ll get new roast profiles, different origins, or unique blends with every new order. Where the consistency comes in is quality: you’ll never have to worry about stale or low-quality beans.

That’s not to say this subscription is entirely random. You can customize your order to focus on espresso roasts, blends, single-origin, or decaf. There are also classic subscription staples like being able to choose bag sizes or delivery frequency. However, keep in mind you won’t be able to choose roast levels or repurchase your favorite coffees again!

A particularly impressive detail is the origins Yes Plz gets its hands on. While there are popular coffee-producing countries such as Brazil or Colombia, I also spotted lesser-known producers from Papua New Guinea and Guatemala. However, such a broad variety comes at a cost – Yes Plz makes it clear not all of their coffees come with organic or Fair Trade certification.

On one hand, this detail could be a dealbreaker for some. On the other hand, their transparency on the matter is refreshing. They openly state in their FAQ these certifications are sometimes unreliable and outdated, a growing point of contention in the coffee industry.

If you’re filled with the spirit of adventure – and taking a more critical look at coffee sustainability – Yes Plz is your coffee club subscription.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $23


  • Adventurous and unpredictable rotation of different bags of coffee
  • Shipping is always free
  • Access to lesser-known origins
  • Flexible delivery frequency – one, two, three, or four weeks
  • Smaller bag sizes available – 8.8 oz
  • Smaller bags also make it easier for your package to fit in your mailbox
  • Decaf coffee uses Swiss Water and sugarcane processing methods


  • Not all coffee is certified organic or Fair Trade
  • Only medium roast level is available
  • No ability to repurchase your favorite coffees
  • No lengthy delivery frequency such as every other month
  • No easy subscription for larger bags (you have to email them directly)

9. Best Innovation (and Time-Saver!): Cometeer


If your coffee habit doesn’t seem futuristic enough, Cometeer is here to rocket you into the future. This subscription service lets you enjoy fresh, complex coffee without needing to grind the beans or even brew.

No, really! Cometeer brews coffee at ten times the strength, then uses liquid nitrogen technology to literally and metaphorically freeze it in time. The result is a coffee ice cube you can toss in hot water for a traditional cafe au lait. If you prefer iced coffee, you can melt this cube and pour it into a glass of milk or water. You can even make affogatos or lattes!

The technical innovation on display is impressive enough, but will it be worth your time to subscribe? I’m here to say: absolutely.

If you crave fresh coffee but don’t always have time to brew it at home, you’ll adore Cometeer. Their flash-frozen process doesn’t compromise flavor or aroma whatsoever, giving you an intense flavor without the preparation. They also source their coffee from some of the best roasters around, including some of my ultimate favorites like Onyx Coffee Lab and Counter Culture Coffee.

Topped off with recyclable coffee pods and packaging, Cometeer’s nitrogen coffee really does feel straight out of the year 3005.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $69


  • The ability to enjoy fresh coffee without grinding or brewing
  • Steady access to award-winning American roasters
  • No need for a coffee capsule machine
  • Coffee pods, boxes, and packaging are all recyclable
  • Decaf subscriptions available
  • Half-caf subscriptions available


  • Higher price point than many subscription boxes
  • Some coffee drinkers may prefer to grind or brew themselves
  • Delivery is slightly inflexible – only one, two, or four weeks are available
  • No ability to go lower than 32 capsules

10. Best Decaf And Half-Caf Options: Savorista


Come one, come all, decaf and half-caf drinkers! You have an entire roaster – and subscription box – made specifically for you in mind.

You won’t find token bags here – Savorista has an impressive decaf portfolio of coffee sourced from Latin American and African origins. Their flavor note descriptions are mouthwatering enough, but you can even choose a sample bag before committing! I’ve ordered from them a few times now and I can happily say their bags are worth every penny. Anyone who says decaf tastes terrible clearly hasn’t tried Savorista.

If you’re new to Savorista, they have a Shuffle Subscription that chooses a range of coffee for you. If you’ve tried a few bags from them and already have favorites, you can customize your order.

Unfortunately, their sourcing information isn’t impeccable. While you’ll get plenty of information on your coffee’s varietals and altitudes, they only sometimes provide information on subregions.

Savorista is no mere novelty. They’re a decaf and half-caf drinker’s dream come true.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $19


  • Exclusive decaf and half-caf subscription options
  • Wide variety of Latin American and African origins
  • 10% discount on every order
  • Free shipping on every order
  • 5oz sample bags available if you’re not ready to commit
  • Very flexible delivery schedule – one, two, three, four, six, or eight weeks


  • Not the most consistent sourcing of information
  • No caffeine options
  • Portfolio is on the smaller side
  • No instant coffee options
  • No coffee capsule options

11. Best Supplemental Services: Fellow Coffee

Fellow Coffee

Do you want a coffee club subscription with the option for supplemental services? Fellow Coffee offers a subscription model with another useful service called Fellow Drops.

Fellow Drops is a free text-based subscription that provides you with a coffee recommendation text once per week. This recommendation comes hot off the heels of their tasting panel, a group of coffee experts who test hundreds of different beans. You also get a brief window for your purchase for fast access. If you choose their most recent recommendation, they’ll roast a bag of whole beans to order and ship it right out to you.

If you hate missing out on good deals, this service will make your subscription box even better.

When joining their coffee club, you’ll get steady access to a slew of micro-roasters you might not find elsewhere. If you’re unaware: a micro-roaster is any roaster that roasts less than 100,000 pounds of coffee every year. These roasters are highly appealing to drinkers who want to try more unique coffee not easily found on grocery store shelves. Their Classic tier provides single-origin and blends, while their Premium tier exclusively provides seasonal single-origins.

If you require a more specific delivery frequency, you may find this service more restrictive than helpful. Unlike other clubs that let you choose every week or even every other month, you can only get coffee every two or four weeks here. You also can’t choose your grind level.

This dynamic and convenient subscription is best suited to more experienced brewers who regularly make coffee at home.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: Between $16 to $20


  • Higher emphasis on sourcing from lesser-known micro-roasters
  • All coffee is graded by Q graders – certified coffee experts
  • Roasted to order
  • Up to four bags per shipment
  • Useful supplementary service called FellowDrops for access to limited-edition coffee
  • Each order comes with useful brewing recipes and customized tips


  • Limited ability to select roast levels – only ‘Lightish’ or ‘Darkish’
  • Inflexible delivery frequency – only every two or four weeks
  • No ability to choose grind level or origins
  • No decaf or half-caf options
  • No instant coffee options
  • No coffee capsule options

12. Best Interactive Option: Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee

Transparency in the coffee industry seems almost like a pipe dream. Driftaway Coffee challenges this notion with a subscription model that puts both the drinkers and the farmers first.

Driftaway Coffee only provides single-origin coffee from smallholder farms. Each order you receive comes with unique stories of each farmer as well as the ability to extend your dollar through sustainability programs. When it comes to personalized goodies, your subscription box comes with a self-guided tasting sheet as well as a weekly Zoom tasting.

They provide new coffee every month with their Coffee Explorer Box, so you’ll be able to enjoy new origins and flavor profiles without adjusting your order. However, if you spot a new coffee you want to try, you can easily add it to your subscription. You can also customize your profile so they can send you coffee similar to your past favorites.

A neat feature I rarely see is their Grind Sample, a tiny bag you use to calibrate your grinder before brewing.

Driftaway Coffee provides one of the most convenient and interactive coffee club experiences I’ve ever seen. If you’re feeling lonely, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bond with others in this fun little coffee club.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $17.10 (with pre-pay)


  • Farmer-focused single-origin coffee model
  • More club-like approach with interactive Zoom tastings
  • Grind Sample to calibrate your grinder before creating a cup
  • Decaf subscription available (also see Cons section)
  • Wide variety of sizes – 8oz, 12oz, 1lb, 2lbs, Explorer Box, and 5lbs
  • Flexible payment options – pay per shipment or pre-pay a full year with a discount


  • No ability to repurchase old favorites
  • No ability to choose roast levels or origins
  • No rotating decaf coffee option
  • More limited delivery frequency – every one, two, or four weeks

13. Best Transparency And Quality: Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab

Sometimes the best coffee club subscription isn’t in the delivery frequency or the price: it’s in the sheer quality. We have been a fan of Onyx Coffee Lab for years and you’re about to find out why!

Onyx Coffee Lab is an award-winning American roaster that consistently sets a high bar for transparency and fair pay in coffee sourcing. Their site consistently showcases a high level of detail on elements such as green coffee prices, transportation costs, and transparency grades. Coffee drinkers who crave a peek behind the industry’s curtain will learn a lot with this coffee subscription.

Your subscription comes with the ability to customize bag size, frequency, and grind level (or lack thereof). Onyx Coffee Lab offers a fun and handy quiz to help you get started, which is great for beginners and experienced drinkers alike. You get three options – you can customize your order yourself, fill out a questionnaire to help you choose, or let them choose for you.

Their coffee is highly aromatic, complex, and provides flavor notes you didn’t even think possible. Ever had coffee that tastes like raw honey and sweet tea? How about coffee with notes of dried figs or sweet melons? While flavor notes can be ambiguous, their descriptions are usually spot-on.

Now, if you want to enjoy several decaf or half-caf options at once, you’ll be disappointed. Their portfolio is still predominantly caffeinated, but they swap in new decaf and half-caf every other month or so. They also have a higher price point than average, so you may want to reconsider a subscription if you’re on a budget.

From transparency to quality, Onyx Coffee Lab continues to impress across the board.

Coffee Subscription Starts At: $16 to $18


  • High-quality specialty coffee with unique flavors and aromas
  • Consistent transparency on issues such as fair trade and green coffee prices
  • Ability to choose from smaller or very large bags – 10oz, two 10oz, 2oz, or 5oz
  • Wide variety of origins to choose from throughout Africa and Latin America
  • Very large portfolio that regularly rotates new options, but keeps a few staples


  • Higher price point – some 10oz bags range between $22 to $32
  • No standard 12oz bags
  • No ability to choose the roast level
  • No instant coffee options
  • Usually only one or two decaf options are available at any one time

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