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The 10 Best Wine Gift Sets For All Budgets (2024 Guide)

Ashe Samuels
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

Wine gift sets give the recipient a glamorous set-up without the wait time. While some gifts need to be assembled before use, a wine gift set can be enjoyed immediately!

However, choosing the best wine gift sets is still easier said than done. With such a wide variety of wines, finger foods, and accessories to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

It also doesn’t help that wine isn’t the most beginner-friendly hobby around. Here at DrinkStack, we like to ensure wine is accessible to drinkers of all tastes and backgrounds.

We’re going to list the best wine gift sets below categorized by price, function, and niche appeal. Once you’re done, you’ll have a few solid options to gift your friend or family member!

What’s in a Wine Gift Set?

what is in a wine gift set
Image: Seth Anderson

A wine gift set fundamentally gives you more than just a bottle to enjoy: you also get several accessories to pair with your vintage. Below is a brief look at the most common additions to wine gift sets and who they appeal to.

Wine Bottles

The common centerpiece of a wine gift set is, of course, the wine itself. Depending on who you’re gifting the set to, these ensembles may revolve around a single bottle or several.

Some wine gift sets are themed around specific wine types, such as red or white. Others may have themes based on origins and regions. That said, you can always choose a wine gift set without wine if your recipient is already getting wine elsewhere.

Finger Foods

A popular detail in wine gift sets is finger foods. These tasty treats can be assembled onto a charcuterie board or enjoyed straight from the bag.

Any wine gift set worth its salt will choose complementary finger foods based on the wine. For example, soft white cheeses go best with delicate white wines. In contrast, tangy yellow cheeses are best with fruity red wines.

Finger foods you should keep an eye out for include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Yellow cheese
  • White cheese
  • Salami
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Crackers
  • Toffee

Functional Accessories

What’s another way to enjoy your wine? Try adding a few fun accessories to make the experience all the more pleasurable!

These accessories help you enjoy the wine or make it easier to select your finger foods. Some accessories that prioritize function over form include:

  • Wine glasses
  • Wine stoppers
  • Corkscrews
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Coasters
  • Perfume
  • Soap

Decorative Accessories

One of the most enjoyable parts of the wine-drinking experience is the ways your senses come to life. Decorative accessories add even more beauty to the drinking session and shouldn’t be underestimated when choosing a wine gift set.

A few decorative accessories you can keep an eye out for include:

A Nice Basket

Where do you put the wine, food, and accessories? Most of the best wine gift sets come in a nice basket, though some may go for another approach with a tin bowl or ceramic cup.

Add a Personalized Touch

Do you like to add a personalized touch to your gifts? Some wine gift sets give you the option to engrave a loved one’s name onto a wine glass, wine box, or charcuterie board.

The Best Wine Gift Sets

We know there are thousands of wine gift sets to choose from and only so much time to browse. We’ve crafted a selection separated by price, function, and the kind of niche your gift recipient enjoys.

We’ll also organize these sets from simple to complex, listing out all the features below so you can buy your gift in time for the holidays.

Simple Wine Gift Sets

Simple wine gift sets eschew a complex arrangement in favor of a single bottle and a few accessories. These selections are wonderful for their lower price and straightforward approach.

If your gift recipient is a new wine drinker – or wants to cut back a little – check out our suggestions below!

Libbey Signature Kentfield Balloon Red Wine Gift Set of 4, 24-ounce

libbey signature kentfield balloon red wine gift set

When you want to start off simple, consider a wine gift set with a razor-sharp focus. This Libbey Signature Kentfield Balloon Red Wine Gift Set is as simple as they come: four gorgeous glasses.

These wine glasses come in a clever bowl design that enhances the aroma of wine, curving ever so slightly to waft scent chemicals toward your nose.

While all wines will benefit from this beautiful wine gift set, red wines are especially suited to the balloon-style glass. The slightly thinner glass walls also work to enhance the color of your vintage, making your wine’s subtle hues shift beneath the light like a gemstone.

At just $49.99, this is an exquisitely simple and low-cost wine gift set that works either as a main gift or a stocking stuffer.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Wine drinkers who could use more functional accessories
  • New drinkers just getting started
  • Wine drinkers who love get-togethers and need more glasses

Bordeaux Excellence Box

bordeaux excellence box

Wine straight from the rolling hills of Bordeaux is a great way to show someone how much you care. The Bordeaux Excellence Box is a Winery Direct exclusive that gives your friend or family member a taste of the finer things in life.

Packaged in a rustic wooden box, this wine gift set comes with three bottles of Bordeaux red wines. More specifically, a bottle of Chateau du Bois Chantant, a Bordeaux Superieur, and a Chateau Peychaud. These wines are delightfully balanced, skewing toward ripe, dark fruit with a dry mouthfeel and medium body.

This wine gift set is a steal for $49.99, especially for gift recipients that love beef-centered or mushroom-centered dishes.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Fans of red wines, particularly red blends
  • Drinkers who want to try more Old World wine
  • Anyone who loves rustic, handmade items

Montaudon Brut Champagne Gift With 2 Glasses

A holiday staple is a brut champagne bursting with fizz and flavor. The Montaudon Brut Champagne Champagne Gift With 2 Glasses is another Winery Direct we highly recommend for its simplicity.

This set is the epitome of ‘ease of use’, designed to be opened and used immediately. Packaged in a bright white and red box, this set comes with delicious brut champagne and two champagne glasses.

The wine is a medley of stone fruit and candied nuts, an absolutely delightful combination that will pair well with finger foods.

This set runs at $69.99, a solid choice for buyers who want to give a gift that’ll quickly be shared.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Gift recipients who are married or engaged
  • Fans of white wines and/or sparkling wines
  • Anyone who wants a gift that’s easily shared

Well-Rounded and Affordable Wine Gift Sets

Do you want a wine gift set that has a few more items to choose from? These next few suggestions are well-rounded in their selection but are still affordable.

Riesling Chocolate Gift Basket

riesling chocolate gift basket

This wine gift set is the kind that’ll immediately set anyone’s eyes alight. With several tasty items topped by a giant ribbon, the Riesling Chocolate Gift Basket will be the talk of the season.

This gift basket is available from the specialist, so you know you’re in for a treat. A sweet Riesling bottle is nestled between a slew of goodies such as buttercrunch toffee, white chocolate pretzels, and salted caramel cookies. Even better, all of these items are nestled in a quaint brown tote that can be used to store wine accessories later.

Running at $57.99, this is one of the best wine gift sets for Christmas or New Years.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Fans of white wines, particularly sweet varieties
  • Anyone with a massive sweet tooth
  • Gift recipients who want to share with family

Juggernaut Duo Wine Gift Box

This gift box is a showstopper before it’s even opened. The packaging alone is covered in brilliant red feathers, setting the stage for a wine label that’s just begging to be put in a collection.

The Juggernaut Duo Wine Gift Box is surprisingly complex despite its simple arrangement. You have two red wine bottles – a cabernet sauvignon and a pinot noir – nestled in chocolate truffles and sandwich cookies.

You have the option of adding a personalized message ribbon to commemorate whatever makes the occasion so memorable. You can write a sentence, put down a movie quote, or just insert the gift recipient’s name.

For $127.99, this present is easy to enjoy while being extra special.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Fans of acidic and tannic red wines
  • Drinkers with a propensity for sweets and chocolate
  • Buyers who want to give a gift that’s both simple and personal

Date Night in Mystery Box with Wine by Spur Experiences

date night in mystery box with wine

Do you want to buy a gift for your significant other? Create your next unforgettable date night with the Date Night In A Mystery Box With Wine from Bed Bath And Beyond. Unlike other gift sets, this wine box comes with a subscription model designed to make romantic evenings convenient.

This wine gift set ticks off all the high notes of a special evening with someone you care about. Once you pick a delivery date for every month, you’ll receive a box with two bottles of wine, a snack, two wine glasses, and recipe pairings. You get to choose which wine combinations you want, such as one white and one red.

For $106.99, this date night in a box is a convenient and slightly unpredictable way to shake up your one-on-one time.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Gift givers who want to give something special to a significant other
  • Anyone interested in a wine box subscription
  • Gift recipients who want to experiment with different wines

Thinking Of You! Wine Duo

thinking of you wine duo

Does your wine gift basket recipient prefer juicy roses and tangy margaritas? This wine gift basket steps off the beaten path of rustic reds and floral whites for a sweeter result.

The Thinking Of You! Wine Duo from Gourmet Gift Baskets is charming right off the bat, appearing in a floral white wooden box stuffed with both traditional goodies and surprising accessories.

This set features a rose bottle and a margarita bottle complemented by sugar cookies and popcorn. The cookies are also nut-free, so consider this gift for anyone with nut allergies. A fun little twist on the classic wine basket is the accompanying mint aloe candle.

At $124.99, this playful and lighthearted wine gift basket may be the perfect complement to the wine drinker in your life.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Wine drinkers with nut allergies
  • Fans of sweet and tangy roses
  • Drinkers who want a mix of wine and spirits

Elaborate and Fancy Wine Gift Sets

The last section on our list will be the most elaborate and fancy gift sets of them all. These gifts are the kind you save up for a truly special occasion or a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Gourmet Specialty Snacks Basket with Wine

snacks basket with wine

This gourmet basket is a whimsical showcase of what makes wine culture so decadent. Nearly overflowing with tasty treats, you’ll be hard-pressed not to ask for a few samples yourself!

The Gourmet Specialty Snacks Basket With Wine from Harry & David is incredibly well-rounded, offering a little something for everyone invited.

The featured wine is a red blend straight from the Harry & David cellars, intentionally balanced so you can enjoy just about every treat in the basket. You have dried fruit, chocolate truffles, roasted nuts, chocolate cake, salami, and various kinds of cheese to choose from.

At $149.99, this gift will be the talk of the evening when shared with family, friends, or a significant other. Even better, the basket makes a great accessory for the kitchen!

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Sharing with large groups, such as families or co-workers
  • Wine drinkers who enjoy particularly diverse charcuteries
  • Fans of balanced red blends

Charcuterie and Cheese Board Collection

cheese board collection

Charcuteries allow you to explore the depth of your wine’s flavor with easy, fun finger food. Why not get a gift basket that celebrates this particular aspect of wine-drinking culture?

Wine Country Gift Baskets’ impressive selection includes the Charcuterie And Cheese Board Collection, a medley of small-batch, artisan treats on a beautifully crafted acacia wood board.

The traditional charcuterie options include marinated olives, white cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, and salami. You’ll also see a blend of figs, espresso, and blueberries. While this set doesn’t come with wine, you can add in your own or encourage your gift recipient to get creative with their own wine rack.

This functional wine gift set doesn’t end there, providing tongs and fork pickers for convenience. At $225.00, this charcuterie set will be a delight from start to finish.

We Recommend This Wine Gift Set For

  • Passionate charcuterie fans with a love for classic finger foods
  • Gift recipients who already have a lot of wine
  • Drinkers who enjoy functional gifts like boards or tongs

Houdini Napa Valley Selection Wine Basket

Napa Valley is a region closely associated with consistency and quality. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, this famed Californian wine region still produced over two million cases of wine in 2022.

The Houdini Napa Valley Selection Wine Basket is a celebration of this wine region’s nearly two centuries of production.

As a result, this gift set displays the most popular wines grown: chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, and a red blend. The accompanying finger foods are a classic assortment of salty and sweet selections such as cheese, crackers, cookies, hummus, and cakes.

At $395.00, this mountain of a gift basket will be a hit with large groups or special events.

We Recommend This Gift Set For

  • Very large families, friend groups, or offices
  • Drinkers with diverse tastes in wine
  • Any wine drinker that wants to experience the complexity of a popular region

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