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The 8 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands in 2024

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

If you suffer from stomach issues and you have acid reflux, then you might find your morning cup of coffee does you a bit of damage.

However, that’s not to say that you don’t have options. There are types of coffee beans out there that won’t give you acid reflux!

We’ll take a look at the best low-acid coffee brands which are specially brewed to have a lower level of ph than regular coffee.

This coffee comes with all the flavor and none of the unwanted side effects of drinking your morning cup of Joe! So, ready to dive in? Here are the best low acid coffee brands that will make your tummy happier!

The Top Low Acid Coffee Brands

  1. Golden Ratio
  2. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee
  3. Volcanica Coffee
  4. Java Planet
  5. Mommee Coffee
  6. Lucy Jo’s
  7. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee
  8. Puroast

1. Golden Ratio

golden ratio
Image: Drink Golden Ratio

This is one of my favorite brands for cutting back on acid without losing out on flavor.

Golden Ratio’s founder got the idea for the brew when he realized that his gas station coffee habit was hurting his health.

On a mission to find a way to get his caffeine fix without hurting his health, he came up with the idea for Golden Ratio!

Golden Ratio boasts five times less acidity than regular coffee. In other words, it offers just enough acidity not to hurt the flavor, but still gives you a major reduction in acid.

This coffee is also eco-friendly because it is packaged with organic cotton in single-serving, biodegradable packets. It’s all ethically sourced and fair trade, giving farmers around the world a good wage for their hard work.

Their motto is “we turn water into gold,” and when you take a sip of the coffee, it’s not hard to believe them!

2. Lifeboost Coffee

This is my second favorite low-acid coffee brand. This is a certified organic coffee brand that offers a light, medium, or dark roast. Whichever you pick, all of them have much lower acid content than most other brands.

This coffee is 100% pure USDA organic coffee. It’s also single-origin, so the flavor is much purer. These particular beans are grown in Central America.

On top of that, Lifeboost’s coffee is mycotoxin-free, GMO-free, and Pesticide-free. That means that you don’t have to worry about consuming harsh chemicals when you drink a cup of coffee!

Another aspect of Lifeboost’s coffee that makes it stand out is its growth model. Lifeboost lets the coffee beans slow growth and allows them to completely mature before harvesting. Then, only the best of the best beans are hand-picked and mountain spring water washed.

These beans are grown a mile above sea level, which also keeps mold and mycotoxins from growing on the beans. The flavor is very smooth, with a nice chocolate-caramel flavor that has no bitter aftertaste.

On the website, you can find tons of products like medium roast, dark roast coffee pods, espresso, optimist light roast, and white chocolate mocha, among others.

There’s something for everyone, meaning you can try a number of flavors without hurting your tummy.

3. Volcanica Coffee

This Kosher-certified and organic coffee brand is made from naturally low-acid beans. The aroma of these beans is rich and earthy with chocolate undertones.

Despite the fact that the beans are low-acid, you still get tons of flavor and a good caffeine kick!

Volcanica Coffee includes beans from Brazil and Sumatra. They use Arabica beans grown at low altitudes to make a nice, smooth cup of coffee.

Aside from their classic roast, they also have a lot of different kinds of coffee, like peaberry, decaf, and dark brown coffee.

On their website, you’ll also be able to find French press coffee makers, pour-over kits, coffee machines, and filters and mugs.

Pair that with some low-acid coffee and you’re ready to whip up a tasty brew each morning!

4. Java Planet

Java Planet’s organic coffee is the perfect choice for people searching for low-acid coffee in a lighter roast. This brand of coffee uses Arabica beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Sumatra, and El Salvador.

What’s cool about Java Planet is that they’re dedicated to producing great-tasting coffee which is ethically sourced and grown. They also produce all their beans without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Better yet, they make sure that every farmer is well paid and seek out farmers that are going the extra mile to preserve wildlife habitats.

in other words, you’re getting coffee that’s not only low-acid but also that really cares about the planet and the community!

While most low-acid coffee blends are produced as darker roasts to reduce acidity, many customers find dark roasts excessively bitter and smoky.

Java Planet, on the other hand, produces medium, dark, French, and espresso roasts. The medium roast coffee has a floral and chocolate aroma with caramel notes. It’s a great light roast alternative for those who can’t handle a ton of acid.

On the website, you’ll also find flavored coffee, decaffeinated coffee, brewing accessories and gift sets. And of course, you can browse all the different blends and roasts.

5. Mommee Coffee

Mommee Coffee is a brand made for pregnant women who aren’t able to consume as much caffeine or acidic beverages. It’s suitable for all stages of motherhood including conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.

This coffee is lower in caffeine, thanks to its Swiss Water Decaffeination process. This process reduces the amount of caffeine in the beverage without introducing harsh chemicals to the drink.

The beans also have acid levels that are five times lower than your average coffee blend. They don’t contain chlorogenic acid either, which is the major contributor to acid reflux.

Now, unless you need to avoid caffeine for health reasons, I’d actually opt for their half-caf blend. This blend gets rid of the acidity but still gives you a nice caffeine kick.

But, if that’s not up your alley, they also offer coffee with different caffeine levels such as their decaf, quarter-caf, and full-caf.

6. Lucy Jo’s

Lucy Jo’s is actually well-known as a low-acid coffee variety. It has a nutty and chocolatey flavor and is certified organic.

My favorite thing about Lucy Jo’s is that they have tons of different flavors. You can actually order samplers if you want to try something out before you buy it!

Lucy Jo’s uses hand-picked Arabica beans from Indonesia and Brazil. They’re a family-run, small-batch coffee roaster that still sells beans at affordable prices.

I wouldn’t expect those low prices to last for long, however, because the brand has been gaining popularity for its low-acid beans and great flavor.

On the website, you can find different kinds of blends, beans, and grinds. They sell low acid whole beans, decaf coffees, and low acid ground coffee.

7. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

This brand has been helping people to improve their health and wellness for over 24 years! This coffee blend is actually a fusion of coffee and tea.

The creators combine ingredients like matcha green tea, rooibos red tea, and goji berry powders with their special coffee. These ingredients allow the coffee to have some character without having all the acid content.

And, because of these ingredients, Tieman’s blends have more antioxidants than a normal cup of coffee. Not only are you doing your gut a favor, but you’re boosting your overall wellness!

They also sell decaf coffee using a natural water decaffeination process. On the website, you can find semi-dark decaf fusion, medium fusion, dark fusion whole beans, and ground dark fusion.

8. Puroast

Puroast coffee is 70% less acidic and has seven times more antioxidants than a normal cup of coffee. In other words, this is some seriously healthy stuff.

This is a very affordable low-acid coffee brand. While it’s not as high-quality as some of the other brands on this list, t it still has a good taste and a nice aroma.

They have multiple different kinds of coffee on their webpage, so there’s plenty to pick from. Among others, you can find hazelnut decaf, french roast decaf, and Colombian dark roast.

Just keep in mind that this blend doesn’t really work for French press or cold brew if that’s how you prefer to drink your coffee. Still, any other brewing system pairs perfectly with Puroast!

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