How Much Bacardi To Get Drunk?

how much bacardi to get drunk

Bacardi Rum is a great choice for any rum lover, but what is the best way to drink it? People enjoy Bacardi Rum quite often but they don’t always know how much they should drink. The question we’re dealing with today though isn’t about how good Bacardi tastes or how …

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How Much Rum To Get Drunk?

How Much Rum To Get Drunk

How much rum to get drunk? The amount of rum you should drink depends on how much you like it. If you’re a light drinker and prefer lighter rum, then you will probably be okay with one or two shots. If you simply don’t mind getting a little tipsy, then …

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Can You Mix Rum and Tequila?

Can You Mix Rum and Tequila?

Mixing alcoholic drinks can be fun, but you must know your liquor. You don’t want to ruin a good cocktail by putting the wrong liquor in it. Therefore, mixing alcohol has risks. So can you mix rum and tequila?  Mixing rum and tequila is one of the easiest ways to …

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Captain Morgan vs Bacardi

captain morgan vs bacardi

Spiced rum with a pirate or white rum with a bat on the bottle? This is the age-old question when choosing which rum to purchase. Well probably not, but the mascot is one factor that can be used in making a decision if everything else is equal. Thankfully there are …

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Rum vs Vodka

rum vs vodka

If you were making a Venn diagram with Rum on one side and Vodka on the other there wouldn’t be a lot of overlap. Sure, they’re both popular distilled alcohols but is that possibly all they have in common? It just might be. When you picture someone drinking Rum you …

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Whiskey vs Rum

whiskey vs rum

When it comes to spirits, there are many options to choose from. Two of the most popular liquors are Whiskey and Rum. But what are the similarities and differences when looking at whiskey vs rum?  Whiskey vs Rum – The Differences Arguably, the most significant difference between the two is …

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Kraken Rum Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

kraken rum

Rum is a liquor distilled from sugar. It can be pure cane sugar, molasses, or syrup. The distilled product is then normally aged in oak barrels. Rum is one of the oldest distilled products. By the mid-1700s rum was produced throughout the Caribbean and South America. Kraken Rum is a …

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Sailor Jerry vs Kraken

sailor jerry vs kraken

Both Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and The Kraken Black Spiced Rum are relatively new additions to the Spiced Rum market. However, they have become popular, and their value in the market is increasing steadily. Many have tried to differentiate what makes one better than the other. Personal preferences can determine …

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Sailor Jerry vs Captain Morgan

the best way to drink sailor jerry rum

Want to know the difference between Sailor Jerry vs Captain Morgan? Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan are both well-known brands of spiced rum. Spiced rum is any rum flavored with natural herbs and spices. If you have never tasted these two brands, you may wonder which is better in flavor, …

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Captain Morgan Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

captain morgan price

Captain Morgan is a common, household name. Introduced in 1944, this brand of flavored rums has taken the world by storm. It is generally considered the second best rum in the world. Captain Morgan is not only a classic choice, but the company has also taken it in stride to …

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