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The 5 Best Rum Advent Calendars

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: April 19th, 2023

A rum advent calendar is one of the best ways to learn about new and interesting varieties of rum while counting down the days until Christmas.

There are a number of choices on the market and choosing the best one for your, or your loved one’s needs, comes down to weighing the most essential factors in each option.

Choosing A Rum Advent Calendar

There are thousands of people all over the world who would like to learn more about rum, and choosing the right rum advent calendar is key to getting the best possible experience.

It is important to weigh all of these factors when shopping for a rum Advent calendar.

Budget and Price Range

It is important to choose a rum Advent calendar that is well within your price range, and there are many different options today that are designed to suit a number of different preferences and budgets.

There are value-driven selections that are designed with the final price being one of the most important factors. These options feature everyday value selections, which are best for those who enjoy mixing up rum-based cocktails.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are high-end rum Advent calendars that are made using a hand-curated selection of different high-end rums from all over the world. These top-shelf options are best for the most serious of rum enthusiasts.

There are also rum Advent calendars that strive to strike the perfect balance between value and quality and feature a handful of higher-end selections mixed in with more economical choices for a well-balanced mix that is easy on both the palate and the wallet.

It is also important to highlight the difference between price and value. While the term “price” only refers to the final cost of the product, the term “value” refers to how much the customer gets in exchange for their cost.

While some of the more expensive rum Advent calendars can cost up to $200, the high-end options often present a better value compared to cheaper ones due to the fact that the included rums are both highly sought after and fairly expensive.

Types and Styles of Rum

types and styles of rum

Another important consideration that needs to be made before choosing a rum advent calendar is the styles and types of rum that are actually included. Choosing an option that contains your favorite styles of rum is a great way to ensure you like the product.

There are some styles of rum Advent calendars that feature sweeter and flavored selections, which are a favor of some and the dread of others. It is important to take a look at the included styles before ordering to make sure there are no unhappy surprises.

For more adventurous drinkers who like to expand their palates and try new things, there are rum Advent calendars that focus on featuring a balanced mix of various rum styles from different regions all over the world.

There are also rum Advent calendars that feature recognizable selections from some of the most famous rum labels on earth. These options are best for those who prefer to stick with what they know and don’t enjoy surprises when it comes to their rum selections.

Decorations and Extras

While all rum Advent calendars will feature a holiday theme, there are many different variations when it comes to the way that they are decorated. It is important to choose an aesthetically pleasing option, as it will be on display for 12 to 24 days.

There are some rum Advent calendars that are shaped like Christmas trees, and others that are sleek and modern. Most feature single-serve shooters and some use higher-end small glass bottles with hand-dipped wax bottle seals.

There are also some selections that feature small extras that can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoyment. Some options come equipped with tasting notes for each rum selection, which leads to a guided tasting-like experience while drinking each.

Delivery Time and Price

Rum Advent calendars are one of the most time-sensitive items when it comes to the holiday season, as a late-arriving advent calendar does not serve much of a purpose. It is important to think about the delivery method that each option uses when shopping.

There are certain companies that offer flat rate shipping regardless of location when it comes to their rum Advent calendars. While this practice makes it simple to calculate costs, it can also lead to slower delivery speeds depending on location.

Some of the best options on the market allow customers to choose from a variety of different options when it comes to shipping by offering quotes from all of the top shipping companies including Fedex, UPS, and DHL.

By allowing customers to choose from a variety of different shipping options, people are allowed to decide for themselves which shipping window is the best fit for them while taking the cost of each option into account.

Reputation and Reviews

When it comes to making any purchase online, it is important to choose a trusted company that has a good reputation for providing customers with quality customer service and practicing trustworthy business practices.

One of the best ways to check on the reputation of any given operation is to search for the company’s name on the website of the Better Business Bureau. A rating of at least an A signifies that the company is in good standing for operating using good business practices.

Another great way to get an idea of what to expect from any given rum Advent calendar is to check in with online reviews. The best options will have many four and five-star reviews, and those with more poor reviews than positive ones should be avoided under most circumstances.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Rum Advent Calendars

dstblcr-table__imageSpiced Rum Advent Calendar
  • 24 Wax Sealed Drams
  • Drams will Happily be Sipped Neat
  • Perfect with Penchant for Tropical Flavours
VIEW ON HTFW →See Customer Reviews
dstblcr-table__image12 Days of Spirits Advent Calendar
  • 12 Rums from the Best Distilleries
  • Popular Rum Brands from Around the World
  • Speedy and Reliable Rum Delivery
VIEW ON GIVETHEMBEER →See Customer Reviews
dstblcr-table__image24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar
  • 24 Rums from 24 Countries
  • Perfect for Sharing with Someone You Love
  • Reusable and Recyclable Packaging
dstblcr-table__imageThe Spirit Co Rum Advent Calendar
  • World’s Oldest and Best-loved Spirits
  • 24 Divine Drams All to Yourself
  • Award Winning Rums from Distilleries
VIEW ON THESPIRITCO →See Customer Reviews
dstblcr-table__imagePersonalized Miniatures Advent Calendar
  • Hold Most Spirits Miniatures 50ml Bottles
  • Easily Stored Until Next Year
  • Flat Packed in 2 Large Parts
VIEW ON ETSY →See Customer Reviews

The 5 Best Rum Advent Calendars

1. Spiced Rum 24-Day Rum Advent Calendar


  • 24 different rums are included for a full Advent calendar
  • Served in small containers called Drams that are sealed in wax
  • Each selection is labeled with rum information
  • One of the best options for the adventurous rum drinker
  • Comes in a beautifully decorated green holiday box
  • All included rums are considered to be of high quality by experts


  • One of the more expensive options on the market
  • No single-cask rum selections are included
  • No included extras, very straightforward option

2. Give Them Beer Rum Advent Calendar


  • One of the more affordable selections on the market at under 100 dollars
  • Features popular and recognizable name brands from around the world
  • Flat rate shipping of only $10 is one of the most reasonable on the market
  • Red holiday box is festive and fits in with holiday decor
  • One of the best options to give as a gift
  • Comes from a reputable company with an established history


  • Does not feature any craft selections
  • Many miniature bottles can also be purchased elsewhere
  • Not the best option for more adventurous rum drinkers

3. 24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

24 days of rum advent calendar
Image: 24daysofrum


  • One of the sleekest boxes with a minimalistic and clean design
  • Includes two glasses designed for rum tasting
  • Features 24 different high-end rums from all over the world
  • One of the more affordable options at under 80 dollars
  • Includes helpful tasting notes to read along with while sipping on rum
  • Beautifully designed box can either be stored away between used or put on display


  • Rums are from smaller producers that many have never heard of
  • Not the best option for those with more conservative palates
  • There are better options for those who are looking for a budget calendar

4. The Spirit Co Rum Advent Calendar

the spirit co rum advent calendar
Image: The Spirit Co Rum Advent Calendar


  • Features a unique mixture of high-end rums from around the world
  • Includes some of the best selections that are highly respected by industry professionals
  • One of the best options for serious rum enthusiasts
  • Rum comes in small glass grams that are hand sealed with wax
  • Features a number of different award-winning selections
  • Box is well-designed and is aesthetically pleasing enough to be left on display


  • One of the more expensive options on the market at just under 180 dollars
  • Not the best option for those with conservative palates and taste preferences
  • Requires pre-order as it sells out fairly quickly every year

5. Personalized Miniatures Advent Calendar


  • The best option for people who are crafty
  • Ability to completely personalize rum selections
  • Beautiful Christmas tree design serves as a centerpiece or decoration
  • Seller has over three thousand positive reviews
  • Can be personalized with a name or holiday message


  • Not a prepared calendar as it requires you to buy all the rum shooters
  • Requires much more work compared to other options
  • Acquiring all of the required rum can be both time-consuming and expensive

Final Thoughts

While there are a number of different high-quality options on the market today when it comes to rum Advent calendars, most customers will find the 24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar to be the best option for their needs.

It includes 24 different high-end selections of rum, as well as two specialty glasses and tasting notes that lead to a guided tasting experience with the proper glassware.

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