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SelvaRey Rum Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice or sugarcane molasses. This alcohol tends to be aged in oak barrels and has an average alcohol content of 40% to 80% (80 to 160 proof).

Rum comes in red, golden, brown, black, and clear hues and has a flavor profile that can be sweet (from the sugarcane) to dry.

In this article, the history behind the brand, and the variations of Rum available to help you decide which SelvaRey Rum variation to try next.

A Brief History of SelvaRey Rum

history of selvarey rum
Image: Steve Bennett

Established in 2014, SelvaRey is a brand of rum co-owned by four people. Bruno Mars is credited as the owner and is an American singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, and record producer.

Seth Gold and his brother, Marc Gold, are both involved in the ownership of SelvaRey. Seth previously worked in the music industry in New York while Rob worked in Canada where he owned an import company, importing jewelry.

Finally, Rob Herzig is the final owner of SelvaRey and is the brother-in-law of Seth Gold after his sister married Seth. Before the establishment of SelvaRey, Rob worked as a writer in Central America.

The Gold brothers first met Herzig at a summer camp when they were children and from then on, a strong friendship was formed. While on a vacation, they realized there was a wide range of rums available on the market.

They had the idea of starting a rum company to produce high-quality, premium rum. The biggest gap in the market they saw was for craft rums as most of the rums available on the market at the time were white rums and flavored.

SelvaRey loosely translated to King of the Jungle which is a nod to the distillery and sugarcane fields in the Panamanian wilderness, owned by “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

Fernandez is the Master Blender for SelvaRey and focuses on distilling the rum in antique copper column stills. The rum is currently distributed to Japan, Greater China, and the United States.

Prices, Variations & Sizes of SelvaRey Rum

selvarey rum variation
Image: CJCurrie

SelvaRey’s inspiration behind creating its White Rum is to create the perfect base for Mojitos, Mai Tais, Daiquiris, and Cuba Libres. The rum is made from a blend of three-year rum and a mature five-year rum. With notes of freshly cut sugarcane from the 3-year and butterscotch and caramel from the 5-year, this rum has a rounded flavor.

It is ideal to be sipped on the rocks or used as the main alcohol in a variety of alcoholic beverages. This rum has tasting notes of pineapple, key lime pie, vanilla, and citrus and it is sold at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% (80 proof).

The Chocolate Rum has tasting notes of cardamom, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and toffee and it is sold at an ABV of 35% (70 proof). It has a five-year rum as a base which is then infused with natural chocolate. This elevates the flavor of the rum and makes for an ideal option as a chocolate-favored liquor.

SelvaRey has a Coconut Rum which the brand describes as a high-quality, sophisticated, and elegant beverage. A two-year rum is infused with coconut essence to create a tropical and festive flavor. It is sold at an ABV of 30% (60 proof) with tasting notes of Tres Leches, Coconut water, key lime pie, and pineapple.

The final offering by SelvaRey is their Owner’s Reserve which is described as the “Pinnacle of Tropical Luxury”. Maestro Ronero hand-picks the best rums from certain vintages to create a fine rum blend.

These blends include rums that have been aged between fifteen and 25 years. With notes of baking spice, baked apple, dried apricot, and pears flambé, this rum is available at an ABV of 40% (80 proof).

Item Average Price Size per Bottle
SelvaRey White Rum $31 750 ml
SelvaRey Chocolate Rum $37 750 ml
SelvaRey Coconut Rum $31 750 ml
SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve $158 750 ml

3 Alternatives to SelvaRey Rum

alternatives selvarey rum
Image: Steve Bennett

Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum is a rum produced by Santa Teresa Rum which was established in 1796. Made with blends aged up to 35 years, this rum is a balanced and smooth sipping rum with flavors of cinnamon, prunes, dark chocolate, honey, vanilla, nuts, and pepper. This rum is sold at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% (80 proof) for $45 per 750 ml.

RumHaven Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur is a rum produced by RumHaven. Made with coconut water, premium Caribbean rum, and pure cane sugar, this beverage has a tropical feel to it. This rum is sold at an ABV of 21% (42 proof) for $14 per 750 ml.

Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva is a rum produced by Ron Diplomatico. This rum is made using a blend of rums aged up to 12 years which are carefully hand-selected by the brand’s master blenders. It has notes of toffee fudge that compliments the aroma of toffee, licorice, and orange peel. This rum is sold at an ABV of 43% (86 proof) for $39 per 750 ml.

How to Drink SelvaRey Rum

selvarey rum how to drink

SelvaRey has a wide range of cocktail recipes on its website that utilize SelvaRey rum. A Cadillac Mojito is made using the brand’s white rum.

Muddle 10 mint leaves, 1 US fluid ounce of fresh lime juice, and 2 teaspoons of superfine sugar in a glass. Add 1 ½ ounce of SelvaRey White Rum and some ice to the glass and stir the mixture vigorously. Top up the glass with club soda or soda water and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Using the Chocolate Rum variation, you can make a Chocolate and Chill cocktail at home. In a bowl or a large glass, pour 1 ½ ounce of SelvaRey Chocolate Rum over 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle a handful of chocolate chips over the ice cream and garnish with a cherry.

A Classic Daiquiri can be made using the White Rum variation which creates a smooth and sophisticated Daiquiri. In a shaking tin, combine 2 ounces of SelvaRey White Rum, 1 ounce of fresh lime juice, ¾ ounces of simple syrup, and some ice. shake vigorously to mix the ingredients and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish the beverage with a lime slice and enjoy.

The final cocktail you can make is a Coco Libre. Fill a highball glass with ice. add 1 ounce of SelvaRey Coconut Rum, 3 ounces of cola, and a squeeze of lime into the glass. Stir to combine the ingredients and garnish with a lime wedge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns SelvaRey Rum?

SelvaRey rum is owned by Bruno Mars (in the name), however, the brand is co-owned by Bruno Mars, Seth Gold, Marc Gold, and Robert Herzig.

Where is SelvaRey Rum made?

SelvaRey rum is made on a single estate in the Panama jungles. The rum is handcrafted by renowned Maestro Ronero, and it is described by the brand as ‘vacation in a glass.

Is SelvaRey rum good?

SelvaRey rum was awarded 94 points by The Tasting Panel which makes it one of the highest-rated white rums in The Tasting Panel’s history.

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