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Kraken Rum Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Rum is a liquor distilled from sugar. It can be pure cane sugar, molasses, or syrup. The distilled product is then normally aged in oak barrels. Rum is one of the oldest distilled products.

By the mid-1700s rum was produced throughout the Caribbean and South America. Kraken Rum is a popular brand with an amazing backstory. 

You get light rum and dark rum. Light rum is normally consumed in cocktails while dark rum is used straight or on the rocks.

History of Rum

The first distillation of rum occurred on the sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean during the 17th century. Plantation slaves discovered that molasses could be fermented into alcohol.

The drink’s popularity spread to North America. Rum became a global commodity and the demand for sugar spiked.

It is known that pirates were fond of rum. The British navy chose rum as their drink of choice in 1655.  It became a daily part of the British navy up until 1970. 

The last navel issue of rum was on the 31st of July 1970.  It is known as “black tot day”.


How is rum made

Sugar cane is harvested, washed, chopped, and pressed to extract water and sugar juices.  This produces molasses. The molasses is then fermented.

The fermentation process can take anything from 24 hours to three weeks, depending on the yeast used and the style of the rum that is being produced. The longer the fermentation process the richer the rum. 

The rum is then distilled. There are two methods of distillation namely copper pot distillation and column still distillation. Pot distillation produces a more flavorsome rum, while column stills produce a more neutral spirit and are used for white rum.

The rum is then aged in either stainless steel vats or oak barrels. Dark rum is aged for longer than white rum. Alcohol in the rum interacts with the wood to create distinct flavors and colors. 

Lastly, the rum might be blended.  At this stage, additives and flavors may be used to enhance the flavors of the rum.

Different types of Rum

Light rum – Also referred to as white or silver rum. Light rums are normally aged in stainless steel tanks for up to a year. It is then filtered before being bottled. The rum has a clean light flavor and color.

Gold rum – Also known as amber rum. These rums are rich and smooth. They are aged in oak barrels and sometimes caramel is added. The rums can be sipped or added to cocktails.

Aged rum – This is similar in body and color to gold rum. They do not include any additives. Aged rum gets its color from being matured in oak barrels. They vary in age. The longer they are aged, the more expensive they become. 

Dark rum – These are the riches rums. They obtain their flavor from being aged in charred oak barrels. These rums are normally consumed neat or over ice.

Overproof rum – These rums have a very high alcohol content with many as high as 75-80% ABV. They are usually used in mixed drinks. 

Flavored and spiced rum – This has become popular in the latter part of the 20th century. It is flavored by adding spices, aromatics, or artificial ingredients during the distillation period.

Coconut and spiced rum are the oldest and most popular. Today we have many flavored rums ranging from strawberry to mango. 

The Kraken Rum Story

Legend has it that a ship carrying spiced rum from the Caribbean was attacked by a giant sea monster.

The Kraken caused the vessel and the men on board to plunge into immense darkness. Sadly, all the barrels of rum were stained by the squid ink, except for one.  This barrel was dubbed “The Kraken Rum”.  

Kraken Rum is a Caribbean spiced rum that is named after Kraken, a mystical giant squid-like sea monster. It is distributed by Proximo Spirits in the United States.

Introduced in 2010, the base rum is from Trinidad. This is the most southern island in the West indies.  It is produced from locally grown sugar cane that is distilled into Molasses.

The rum is blended with 11 spices and aged for one to two years. The spices include cinnamon, clove, and ginger. It is a dark rum. 

The bottle is designed after a Victorian rum bottle. It has two hooped handles, traditionally used to hang bottles to prevent breakage. The label features a giant Squid. The label also depicts the scientific name, Architeuthis dux.  

Kraken Rum was the sponsor of The Kitschies, a British speculative fiction award. 

Kraken is the official sponsor of the Seattle Kraken Ice hockey team. Impact magazine named Kraken a “hot brand”.

kraken rum story

Kraken Rum product and prices

Kraken rum has a collection comprising 3 different types of rum and three canned cocktails.

Kraken rum Original – $25.67

  • Aroma – caramel, toffee, and spice
  • Flavor – Cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg
  • Finish – Spicy
  • ABV – 47%

Kraken dark label – $31.04

  • Aroma – Toffee, allspice, and clove
  • Flavor – Vanilla, ginger, and peppercorns
  • Finish – Smooth, bold, and clean
  • ABV – 35%

Kraken Black roast coffee rum – $21.99

  • Aroma – Dark and bold
  • Flavor – Coffee and spice
  • Finish – Rich and smooth
  • ABV – 33.3%

Kraken and Cola – $14.99 per four pack

  • Cola spices and spiced rum
  • ABV – 5%

Kraken and ginger beer – $14.99 per four-pack

  • Ginger, honey, and spiced rum
  • ABV – 5%

Kraken Rum punch – $14.99 per four pack

  • Tropical fruit and spiced rum
  • ABV – 5%

Competitors’ Products and Prices

Brand Origin Type ABV Price
Bacardi Puerto Rico White 40% $15-$20
Malibu USA Flavoured 21% $15-$17
Captain Morgan Trinidad Dark 35% $18-$25
Sailor Jerry USA Spiced 40% $20-$28
Facundo Cuba Flavored 40% $52-$80
Mount Gay Barbados Dark 40% $21-$39
Havana Club Cuba White 40% $17-$20
Don Q Puerto Rico White 75.5% $13-$22
Cruzan Virgin Islands Spiced 27.5% $11-$19
Bumbu Barbados Spiced 35% $35-$55
Pyrat Anguilla Dark 40% $25-$30
Zacapa Guatemala Dark 40% $42-$69
Rumchata USA Flavoured 13.75% $20-$24
Appleton Jamaica Spiced 40% $30-$40

 How to Drink Rum

Rum is used to make a variety of cocktails such as Daiquiri and Mojito. The sweet taste of the rum makes it a versatile Mixer. Popular mixes are lime, cola, apple juice, coconut water ginger ale, or ginger beer.

Tum can also be enjoyed straight-up or with ice. It can either be sipped or downed. Rum can also be enjoyed warm.  Try a “hot buttered rum”.

how to drink rum

Black Mojito

Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. It is a very popular and refreshing summer drink.


  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • ½ medium lime, cut into 3 wedges and divided
  • 2 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 1 cup of ice cubes
  • 1 ½ fluid ounces of Kraken rum original
  • ½ cup of soda


  • Place one lime wedge and mint leaves in a sturdy glass. Using a muddler, crush up the mint leaves and lime to release the flavors.
  • Add the remaining lime wedges and two tablespoons of sugar and muddle again.
  • Fill the glass with ice and pour in the rum.  Gill the glass with club soda.
  • Stir and enjoy.


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