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Coffee Brands Starting With U

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

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A drink that is used to get all our mornings started the right way; coffee is what some may refer to as liquid gold.

As such a popular drink, there is no wonder why there are tons of different brands out there. But, with numerous brands at our disposal, it can be difficult to choose just one!

That is why we have decided to break it down. Though when looking at coffee brands starting with U there is only one, we will take a closer look at the iconic UCC Ueshima Coffee!

Coffee Brands Starting With U

  1. UCC Ueshima Coffee Co.

More About the Brands

1. UCC Ueshima Coffee Co.

ucc ueshima coffee co
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The one and only brand of coffee on the market starting with the letter ‘U’, UCC Ueshima Coffee by default takes the cake. This brand was founded back in 1933 by Tadao Ueshima, who is known as “The Father of coffee in Japan”.

UCC Ueshima Coffee was first in the race to develop the world’s first canned coffee beverage. This took place in 1969 after the founder of this brand was sent to East Africa to observe how coffee was produced.

The company continued to grow, and its plant was the first in Japan to manufacture coffee that was vacuum-packed in 1970.

In the same year, UCC Ueshima Coffee began the nationwide roll-out of their specialty store that offered roasted beans as well as custom grinds.

Following the string of doing things first, in 1972 UCC Ueshima Coffee became the first in the industry to air a television commercial for home-use coffee for brewing.

With the brand growing in popularity, in 1981, UCC Ueshima Coffee opened an estate in Jamaica called the UCC Blue Mountain Coffee Estate.

ucc coffee

In 1983 UCC Ueshima Coffee become an official sponsor of Disneyland in Tokyo. Following this, in 1984, the brand opened its first office in Singapore as well as established a subsidiary in Brazil.

Then, due to the immense growth of the company, in 1987, a museum was opened in Kobe, to pay tribute to the brand’s history.

Jump forward a few years, UCC Ueshima Coffee took the plunge and opened the UCC Coffee Academy in 2007. In 2013, the brand opened the UCC Coffee Village in Kobe. This UCC Coffee Village featured the UCC Coffee Museum, the UCC Coffee Academy, as well as the UCC Training Center.

To this day, UCC Ueshima Coffee has achieved numerous things, many of them being a first for the industry. The brand has several stores, offices, and estates in multiple countries worldwide.

Their coffee brand is still going strong and can be found in just about every store worldwide.

If this amazing reputation and history are not reason enough to give this brand a try, we will have to leave it to the coffee blends! There is no doubt that UCC Ueshima Coffee is good since it is so well established and widespread.

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