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Coffee Brands Starting With U

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: May 30th, 2023

A drink that is used to get all our mornings started the right way; coffee is what some may refer to as liquid gold.

As such a popular drink, there is no wonder why there are tons of different brands out there. But, with numerous brands at our disposal, it can be difficult to choose just one!

That is why we have decided to break down and highlight some of the best coffee brands starting with U that you will want to try for yourself.

Coffee Brands Starting With U

  1. UCC Ueshima Coffee Co.
  2. Union Coffee Roaster
  3. Upside Down Coffee Roaster
  4. Uniquorn Coffee
  5. Upside Coffee Roasters
  6. Unapologetic Coffee
  7. US Roast Coffee
  8. Ultimate Coffee
  9. Uprise Coffee
  10. Unity Sourcing and Roasting
  11. Ugly Mug Coffee
  12. Uncle Leroy’s Coffee
  13. Uphill Brewing Co
  14. Upper Cup Coffee
  15. Up Coffee Roasters

More About the Brands

1. UCC Ueshima Coffee Co.

This brand was founded back in 1933 by Tadao Ueshima, who is known as “The Father of Coffee in Japan”.

UCC Ueshima Coffee was first in the race to develop the world’s first canned coffee beverage. This took place in 1969 after the founder of this brand was sent to East Africa to observe how coffee was produced.

To this day, UCC Ueshima Coffee has achieved numerous things, many of them being a first for the industry. The brand has several stores, offices, and estates in multiple countries worldwide.

Their coffee brand is still going strong and can be found in just about every store worldwide.

2. Union Coffee Roaster

union coffee roaster

Union Coffee Roaster is a micro roastery located in Shirley, Massachusetts that has been in business since 2015. They place a major emphasis on ethical coffee sourcing, as well as quality Arabica beans that are carefully roasted to bring out layers of flavors. 

The company has partnered with a handful of reputable local businesses throughout the American Northeast, including Gold Mountain Coffee Growers and Prophecy Chocolate. They regularly release special limited roasts and are also known for coffee collaborations with other brands. 

The online store at Union Coffee Roaster is fully stocked with different blends and single-origin coffees. There is also a subscription service available, as well as a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality coffee-making equipment.

The House Blend is one of the company’s top sellers, and the Spring Blend offers a lighter roast that is bursting with berry flavors as opposed to the chocolatey notes of the House Blend. Each blend and single-origin coffee is clearly labeled with helpful tasting notes, roast levels, and specific regional locations. 

3. Upside Down Coffee Roaster

upside down coffee roaster

Upside Down Coffee Roaster is a Singapore-based company that started in 2017 as a small “self-sustaining coffee stand.” They specialize in serving high-quality coffee in a friendly and unpretentious way, and they offer a full line of different coffee and espresso roasts. 

Some of the most highly acclaimed coffee roasts sold by the Upside Down Coffee Roaster company are their single-origin offerings. They roast coffee beans sourced from Kenya to Yemen, and they also offer a coffee bundle called “Gimme All The Single Origins!” that includes all of their single-origin coffees with a solid discount. 

There is also a bundle called the “Blend Duo,” which includes both the “Statis” and “Drmctchr” blends. The Drmctchr blend is made by combining two different Ethiopian coffees, while the Statis blend is composed of both Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees. 

The company also sells pre-packaged cans of cold brew in six packs, and there are three different flavors to choose from. The “Black” cold brew is made with espresso and Hokkaido milk, while the “White” version combines cold brew concentrate with the same Hokkaido milk. There is also an option made with oat milk that is ideal for those avoiding lactose. 

4. Uniquorn Coffee

uniquorn coffee

Uniquorn Coffee is a high-end coffee subscription service that has been featured on major television programs like Good Morning America. They offer a wide variety of USDA Organic and non-GMO options to choose from, as well as a full list of single-origin coffees and blends. 

While there are many coffee subscription services to choose from on the market today, Uniquorn Coffee has many different unique features and programs that can’t be found anywhere else. Their members receive a new coffee-themed Spotify playlist each month, as well as loyalty rewards.

After three months of membership, Uniquorn Coffee subscribers receive a free sticker with their next delivery. After six months, they are sent a complimentary branded coffee mug, and after one year each member is entered into a regular drawing for a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. 

There is also an interactive tutorial section on the Uniquorn website that is full of helpful information for coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike. The “Beginner to Barista Coffee Class” is a great free resource full of foundational knowledge for just about any coffee lover. 

5. Upside Coffee Roasters

upside coffee roasters

Upside Coffee Roasters is a Dublin, Ireland-based coffee roastery that started with one small coffee roaster and two sacks of green coffee beans in the year 2016. Today, the company sells high-quality coffee roasts in bright and simple packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. 

All of Upside Coffee Roasters’ coffees are clearly labeled with the country and region of origin on the front of the bags, and they offer some unique styles of coffee that many people greatly appreciate. The “Half Caf Espresso Blend” is one of these unique favorites, as it offers full espresso flavor with half the amount of caffeine as traditional espresso. 

There are also three different flavors of fully caffeinated espressos to choose from. The Classic, Upside, and Technicolour espresso roasts all bring something different to the table in terms of acidity, flavor, and acidity, and trying all three is a great way to learn more about your personal palate and taste preferences. 

There is also a “Selection Box Trio” option that offers three distinctly different styles of coffee. Each Trio comes equipped with one espresso roast, as well as one selection from Central or South America and one coffee roast from East Africa. 

6. Unapologetic Coffee

unapologetic coffee

Unapologetic Coffee is a minority-owned coffee roasting company that is located in Buffalo, New York. Their local cafe is a popular hotspot among Buffalo locals, and their fully stocked online store allows coffee lovers from all over to try their unique coffee blends.

The company only supports sustainable coffee collectives that produce high-quality Arabica beans, and they have partnered with coffee farmers from all around the globe. They use bright and unique labels that are beautiful and eye-catching, and each option is labeled with the country of origin, tasting notes, and the roast level. 

The “Flow” roast is one of the most popular and highly regarded coffees sold by the Unapologetic Coffee company, and it features Arabica beans from the cerrado mineiro region of Brazil. There are both almond and chocolate-tasting notes, and it is one of the darkest roasts sold by Unapologetic Coffee.

The “Trio Bundle” is a great way for those who are unfamiliar with the brand to try three different coffee styles and see what Unapologetic Coffee is all about. The bundle offers a significant discount and is available in both whole-bean and pre-ground coffee formats. 

7. US Roast Coffee

The US Roast Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster that is based out of Mount Pleasant, Texas. They use high-end coffee equipment including a state-of-the-art Loring Roaster to make the best quality coffees possible, one small batch at a time. 

While there are plenty of other coffee importers and roasters to choose from on the market today, US Roast is one of the only companies that offers both wholesale and private labeling programs. They also run a highly regarded barista training program and coffee school that many have called the best in all of Texas. 

There are full lines of both single-origin coffees and blends offered by the US Roast Coffee company, and each option is clearly labeled with the region of origin. They source high-quality coffee beans from around the world and offer everything from simple light roasts to intense dark coffee options. 

The 5 Star Blend is a very popular option sold by US Roast Coffee, and it is made using a carefully balanced combination of South American and African coffee beans. It was originally formulated as an espresso blend, though the roasters quickly found that the flavors were much better suited for traditional drip coffee. 

8. Ultimate Coffee

ultimate coffee


Ultimate Coffee is a Washington State-based coffee company that was founded to support youth Ultimate Frisbee programs. They carry coffee roasts from reputable partners like Olympia Coffee and Lighthouse Roasters, and all processes support DiscNW youth programs. 

DiscNW is a Seattle-based program that has been around for 25 years and directly impacted over 5,000 youth athletes. They support ultimate frisbee leagues and programs for kids, and they believe that keeping children active with organized sports is a great way to keep them on the right track. 

Ultimate Coffee offers a weekly coffee subscription program where each delivery is handled by a DiscNW player. They have plenty of different roasts to choose from, including espresso options as well as decaf beans, and traditional roasts. 

Supporting local charities and programs like Ultimate Coffee is a great way to give back to the community while enjoying high-quality cups of coffee each morning. The company also sells artisan chocolate as well as a branded “Ultimate Coffee” frisbee. 

9. Uprise Coffee

uprise coffee


Uprise Coffee is one of the best and most highly respected artisan coffee roasting companies in the Dominican Republic. The company employs a third-generation master coffee maker named Don Christian to oversee coffee bean sourcing and roasting, and the small company is growing rapidly every year. 

Uprise Coffee places a major emphasis on freshness, and each order is roasted right before shipment to ensure the best quality coffee beans possible. They hand-select some of the most flavorful and interesting coffee beans from across the Dominican Republic and usually carry between 4 and 6 different roast options at a time. 

While many other coffee roasters tend to place an emphasis on quantity and selection, the Uprise Coffee company instead focuses on a small handful of roasts at a time to ensure the best quality and highest possible attention to detail with each batch. 

One of the most popular and memorable roasts sold by the company is the Uprise Coffee Donkey Whole Bean roast. It features a blend of three different coffee bean species and showcases deep-tasting notes like almond and chocolate with a medium body and acidity level. 

10. Unity Sourcing and Roasting

unity sourcing and roasting


Unity Sourcing and Roasting is a wholesale coffee roaster and subscription service that is located in Los Angeles, California. They have cultivated quality relationships with coffee farmers from around the world, and they offer delicious coffee roasts in bright and colorful packaging. 

All of their coffees are roasted on Tuesday of each week, which helps ensure freshness and maintain quality standards. They have a popular program called the Unity Coffee Club that offers a 10 percent discount as well as weekly “freebies” to members. 

While the Unity Sourcing and Roasting company is well known for constantly mixing up different seasonal coffee blends, some of their most popular roasts are single origin Arabica beans grown and farmed by the Villatoro family in Guatemala. 

The Villatoro Family blend from Unity Sourcing and Roasting consists of Bourbon and Caturra coffee beans, and carries interesting tasting notes like maple syrup and orange zest. They also have a “natural process” coffee bean option from the same family, which is named “Liquid Heart” and offers a  distinctly “clean” flavor and smooth finish. 

11. Ugly Mug Coffee

Ugly Mug Coffee is a locally owned Tennessee based coffee roaster that was founded by a third generation coffee maker. The company’s head roaster goes by “Ramblin’ Joe,” who got his name from roaming across the United States in search of new and interesting coffee beans to roast. 

The company offers full lines of both traditional and flavored coffee beans, as well as disposable single serve options. All of Ugly Mug Coffee’s single serve pods come in fully biodegradable packaging, and there is a deep list of different roasts and flavors to choose from. 

Ugly Mug Coffee sells a full line of flavored coffees that feature bold flavors. Many of these flavor options are distinctly “southern,” and options like Butter Pecan and Maple Praline offer some of  the best Tennessee flavors of any coffee blend. 

Even the traditional coffee options from Ugly Mug Coffee feature names that are “distinctly Tennessee,” including roasts named “Memphis Blues” and “Music City Songwriter.” There is also an espresso blend, as well as a very bold and flavorful option called “Amplifier.” 

12. Uncle Leroy’s Coffee

uncle leroy’s coffee


Uncle Leroy’s Coffee is a high quality small batch coffee roaster that operates out of Alaska. They import, roast, and supply coffee beans for around a dozen different cafes and restaurants around the Anchorage area, and are always coming up with new and interesting coffee roasts. 

One of the most unique and interesting parts of the coffee roasting process at Uncle Leroy’s Coffee is the fact that all of their coffee beans are roasted in ultra-small batches that weigh 2 pounds or less. This allows the company to keep a very close eye on roast levels and ensure top quality in each batch. 

There are over 10 different styles to choose from, and the company also allows you to “roast your own” by purchasing raw, or “green,” coffee beans. There is also a “half-caf” option with moderate caffeine levels, as well as a roast specifically formulated for French press devices. 

Uncle Leroy’s Coffee also has a coffee subscription program that is extremely customizable. Customers can dial in their preferred bag size and delivery frequency, as well as which type of coffee will be included with each shipment. 

13 . Uphill Brewing Co

uphill brewing co

Uphill Brewing Co produces canned cold coffees that come in two different flavors. The company is based in Belgium, and they are expanding in terms of production, popularity, and distribution reach every year. 

Both of the flavor options currently available from Uphill Brewing Co are 100 percent vegan, meaning they are completely plant based and made without the use of any animal products. This makes them a great choice for people who are sensitive to lactose, and neither flavor contains any added sugar. 

All of Uphill Brewing Co’s products are infused with nitrogen, which gives them a distinctly smooth texture that some coffee lovers can’t get enough of. They use organic coffee beans from the Santa Rita area of Columbia, which feature light fruity notes with moderate bright acidity. 

The “Black Coffee” option contains only nitrogen infused iced coffee, while the “Latte with Oatley” flavor contains oat milk for a smoother body and more mild taste. Each flavor is available in 6-packs, and can be purchased through the company’s online store. 

14. Upper Cup Coffee

upper cup coffee


Upper Cup Coffee is a Central Ohio coffee roaster that has roots in the East African country of Eritrea. They have been in business since the year 2010, and what started as a small artisan coffee roasting company has grown into a large scale operation with a warehouse full of state of the art roasting equipment. 

They ship coffee anywhere within the continental United States, with plans to expand to international shipping options in the future. They offer free shipping on all orders of 2 pounds or more, and there is also a wholesale program for small businesses. 

The Upper Cup Coffee company keeps things simple when it comes to labeling and pricing, as all of their roasts cost the same amount. There are no complicated names or labels, as each roast is simply named after the country from which it was sourced. 

There is a dedicated espresso roast specifically formulated for high pressure extraction, as well as four different single origin roasts. One of the most interesting options is the “Bali” roast, which is island grown and carries tasting notes of berries and pomegranate. 

15. Up Coffee Roasters

up coffee roasters


Up Coffee Roasters is a Minneapolis based coffee roastery and wholesale supply company that boasts a deep blend of single origin coffees as well as blends. They also sell decaf options, as well as alternate milks and coffee flavoring syrups. 

They have dozens of different blends available from all over the globe, and some of their top selling roasts are from Peru, Brazil, and Ethiopia. There are 5 different blends to choose from, as well as a deep list of exotic tea selections. 

The company’s website features helpful resources including a free guide to the most important brewing tips for home brewers. There is also a guide to the different levels or “degrees” of roast intensity, as well as a coffee recipe guide. 

On top of a full line of different high end imported coffee beans, Up Coffee Roasters also stocks three different distinct espresso roasts that are best used with high pressure machines. There is a decaffeinated espresso option, as well as a “Black Lotus” blend that has tasting notes of deep fruit. There is also a “Matador” espresso blend that has both chocolate and citrus tasting notes. 

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