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Coffee Brands Starting With T

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

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A lovely fresh cup of coffee in the morning can make it feel like winter will never come. We all need a little corner of escape from the cold, no matter where we live.

Despite differences in culture and climate, we’ll always have the exact needs – coffee and comfort to shelter us from life’s difficulties.

We’ve all tried many different brands of coffee. There are many options available that provide the same basic taste, but we still choose the ones that we like. In fact, I’m sure you often find yourself paying little attention to the brand name and greater focus on taste.

All in all, coffee is a delicious drink. There are many brands of this delightful drink all over the world. To help you find your new favorite taste, I’ve compiled a list of some of the seven tastiest coffee brands starting with T.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With T

  1. Terbodore
  2. Terra Nova
  3. Three Avocados
  4. The Bean Coffee Company
  5. Timothy’s World Coffee
  6. Tomoca Coffee
  7. Top Shelf Grind

1. Terbodore Coffee

terbodore coffee
Image: Terbodore

Terbodore Coffee is a South African coffee company founded in 2004 with a vision to provide consumers with high-quality coffee at affordable prices. Terbodore strives to provide the best service, product, and experience as a family-owned business.

While offering you various blends that will leave you wanting more, Terbdore selects high-quality Arabica beans that can be roasted to perfection. The result is an aromatic and delicious cup of coffee that you can enjoy without a bitter aftertaste.

When buying your coffee from Terbodore, you can expect a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee (whole bean or ground), tea leaves, instant coffee, accessories, and much more!

2. Terra Nova

terra nova
Image: Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a coffee company founded in 2005 in the Keene, New Hampshire area. The company’s name comes from the idea of having an environmentally friendly approach to their business, which extends to the sourcing of their beans.

They source their beans from various countries around the world, with about half coming from Central and South America and the other half coming from Africa. When it comes to roasting, Terra Nova uses a custom blend of medium-roast beans that are then ground and packaged for your consumption.

Terra Nova consistently takes its coffee beans through an extra step called ‘pulped natural’.

This means that instead of fermenting their beans before drying them, they’ll dry them directly after pulping them (as opposed to most coffee companies, who first ferment the coffee). Ultimately, this process offers a better quality of coffee to be produced.

Terra Nova Coffee is a company dedicated to providing its customers with a high-quality experience while remaining mindful of its organic, ethically-minded, and collaborative relationships with producers and the community.

3. Three Avocados

three avocados
Image: Three Avocados

The Three Avocados company is more than coffee; it is a great cause. Being a non-profit organization founded in February of 2010, the company’s purpose is to provide clean water and sanitation in Uganda, with 100% of net proceeds going toward this effort.

By purchasing Three Avocado coffee at cafes and grocery stores in your area, you are making a socially responsible choice that helps end the global water crisis.

The coffee beans are 100% Arabica and come from Mt. Elgon in Uganda, a land bordered by Ethiopia and Kenya, the birthplaces of coffee.

The beans are hand-picked when the cherry is most ripe. After drying in the sun, they are wet-processed to ensure the highest quality coffee possible.

Their coffee is smooth, bold, and rich with dark chocolate hints. You’ll enjoy each sip much more when you realize your coffee purchase is also helping provide clean water to communities in need.

4. The Bean Coffee Company

the bean coffee company
Image: The Bean Coffee Company

The Bean Coffee Company is a family-owned business that has been in southern California since 2008.

They pride themselves in using 100% organic and natural arabica coffee beans certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).

They source their coffee beans from the finest organic Arabica coffee plantations and roast them in small batches to maximize freshness.

The coffee is packaged at the peak of flavor, so you get a high-quality cup with every sip. The company has an extensive selection of specialty coffees, like whole beans, ground, and multiple blends.

The company is committed to upholding the communities they work with through their fair trade practices. They purchase their beans directly from growers they’ve partnered with on an individual level to know where every bean originates.

The farmers of their coffee beans are paid fairly for their product and given access to resources like education and healthcare that wouldn’t usually be available.

These farmers also ensure that their crops are grown without genetic modification or harmful chemicals so everyone can enjoy a safe cup of coffee.

5. Timothy’s World Coffee

timothy’s world coffee
Image: Timothy’s World Coffee

Timothy’s World Coffee is a Canadian brand that has been making its blends of coffee over the last 30 years.

Having started in the back of an Italian delicatessen in Toronto, they were one of the first brands to introduce specialty coffees into Canada.

Timothy’s only buys the highest quality Arabica beans from around the world (the top 1-5%) and roasts them in small batches to guarantee freshness. These coffees are available as whole beans or ground coffee in dark, medium, and mild roasts.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for flavored coffee, Timothy’s offers their customers Hazelnut, Irish cream, and French vanilla blends.

6. Tomoca Coffee

tomoca coffee
Image: Tomoca Coffee

Tomoca coffee is a roasting company that started in 1953 when it became the first coffee roasting company in Ethiopia to provide roasted and ground coffee to local and international markets.

The acronym TO.MO.CA is derived from the Italian word for Torrefazione Moderna café, meaning “modern” or “contemporary” coffee roasting.

While being known as the gold standard of Ethiopian coffee, Tomoca is renowned for its high-quality coffee from roast to cup. Their long-standing expertise in roasting and curing coffee, accompanied by the implementation of quality management systems, has helped them achieve this.

The critical factors in selecting raw Tomoca coffee beans include the superior aroma, body, acidity, and flavor. The mountainous region of Ethiopia, coupled with a favorable climate and rich soil, produces a rare low-acidity bean that yields a full-bodied cup with a smooth finish.

7. Top Shelf Grind

top shelf grind

Top Shelf Grind is a modern organic coffee company whose goal is to empower individuals and build a community base that will change the world.

Top Shelf believes there should always be an equal exchange with our farming partners. They maintain responsible, sustainable sourcing practices and commit to investing in their work regions. Certified organic by the USDA, this coffee must meet several strenuous quality requirements before being roasted.

Their slogan “Drink and grow rich” makes sense when you have a smooth Liquid Gold Coffee to enjoy. Liquid gold is a low-acidity blend containing hints of honey and a nutty flavor.

Alternative blends include; Black Diamon – a high caffeine dark roast perfect for black coffee drinkers, and Mushrooms coffee – an all-natural high caffeine dark roast combined with Lion’s Mane mushroom.

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