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Coffee Brands Starting With V

Charl Joost
Last Updated: May 30th, 2023

There’s nothing like the first sip of delicious coffee in the morning to wake you up and give you a burst of energy.

Coffee is seen as a lifesaver in many workplaces, and it’s challenging to go into any office without seeing a machine producing this much-needed substance.

I’m sure you love your regular cup of coffee. It serves a purpose for the day ahead — helping you get up, giving you the motivation to go on, or helping you concentrate on a project.

We all need a cup of coffee to help us get our fill-in and go throughout the day.

I must admit I love coffee, not just any cup of coffee, but a good cup. But coffee is more than just an essential drink in modern society – these days, coffee brands are everywhere, and coffee blends are being consumed worldwide.

To help you find your next favorite taste, I’ve listed numerous coffee brands starting with V.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With V

  1. Van Houtte
  2. Verve Coffee Roasters
  3. Veneziano Coffee Roasters
  4. Venera Street Coffee
  5. Victor Allen’s Coffee
  6. Vinacafe
  7. Vittoria Coffee
  8. Victory Coffees
  9. Volt Coffee
  10. Vertue Coffee Roasters
  11. Vortex Coffee
  12. Vivid Coffee Roasters
  13. Vital Coffee Roasters
  14. Volcanica Coffee
  15. Vacation Coffee

1. Van Houtte

Van Houtte is a legendary coffee company that has been a big part of the history of Canada.

They use only handpicked beans from their plantation in Central America. Once harvested, the beans are sent to Montreal, where they are roasted before being shipped to customers around North America.

The roasting process is critical because it affects the taste of the coffee itself. It also determines how long you should wait to drink your coffee because freshly roasted beans give off more caffeine than beans that have been sitting on a shelf for months or even years.

Van Houtte uses only 100% Arabica beans that are high-quality and fresh. They roast them on-site, ensuring they get the full flavor out of every bean before turning it into a cup of coffee.

They use a medium-roast process that gives their coffees a smooth flavor without burning or charring them. They use no additives or preservatives during the roasting process.

2. Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters was founded in 2005 and has been one of the most sought-after coffee roasteries in San Francisco. The company aims to create the best coffee possible. They are known for doing so in a way that accommodates their customer’s needs.

The way that Verve sources one of the finest coffees is through a process they call The Farm-level Initiative. They buy directly from farmers, paying premiums for quality and investing in the communities and environments where their coffee is grown.

This is why Verve takes such care with its roasting process. They want to create a product with excellent taste, optimal health benefits, and the natural appeal of the fragrance that comes from freshly roasted beans.

3. Veneziano Coffee Roasters

veneziano coffee roasters
Image: Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters is a coffee roastery that makes its coffee in Melbourne, Australia. They provide specialty coffee beans to many cafes across the country of Australia. The owners are passionate about their products, innovative, and constantly looking to improve upon their quality.

They pride themselves on their premium coffee and specialty blends from various coffee plantations in Colombia Cococentral Huila, Guatemala Los Caballitos, Brazil Santa Maria, Ethiopia Djimmah, and Peru Monte Verde.

All of their coffee is roasted in-house with a state-of-the-art roaster. This is done to keep strict control over each step of the process and ensure they only produce the highest quality coffee possible.

With over a decade of experience making specialty coffee, Veneziano knows how to create rich and full-bodied coffee while maintaining a smooth finish.

4. Venera Street Coffee

For Venera Street Coffee Iowa, almost everything begins with coffee. But it’s not just any coffee. It’s organic and as fair trade as possible.

Their coffee is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which work to promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families, and communities.

Venera Street Coffee sources its beans from several countries, including Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Venera is certified organic by the USDA and has to follow a specific growing process by which no chemicals or fertilizers are used in the soil or the air.

They roast their beans in small batches to ensure that each bean is as fresh as possible. Their different roasting levels ignite each bean’s unique character to acquire the best possible flavor and aroma from its origin.

5. Victor Allen’s Coffee

Victor Allen’s Coffee Roasting Company has a simple mission: to support small farmers worldwide and make top-quality, sustainable coffees available to the masses.

With over 40 years of experience, Victor Allen’s Coffee has a great dedication to finding out what is it coffee lovers enjoy.

Throughout various flavors, grinds, and blends, Victor Allen seeks to extract every delicate note and flavor out of every bean. This experience results in a cup of coffee that tastes even better than it smells.

Lastly, their beans are carefully sourced and selected from the most prolific coffee-producing regions on the planet. Their small-batch roasting process allows them to control the flavor profile by carefully applying roasting temperature and time.

The result is nothing short of a delicious cup of coffee.

6. Vinacafe

Vinacafe is one of the top coffee companies in Vietnam. Vinacafe has a wide range of products made from coffee beans. Their main product is ground coffee in bags or cans, but they also sell instant coffee mixes, hot chocolate mixes, and caramel powder.

Due to Vietnam’s unique coffee tastes, Vinacafe selects the best coffee beans from different areas in Vietnam and processes them to ensure they are fresh, aromatic, and tasty.

The company’s most significant (and most important) endeavor is its commitment to producing high-quality coffee that tastes delicious no matter how its brewed.

Each bag of their product comes with detailed instructions for all the different ways you can make your cup, from the classic drip method to percolators and the French press.

7. Vittoria Coffee

Vittoria Coffee is a roasting company in Australia that imports green coffee beans from growers worldwide and then roasts in Melbourne.

Their approach to coffee is very hands-on, and, with over 60 years of experience, they consider themselves a state-of-the-art roasting facility.

The company combines art and science to test 100% Arabica beans for specific quality standards. Vittoria then matches the blends of raw coffee beans by carefully measuring their moisture content. They then clean them and blend them to reach their desired roasting profile.

Vittoria uses probat drum roasters (which you can watch in action here on YoutTube), considered one of the world’s best roasting methods, to employ a slower, more controlled method, resulting in a consistently excellent development and profile of each roast.

8. Victory Coffees

victory coffees


Victory Coffees is a veteran-owned coffee roastery that was founded by a retired Navy SEAL. They offer a full line of different coffee styles, each of which has a different military-themed name. Each roast has tasting notes clearly labeled on a dog tag that also indicates which type of coffee is used. 

One of the best ways for new customers to get the full “Victory Coffee Experience” is by purchasing the Victory Squad Sample Pack. It includes all 6 coffee blends that are available for subscription at a reasonable price of only $30. 

Victory Coffees has received many different industry awards, and the company has a good reputation for developing balanced and flavorful blends. They offer a wide variety of different membership options ranging from moderately sized to large enough for small cafes. 

The Trooper blend is one of the most popular roasts offered by the Victory Coffees company, and it has bright flavors with a buttery smooth flavor. There is also a blend called Admiral, that has a deeper tasting profile and aromas similar to leather and pipe tobacco.

9. Volt Coffee

volt coffee


Volt Coffee is an Alabama-based coffee roastery that believes there is “more to coffee than just caffeine.” They source high-quality Arabica beans from farmers all around the world and are considered by many to be one of the best craft coffee roasters in the American South. 

There are currently 5 different coffee roasts available from Volt Coffee, each of which is single-origin coffee that is freshly roasted before shipment. Each label clearly states the country and region of origin, as well as the roast level and pictures of tasting notes.

One of the most popular and highly regarded roasts sold by the Volt Coffee company is the Costa Rica Tarrazú roast. These coffee beans are “honey processed,” which means the skin is removed from the coffee cherries while leaving behind some of the sweet fruit flesh.

There are also single-origin coffees from Honduras, Guatemala, and Columbia, as well as a Columbian roast that is decaffeinated. Volt Coffee also offers a subscription service called “Good Coffee” that offers a slight discount on recurring orders. 

10. Vertue Coffee Roasters

vertue coffee roasters


Vertue Coffee Roasters is an Australian coffee company that has three different locations around the Carlton & Port Melbourne areas. While all three of their locations are favorites among locals, their online coffee store allows coffee lovers from all over to try Vertue’s delicious roasts. 

The Vertue Coffee company boasts a deep list of different coffee roasts, including both blends and single-origin coffees. There are certain roasts that are made for traditional filtered coffee and others that are optimized for use with high-pressure espresso machines. 

The Huntsman Omni Blend is one of the most versatile blends in the Vertue Coffee Roasters lineup, as it is suitable for use with both drip coffee and espresso machines. It has deep fruity tasting notes like strawberry jam, as well as a balanced acidity and smooth finish. 

While there are single-origin coffee selections from popular regions like Brazil and Ethiopia, as well as more exotic options like coffees from India and Panama. There are also three different subscription choices, and there is a wholesale program for those who purchase coffee beans in large quantities. 

11. Vortex Coffee

vortex coffee


Vortex Coffee is a micro-roaster located in Ontario, Canada that imports and roasts “quality and progressive beans” from all over the world. All of their coffees are vacuum sealed to keep oxygen out and ensure maximum freshness. 

While some other coffee roasters offer a deep list of different coffee bean roasts and styles, Vortex Coffee prefers to focus on quality over quantity. There are currently 4 different roasts to choose from, three of which are blends with one single origin offering. 

The “Vortex” blend is by far the most popular and highly regarded roast offered by the company, and it is made with four different types of coffee beans. Brazilian, Ethiopian, Peruvian, and Guatemalan coffee beans are all carefully balanced to create this signature blend. 

There is also a “VX Half-Caff” roast that contains all the same flavors as the original Vortex blend but with half the caffeine. The third version is completely caffeine free, and there is also a single-origin option from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

12. Vivid Coffee Roasters

vivid coffee roasters


Vivid Coffee Roasters is a small cafe and coffee roastery located in Burlington, Vermont. They supply coffee beans to over a dozen different businesses in the American Northwest, and their online shop helps connect coffee lovers from all over with high-quality coffee beans. 

Each individual coffee roast is clearly labeled with the country and individual region of origin, as well as the harvesting process that was used. There are two different coffee subscriptions to choose from, each of which offers a slight discount on monthly or weekly coffee deliveries. 

The vast majority of coffee offerings from the Vivid Coffee company hail from the country of Honduras, and there are many different individual regions highlighted. There are also a handful of coffees from Mexico, as well as multiple options from Columbia. 

For travelers and busy coffee lovers who are always on the go, the Vivid Coffee company also sells disposable instant coffee packets. These come in packs of 6 and represent one of the easiest ways possible to enjoy high-quality Sugar Shack coffee without any dedicated brewing equipment.

13. Vital Coffee Roasters

vital coffee roasters


Vital Coffee Roasters is a fairly new coffee roastery located in the Northwest Arkansas area. The founder, owner, and head roaster is a man named Alex Jacob, who formerly worked for four years as the head roaster of Ascension Coffee Roasters in Dallas, Texas. 

After helping Ascension Coffee Roasters earn the distinction of “Dallas’ Top Coffee Roaster” three years in a row, Jacob decided to branch out and start his own coffee shop. The company is dedicated to both quality coffee and community outreach, and Vital Coffee is well known for making a positive impact in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area. 

One of the most popular roasts from Vital Coffee Roasters is a blend called “The Ripple Effect.” It is made up of coffee beans from both Brazil and Guatemala and is identified by its smooth body and sweet-tasting notes of vanilla and raw cane sugar. 

There is also a popular single-origin roast option called “La Morena” which is produced by a women-owned and driven farm in the Cubulco region of Guatemala. It carries dessert flavors and aromas like toasted almonds and brown sugar and is medium-roasted for a pleasant and smooth taste. 

14. Volcanica Coffee 

Volcanica Coffee is a family-owned coffee roastery located in Georgia, with family roots that can be traced back to some of the best coffee-producing regions of Costa Rica. They donate 1 percent of total sales to “charity: water,” and only import sustainably sourced coffee beans. 

Volcanica Coffee has established itself as one of the most successful coffee roasters in the Suwanee, Georgia area, and they offer a complete list of different coffee styles that can not be matched by any other roaster in the area. 

The company’s deep list of different coffee roasts is neatly organized, making it easy for customers to find a style that is suitable for their taste preferences. There is a full selection of organic coffees, as well as an entire section dedicated to “Low Acid Coffees.” 

One of the reasons that this family-run coffee roastery has continued to grow in scale and popularity over the past few years is the fact that they have listed many of their products for sale on Amazon. This has helped many new customers from outside the Georgia area find the company and discover interesting coffee beans from all over the world.  

15. Vacation Coffee

vacation coffee


Vacation Coffee is an approachable and fun coffee brand from Melbourne, Australia that believes high-quality craft coffee should be “less stuffy and serious, more light and breezy.” They sell a full menu of different coffee styles ranging from espresso roasts to drip coffee bags and limited edition roasts. 

One of the first things that stand out to coffee enthusiasts who are new to the Vacation Coffee brand is the company’s packaging and labeling. Each individual coffee roast is decorated with small tropical characters and bright colors. 

There are plenty of different coffee styles to choose from, including award-winning selections from Indonesia, Kenya, and El Salvador. There are also three different espresso blends to select from, as well as a drip coffee blend named “The Weekender.” 

The drip coffee bags from Vacation Coffee are perhaps best suited out of any of their products for an actual vacation. They are easy to pack away in a suitcase or backpack, and all that is required is access to hot water for high-quality craft coffee on the go. 

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