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Coffee Brands Starting With P

Charl Joost
Last Updated: May 12th, 2023

In a world where we have thousands of options to quench our thirst, a large majority is drawn to coffee. While coffee may not always be the best drink option to truly quench our thirst, it calls to us.

The beauty that is coffee brings life into our bodies in the morning or relaxes us in the evening after a hard day.

With a lot of love, for one thing, comes a lot of brand competition. All the companies are competing with each other to create the best aromatic and tasting coffee. But there can be no winner, as every person has different tastes and preferences.

Some coffee lovers may like to venture through the different brands and flavors. To help those looking for something new or something different from what they are used to, we have created a list of the coffee brands starting with P.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With P

  1. Pura Vida Coffee
  2. PJ’s Coffee
  3. Peet’s Coffee
  4. Paulig
  5. Philz Coffee
  6. Pitti Caffè
  7. Pellini
  8. Paramount Coffee
  9. Pitbull Coffee Company
  10. Palace Coffee Co
  11. Phoenix Coffee Co 
  12. Peddler Coffee
  13. Platypus Coffee Roasters
  14. Paradise Coffee Roasters
  15. Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company

1. Pura Vida Coffee

pura vida coffee
Image: Pura Vida

Established in 1998, this coffee brand was started as a social venture. The goal was to provide the coffee growers with fair pay for their premium beans. The net proceeds that this brand makes are then used to reinvest in the communities.

The goal of Pura Vida Coffee is to provide great coffee and to use the excess proceeds for a great cause. In fact, this brand’s slogan is “Great Coffee. Great Cause.”. The brand has even gone as far as saying that the meaning behind this slogan has been embedded into its DNA.

So, not only are the beans used for this brand’s brews ethically sourced, but a portion of all the proceeds also goes towards helping to fund programs.

Some of the programs that are funded include ones that help at-risk youth and those that are in need both locally as well as globally.

Pura Vida Coffee supplies coffee for both individuals as well as organizations. The brand offers different types of coffees. Available in their online store you can find different types of roasts as well as decaf blends.

2. PJ’s Coffee

PJ’s Coffee is a New Orleans brand that was founded in 1978. The brand was started by Phyllis Jordan who was a pioneer in the coffee industry.

Phyllis demonstrated that simple things in the making of the coffee blends mattered. These simple things included better beans, superior roasting techniques, and especially pure passion for the art of coffee-making.

Not only is PJ’s Coffee passionate about coffee, but they are also passionate about its community. This brand does its part for the community by supporting several different non-profit organizations.

Some organizations supported by PJ’s Coffee include Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, American Heart Association, and Habitat for Humanity.

This coffee brand offers a number of coffee options. From standard roasts to decaf, PJ’s Coffee even dabbles in flavored coffees as well as iced coffees.

PJ’s Coffee has taken its passion for coffee and put it to work to create many different flavors for its beloved customers. With so many different blends on offer, there is bound to be a coffee for every taste and preference!

3. Peet’s Coffee

Established by Alfred Peet, Peet’s Coffee first opened its doors in 1966. The first Peet’s Coffee store was located in Berkeley, California.

The inspiration to start his own coffee business came to Alfred when he moved to America. Upon his arrival, he questioned why the richest country in the world, was drinking the lousiest coffee.

Because of the lack of quality coffee in the country, Alfred went to start his own coffee business and vowed to only make use of high-quality beans and a roasting system that was manually calibrated to achieve an even darker, sweeter roast.

When he had completed his first batch of coffee, the first person he sent it to for her to try was his mother. Her first remarks on the coffee created by her son were that the brew was too dark. However, Alfred ignored his mother’s polite suggestions.

Over the years, Alfred continued to perfect his grinds and blends. Today, Peet’s Coffee has several different flavors and brews available. The brand has even since taken on a premium tea company and continues to produce that too!

4. Paulig

A proudly sustainable brand, Paulig is deemed the “home of quality coffee’. Paulig was founded back in 1876 by Gustav Paulig.

This brand is dedicated to growing a new and sustainable food culture that is good for both the people and the planet.

After being around for a number of years, the brand has found its feet in the world and continues to work with its passion and towards its goals.

To do this, they produce their coffee in ways that are as sustainable as possible. Paulig continues to improve as they continue to find new and improved methods to be even more sustainable.

But the brand is not just big on sustainability, it is big on coffee too. You can expect several different flavorful brews from Paulig. Each blend offered by this brand has been carefully mastered to have the best possible flavor and aromas.

5. Philz Coffee

A brand that is not just about coffee but is also about people is Philz Coffee. Philz Coffee was founded in 1978 by Phil Jaber. The brand was established in San Francisco and started out on Phil’s kitchen table.

Phil would spend his off-hours at this kitchen table practicing and developing different blends and brews. After some time, Phil moved his kitchen table to the convenience store that he owned at the time and began to serve his coffee. From the time the very first cup of Philz Coffee was served, customers loved the brew.

The biggest draw to Philz Coffee was that Phil was all about quality and care, as well as warmth and connection. These features are what make Philz Coffee feel like home.

6. Pitti Caffè


Pitti Caffe was established in Italy in the early 1930s. This brand is focused on producing exceptional quality. Through the years of its existence, Pitti Caffe has grown in both size as well as skills.

Much like many coffee brands today, Pitti Caffe offers a range of different brews. This brand not only offers already ground coffee, but it also offers whole coffee beans, as well as coffee capsules.

What is exceptionally interesting about Pitti Caffe’s coffee capsules, is that they offer several different shapes and sizes to fit multiple different brand machines.

The brand machines this company produces their coffee capsules to be compatible with include Nespresso, Lavazza, and Dolce Gusto.

7. Pellini

Another Italian coffee brand, Pellini was founded in 1922. This brand focuses on several different forms of coffee, but they are especially passionate about espresso. Perllini boasts many different blends of coffee to cater to different flavor preferences.

Pellini supplies their coffee in the form of coffee beans, coffee grinds, as well as coffee capsules, and coffee pods.

Their capsules are self-protected, compostable capsules and are created in different shapes and sizes to fit various coffee machines. The coffee machines that Pellini capsules are compatible with are Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, and Lavazza.

This brand is focused on the quality of the coffee they produce. They pay special attention to their blends and grinds to ensure that their coffee is of the utmost quality.

8. Paramount Coffee

Last up on our list of coffee brands starting with ‘P’ is Paramount Coffee. This brand of coffee has been around since 1935. It was founded on an idea between a couple of friends.

The three friends that started the company were working at a Chicago coffee company when they decided that they wanted to create their own coffee brand.

After many years of struggle and a countless amount of effort, Paramount Coffee is where it is today. The brand is focused on producing coffee that will always lead to the perfect cup. They also contain a wide range of flavored coffees that offer unique flavor experiences.

The company is passionate about its brand and what they do, and they are especially passionate about the coffee that they produce.

9. Pitbull Coffee Company

pitbull coffee company

Pitbull Coffee Company is a unique coffee company that uses a portion of its proceeds to benefit Pitbulls and other dogs in need. They have partnered with some of the most reputable shelters and rescues in the country, and they have pledged at least 20 percent of all company profits to these hand-selected organizations. 

The company also has a “craft dog bakery,” which bakes up delicious treats for dogs in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. They also sell a good amount of apparel like mugs and hoodies, but coffee is the main attraction at the Pitbull Coffee Company

There is something for everyone when it comes to the different types and styles of coffee sold by this canine-themed company, and fans of traditional coffee will enjoy their many blends and single-origin coffees from reputable growing regions. 

Those with a sweet tooth and who are a bit more adventurous when it comes to their morning cup of coffee are sure to enjoy the flavored coffee selections. There are traditional flavors like vanilla and caramel, as well as pumpkin spice and turtle options. 

10. Palace Coffee Co

palace coffee co

Palace Coffee Co is an Amarillo, Texas-based coffee roaster that has four different locations around the city and surrounding areas. They serve a deep list of interesting coffees from around the globe and are well known around Northern Texas for their tasty coffees and interesting roast names. 

Each of their coffees is conveniently labeled with a “flavor scale,” which places each offering on a spectrum between dark and light roasts. They sell everything from 12 ounces to 5-pound bags, and each roast is also labeled with the most prevalent tasting notes. 

There is also a “Roasters Choice” option that highlights different coffee beans and lets the roaster choose which style of coffee is sent out. Another interesting and unique offering is the coffee sample box, which includes a small amount of nearly every Palace Coffee Co flavor. 

There is also a wholesale program for small businesses, restaurants, and cafes that would like to carry Palace Coffee as their primary brand. This allows for deep discounts and is a great way for small operations to “step up” the quality of their coffees without breaking the bank. 

11. Phoenix Coffee Co 

phoenix coffee co
Image: Phoenix Coffee

Phoenix Coffee Co is an Ohio-based coffee company that has seven locations around the Cleveland area. They also import and roast sizable amounts of coffee at a time, and they run a popular online store that delivers coffee beans to customers all around the world. 

There is a full range of different coffee options to choose from on the Phoenix Coffee Co website, and the single-origin coffee options are the most popular and highest regarded within the Ohio and greater Midwest coffee communities. 

There are also specialty roasts and blends to choose from, with the Firebird House Blend being the top seller. The Firebird roast can essentially be considered a “breakfast blend” due to how mild it is, while the Blackbird is a better option for fans of darker roasts.

Phoenix Coffee Co also sells instant coffee, which is a great choice for people who are on the go and do not have access to a full range of coffee-making equipment.

Finally, decaffeinated blends round out the menu for those who are sensitive to caffeine or enjoy drinking a nighttime cup of coffee. 

12. Peddler Coffee

peddler coffee

Peddler Coffee specializes in a delicate roasting process that they have labeled “coffee alchemy.” Every bag of coffee they sell comes stamped with the date it was roasted, which helps guarantee freshness and the best possible taste. 

The majority of coffees sold by Peddler Coffee are both single origin and small lot, which helps ensure that an even roast is spread across the entire batch. Single-origin coffee is also a great way to encapsulate the taste and essence of a particular coffee region. 

One of the most popular roasts sold by Peddler Coffee is named “terra.” The terra coffee beans are sourced in the world-famous Guji zone of Ethiopia and are carefully roasted to bring out as many layers of flavor as possible. 

There are also roasts named “prima materia” and “quintessence” which are from El Salvador and Nicaragua, respectively. There is also a decaffeinated coffee bean option named “lucidity,” which brings the full flavor of craft coffee beans without the jitters associated with caffeine. 

13. Platypus Coffee Roasters

platypus coffee roasters

Platypus Coffee Roasters is a self-proclaimed “nano-batch specialty coffee roaster” located in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Each batch of coffee they roast is done in very small batches using a traditional drum roaster. This process helps Platypus keep a close eye on quality and ensures the best possible roast levels in each batch. 

The company also states that they only select coffees that are ranked in “the top 3% of coffee produced in the world.” They also pay their farmers a fair price for bulk batches of green coffee beans, which has traditionally been an issue within the coffee industry.

Platypus Coffee Roasters uses a simple flat-rate shipping platform where all orders within the United States cost 6 dollars. They also have a simple guide on their website that lets customers know which day their coffee beans will be roasted depending on the order date. 

The company has many different interesting coffee roasts to choose from, including a decaf selection from Indonesia and African coffees from Rwanda and Ethiopia. Another popular roast is called “Dancing in the Moonlight,” which is sourced from El Salvador. 

14. Paradise Coffee Roasters

choosing the right home coffee roaster

Paradise Coffee Roasters is a Hawaiian coffee roaster that has one of the most rigorous processes in the industry when it comes to quality control. New batches of coffee are freshly roasted each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to ensure that there is always a fresh roast to choose from.

There are many different roasts from the Paradise Coffee Roasters company that have received high marks of 95 points or higher from some of the most reputable coffee critics in the industry. There are many different Hawaiian coffees to choose from, as well as blends and single-origin coffees from off the island. 

There are also three different unique coffee subscriptions to choose from, including the “Hawaii Island Tour” package that showcases some of the best coffees from around the different Hawaiian islands for adventurous coffee lovers. 

There is also a subscription package called the “Single Origin Tour,” which features different high-end coffees from some of the best coffee regions in the world. There is also a “Rare Coffee Tour” option that showcases unique coffees that are difficult to find from around the world. 

15. Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company

pioneer coffee roasting company

The Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company is located 1900 feet above sea level in Washington state, and they have developed a reputation for providing some of the most unique and interesting coffees in the entire Pacific Northwest. 

One of the most unique coffee selections offered by the Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company is called “White Lightning,” which is made using ground white coffee beans. It has a unique sweet and nutty taste while containing up to 30 percent caffeine more than traditional coffee. 

The Pioneer Snoqualmie Breakfast Blend is one of the most popular blends offered by the company, and it offers one of the best balances of acidity, body, and flavor of any coffee roast in its portfolio. 

For those coffee enthusiasts who have a bit of a sweet tooth, the Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company sells dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. They also sell many different styles of coffee mugs, as well as stylish merchandise like hats and tee shirts. 

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