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Coffee Brands Starting With Z

Charl Joost
Last Updated: August 8th, 2023

If you love coffee, you know how delicious and energizing it can be. I can’t think of a single person I know that doesn’t at least like coffee. Coffee is great. It smells delicious, tastes delicious, and is even good for you.

Coffee is a beautiful thing. It can get you up in the morning and keep you awake hours later. Like me, you probably spend your mornings sipping away at your favorite coffee brand.

But have you ever wanted to switch it up and try a different brand of coffee?

If you’re the kind of person who’s too busy getting stuff done to load up another browser tab to waste time comparing coffee, you’ll need a cheat sheet.

Therefore, we have listed some of the most delicious coffee brands starting with Z in one place, all for you.

Coffee Brands Starting With Z

  1. Zabar’s
  2. Zarraffa’s Coffee
  3. Zeke’s Coffee
  4. Zentveld’s
  5. Zest Coffee
  6. Zoka Coffee Company
  7. Z Beans Coffee
  8. Zorro Coffee Roasters
  9. Zero Coffee
  10. Zealots Coffee
  11. Zend Coffee
  12. Zero Carbon Coffee

1. Zabar’s

Image: Kramchang

Zabar’s Coffee, New York, is one of the city’s oldest and most popular specialty coffee shops. Having been founded in 1934, Zabar’s is perfect for anyone who wants to taste some of the freshest and most delicious cups of coffee.

The company aims to implement the four values of; being respectful towards customers, never cutting corners when it comes to quality, offering fair value for products and services, to keep searching for new and exciting ways to delight your customers.

For decades, the Zabar family has been roasting and blending a rich, distinctive coffee formula for their customers. Their commitment to sourcing only the finest beans from around the globe makes Zabar’s coffee an irresistible cup.

Zabar’s beans are sourced from all over the world, including Central/South America, Peru, Mexico, and several African regions. The beans are sourced through direct relationships with farmers, ensuring you get what you come for.

The beans are roasted in small batches, ensuring that the flavors will be fresh and strong when you buy your bag of roasted coffee beans. Selling over 8000 lbs of coffee a week, Zabar’s is a brand that you don’t want to skip!

2. Zarraffa’s Coffee

zarraffa’s coffee
Image: Zarraffa’s

Zarraffa’s Coffee is an Australian roastery committed to the local cause. A group of prominent Australians owns the company and pledge to continue their tradition of quality coffee.

With beans sourced from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya, Zarraffa’s Coffee uses only 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality.

For each cup of coffee purchased, you contribute to the well-being of their coffee growers’ families and communities, so you know you’re getting the best product possible.

Their beans are roasted daily through a fluid bed process, giving them more control over the process and ensuring that every bean is roasted perfectly. The result is consistently delicious coffee, which can’t get much better!

Ultimately, Zarraffa’s is committed to creating an experience that is more than just a cup of coffee. They love what they do, and the evidence is in the pudding!

Zarraffa’s makes it easy for you to get your hands on their delicious product because they offer two different ways to buy their delightful coffee: you can buy it online or at one of their retail locations.

3. Zeke’s Coffee

zeke’s coffee
Image: Zeke’s

Zeke’s Coffee is a family-owned coffee roastery that is based in Baltimore. The business started with a one-pound roaster in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most delicious coffee brewing companies.

The coffee is roasted in a small batch process using a fluid bed coffee roaster. This highly efficient roasting method allows them to achieve the desired roasting temperature and a less bitter flavor than other methods offer.

After roasting, the beans are quenched and sucked out of the roasting chamber into a cooling chamber. The heating process stops, and they are allowed to cool until they can be handled.

The Beans are stored in various ways – they are either stocked as individual varietals or mixed into one of their signature blends, then bagged and sent to you!

Zeke’s offers its customers a variety of delicious coffee blends, including conventional blends & varietals, sustainable blends & varietals, premium coffee, and seasonal blends.

4. Zentveld’s

Image: Zentveld’s

Zentveld’s is a well-known roastery. It is respected for its commitment to fresh, quality products and authentic, traditional methods. The company was formed in 1993 and hails from Melbourne, Australia.

What’s unique about Zentveld’s is that their coffee beans are sourced locally from their very own coffee farm. Here, the coffee is grown naturally without pesticides, and the cooler climate enables the beans to sweeten through a more extended ripening season.

They also actively ensure their soils are up to a high standard to produce some of the best coffee beans.

Through a vigorous taste-testing process, Zentveld’s delivers options for all customers. You can enjoy specialty blends, 100% Australian blends, and organic decaf coffee delivered to your door.

Every batch of coffee is nitrogen gas flushed, and vacuum packed so that all the beautiful aromas and flavors are present when you open your bag and have your first sip.

The best way to describe the taste is to say that the beans are roasted just right – the flavor doesn’t overwhelm but still comes through nicely.

The sweetness doesn’t overpower the coffee but complements it perfectly. You’ll have no trouble tasting every bean as you drink your cup to the last drop.

5. Zest Coffee

zest coffee
Image: Zest Coffee

Zest Coffee is an Australian-based coffee company registered with the Rainforest Alliance. They purchase beans from RFA – certified growers worldwide to support their environmental, social, and economic sustainability efforts.

Zests’ roasters focus on micro-lots, small-batch roasting, and creating specialty blends. They use an artisan approach, with flavor at the forefront of their intent to continuously pursue perfection.

Their artisanal roasting process is designed to bring out the very best in every bean. They understand that every harvest has its unique personality and that consistency is something we, as coffee lovers, take very seriously.

While Zest Coffee focuses on creating a delicious cup of coffee for you, sustainability is on the priority list.

Zest strives to implement and promote ethical practices that respect the environment and community, including education and awareness programs. They also aim to reduce waste through recycling and upcycling activities.

6. Zoka Coffee Company

zoka coffee company
Image: Zoka Coffee

Zoka, which means ‘rebirth’ in Columbia, roasted its first batch of coffee in 1998. Intending to positively impact their community through a freshly roasted cup of coffee, they’ve grown from a small business into a robust wholesale coffee company.

Their approach to sourcing coffee is just as innovative as their sustainability efforts. They work with independent farmers worldwide who they know are committed to raising quality beans while utilizing sustainable farming techniques.

By establishing a good relationship with farmers who grow their single-origin coffee beans, Zoka prides itself on its environmentally responsible sourcing methods and direct trade with bean suppliers.

In terms of the roasting process, their team of three dedicated individuals roasts coffee in small batches each weekday at their roastery in Bellingham.

Zoka’s preferred roasting method utilizes a Probat iron roaster, the world’s oldest coffee roasting manufacturer.

If you like what you hear, try Zoka’s number one best-selling blend, Expresso Paladino. The blend is a medium roast and has helped Zoka win two national barista championships in 2002 & 2005 and continues to shine today with natural cinnamon and chocolate notes.

7. Z Beans Coffee

Z Beans is a coffee company that provides high-quality, fair-trade coffee sourced from Ecuador. They pride themselves on their direct sourcing methods. Knowing where every single bean comes from, they can assure customers that the beans are high-quality and ethically sourced with their workers’ rights in mind.

At Z Beans, they’re proud of the relationships they’ve built in Ecuador over the years. They travel there regularly to work with farmers who source their beans from small-scale farms in a biodiverse range of altitudes.

These growers receive fair prices for their beans, and Z Beans supports them with loans and technical training to help them increase production without damaging the environment.

The result is a win-win situation. Z Beans can maintain long-term relationships with suppliers because they support them economically. Those suppliers can provide the highest quality coffee for us all to enjoy.

Z Beans has a reputation for having the best-tasting coffee around, and they don’t skimp on quality.

They roast their beans in a small batch method to maximize freshness and flavor to give you an idea of just how much they care about your experience drinking their coffee.

8. Zorro Coffee Roasters

zorro coffee roasters

Zorro Coffee Roasters is an Austin, Texas based coffee roastery that has dedicated themselves to sourcing and roasting some of the highest quality coffee beans in the world. They use modern bright packaging that can easily be spotted by their signature logo of a bright orange cartoon fox wearing a yellow sombrero.

There is a wide variety of different coffee and tea options to choose from, and the company offers free shipping on orders over 50 dollars for United States based customers. Their roasts range from dark and rich to light and fruity, and each option is clearly labeled with tasting notes.

One of the most unique and helpful elements of the Zorro Coffee Roasters’ website is their high quality photos of each coffee roast. Background items like herbs, spices, and fried fruits are photographed alongside each roast to help customers get a better idea of each tasting profile.

The Morning J Blend is the company’s take on a Mocha Java blend. It is made using a blend of coffee beans from Sumatra and Ethiopia, and the roast is both 100 percent organic and fair trade certified. The beans are grown in volcanic soil, and tasting notes range from chocolatey to bright and floral.

9. Zero Coffee

zero coffee

Zero Coffee is a Singapore based coffee roastery that began with a single kilogram roaster in the year 2021. The owner and founder, a man named Hao Yuan, started the small roastery with the goal of achieving the perfect cup of coffee.

Each order of coffee beans is freshly roasted and shipped out within 2 to 3 business days, and the company has received an average 4.8 stars out of 5 when it comes to customer reviews. They sell directly to customers, as well as supplying cafes and restaurants with a wholesale program.

The company also has a fairly sizable social media presence, and their Instagram page is constantly being updated with tips and tricks to achieve the best possible cup of coffee at home. There is a guide outlining the best coffee machine for each roast, which can be very helpful when deciding on which roast to choose next.

Zero Coffee also has three helpful brewing guides posted on their website under the “Guides” section. Each detailed guide outlines the best procedures and practices when it comes to making high quality coffee using pour over, drip bag, and cold brew methods.

10. Zealots Coffee

zealots coffee

Zealots Coffee is a UK based coffee roastery that uses top of the line equipment to achieve the most precise and consistent roast on their beans possible. The company uses a Diedrich IR12 machine to roast their beans, which is considered by many to be the best roaster on the market.

The company primarily focuses on single origin coffee roasts, and there are options from all over the globe to choose from. They sell a sweet Brazilian roast that is medium in body as well as acidity, as well as a medium roast that is fruitier from Honduras.

The Sumatran medium roast is one of the top sellers at Zealots Coffee, and it is full of lusciously creamy and sweet tasting notes similar to baking spices. There is also a decaffeinated option that hails from the mountains of Mexico.

One of the most popular and recognizable coffee roasts from Zealots Coffee is simply named “The Reaper.” It contains a “fiendishly intense caffeine hit,” which is ideal for starting an early morning directly after a long night.

11. Zend Coffee

zend coffee

Zend Coffee is a unique coffee roastery and subscription company that takes a different approach to their roasts compared to traditional coffee companies. They carry 5 different blends, as well as 4 single origin coffee roasts.

Each roast is made using a combination of high quality Arabica beans and “vital ingredients” which include natural health supplements like L-theanine and tumeric. They also sell three “functional blends,” each of which is formulated with a different goal in mind.

The three functional blends currency offered by Zend Coffee are named “Beauty, Recovery, and Serenity.” Each blend is specifically formulated to help the body with different processes, and they are designed to be enjoyed together throughout the day.

The Zend Coffee company also has a very popular subscription program that offers significant savings for repeat customers. First time subscription members enjoy a steep discount of 40 percent on their first 2 bags of coffee, and the savings add up as more coffee is sent out.

12. Zero Carbon Coffee

zero carbon coffee

Zero Carbon Coffee is an environmentally conscious coffee roastery that has a stated mission of selling “delicious coffee that lowers your carbon footprint.” The company was founded in 2019, and they strive to lower their carbon footprint in every way possible.

The company has been officially “Climate Neutral Certified,” and they have also partnered with a company called “Cool Effect” to purchase carbon offsets that are 100 percent certified by third party companies.

Zero Carbon Coffee pays for these carbon offsets in order to offset the emissions that are produced as a result of shipping their coffee beans from across the world. They also use fully compostable packaging that is labeled using soy based inks.

They currently offer three different coffee roasts, one of which is sourced from Ethiopia with the other two coming from Brazil. The company also sells a Trio Sampler that contains miniature bags of all three roast options, which is a great way for new customers to get familiar with Zero Carbon Coffee.

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