Coffee Brands Starting With N

With more than two billion people getting their caffeine fix with at least one cup of coffee a day, it’s barely surprising to see such a multitude of coffee brands that exist.

Whether you’re the connoisseur who only bides by freshly ground, filtered coffee or whether you are content with your daily cup of instant, there’s a good chance that you have your favorite brand of go-to ‘black gold’.

But just because you have a favorite, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a look at some other brands that are out there as well… In this article, we look at some of the most popular coffee brands starting with N, which includes some of the biggest names in the industry.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With N

  1. Nescafé
  2. Nespresso
  3. New England Coffee
  4. Nannini Coffee
  5. Nabob Coffee
  6. Nurri Café

1. Nescafé

Image: Nescafé

Nescafé is arguably one of the most recognizable soluble powdered coffee brands in the world and was founded as the result of preserving surplus coffee beans in Brazil in the late 1920s.

Its parent company, Nestlé, took to the task and under their coffee specialist, Max Morgenthaler, they were able to create an instant cup of coffee that was not only simple to make but kept the coffee’s natural flavor.

Nine years in the making and Nescafé was born as an ‘instant’ success.

Nescafé was launched on the 1st of April 1938 in Switzerland, served as a staple amongst soldiers from all over in the Second World War, joined Norgay and Hillary as the first to conquer Everest, and even landed on the moon with Armstrong and co.

And while the brand has never really veered much from their instant offerings, they do have a wide array of different offerings in Classic, Gold, Mixes, Ready-to-Drink, as well as their special, barista-like product called Azera.

To this day, Nescafé continues to be a firm favorite amongst millions of people thanks to its crafting convenience and great taste.

The brand has also introduced the NESCAFÉ Plan which is aimed at growing, making, and enjoying their coffee respectfully in aid of sustainability.

2. Nespresso

Image: Nespresso

Thanks to clever, celebrity-endorsed marketing campaigns, Nespresso is also a widely recognizable coffee brand produced by Nestlé.

Nespresso is a coffee brand that specializes in producing espresso brewing machines with accompanying coffee capsules or pods, that can be used at home or even in a professional setting.

Just about anybody can be a barista, as it’s an efficient and easy way to produce high-quality espresso, without the normal amount of effort or expensive machinery required.

When inserted into a machine, the capsule gets pierced and processed, with hot water is then forced against a heating element at high pressure meaning that only the quantity for a single serving is warmed, and served straight into a cup.

All Nespresso coffee is roasted, ground, and encapsulated in one in Switzerland and comes in a multitude of different flavors, roasts, and types, meaning that you are forever spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your brew.

3. New England Coffee

new england coffee
Image: New England Coffee

New England Coffee is an American coffee company that was founded in 1916, in Boston, Massachusetts, where the founders supplied and delivered their coffee to restaurants all around the city.

Steadily the company built a reputation for consistently good coffee and good coffee beans which in turn meant a wider reach of deliveries and customer base. It’s this same commitment to consistently provide great coffee that the brand is still known for today.

New England Coffee believes that the first step to great coffee is finding the best Arabica beans. So much so that the company travels extensively between Central America, South America, East Africa, and even the East Indies to source the finest beans they can get their hands on.

The company has a massive selection of ‘Great Coffee’ available for purchase that includes superb blends, delicious flavored coffees, exotic varietals, full-bodied dark roasts, and even tea that will suit every taste.

The brand is just as committed to sustainability as they are too great coffee. Through their Sustainable Cup Project, they vouch to replace old tree stock to promote farm renovation with new coffee tree seedlings that are resistant to climate change issues affecting the coffee industry.

4. Nannini Coffee

nannini coffee
Image: Nannini

Nannini Coffee started as a Siena-based cafe where it offered liqueurs and pastries in the Sienese tradition and Italian quality.

But it was not until 1919, that founder, Guido Nannini, began to take an interest in coffee roasting that was, remarkably, almost unknown in Italy at the time.

The company prides itself on finding the balance between coffee from the best origins merged with experience, technological evolution, and professionalism, resulting in ultimate, premium coffee.

The roasting is carried out separately for each different origin, differentiating the processing time and temperature, to best release the qualities of every single bean and achieve the final result: a cup of pure pleasure.

Nannini Coffee is available in a variety of blends that come in whole beans, ground coffee, and compostable coffee pods.

5. Nabob Coffee

nabob coffee
Image: Nabob

Nabob Coffee is a coffee brand that is produced by Kraft Foods but started with humble beginnings in Canada more than a century ago.

Two passionate coffee connoisseurs, Robert Kelly, and Frank Douglas began to roast and blend some of the best quality coffee beans in the world.

It was at a small factory in 1896 that their interest in quality coffee blossomed into the roasting and blending of premium quality and great-tasting coffee that the brand produces today.

More than a century’s passion has resulted in multiple blends of great-tasting coffee, international awards, and recognition as the standard setter in sustainability.

Nabob has a wide variety of ground coffee available that ranges between dark and medium roasts, while also offering Zero Waste Pods – coffee capsules that are 100% recyclable.

6. Nurri Coffee

nurri coffee
Image: Nurri Coffee

Nurri Coffee, or ‘Evolving Espresso’ as they like to call themselves, is a premium Italian coffee and machinery company that intends to contribute to the Italian espresso industry and its traditions through innovation and quality products.

Through the vision of its founder, Antonio Nurri, the brand places high emphasis on bringing innovation to the coffee world through quality coffee machines as well as quality coffee.

The relatively young company was founded in 2002 as Nurri he set out to promote the authentic Neapolitan espresso to the rest of the world. As ‘the espresso’ became a daily habit in countries that were not Italy, Nurri realized that people were getting semi-professional equipment for the home, and existing manufacturers weren’t prepared.

Nurri then bridged the gap by producing and manufacturing high-quality, barista-styled machinery to simplify the making of expresso for the “Prosumer” (Professional Consumer).

In addition to offering high-quality machines for espresso crafting, the brand also has a small, but exquisite, range of coffee blends available that is an absolute must-try if you ever get the chance.

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