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Coffee Brands Starting with O

Charl Joost
Last Updated: August 8th, 2023

Whether it’s being traded as a commodity or whether it’s the boost that keeps someone going on a daily basis, coffee plays an important part in billions of people’s lives today.

For many, it’s the time-tested instant pick-me-up while for others it’s a premium blend, roasted with only the finest beans money can buy.

But with the average American coffee drinker having 3.1 cups a day, there’s a clear need for the many brands that are on the market today.

Luckily, the coffee world is large with an endless stream of options to choose from. So, should it ever happen that your go-to brand is unavailable for whatever reason, you can be sure that there’ll always be another one close by, ready to fill up your cup.

Let’s broaden your coffee horizons a wee bit as we take a look at coffee brands starting with O.

List of Coffee Brands Starting with O

  1. Oro Caffè
  2. Ottolina Caffè
  3. OldTown White Coffee
  4. Outside Coffee Company
  5. Olympia Coffee Roasting
  6. Olive Coffee Roasters
  7. Octopus Coffee
  8. Oak City Coffee Roasters
  9. O’Coffee Brazilian Estates
  10. Organic Coffee Co.
  11. Opal Coffee
  12. Oval Dogs Coffee
  13. Orange Island Coffee Company
  14. Oakland Coffee Works

1. Oro Caffè

oro caffè
Image: Oro

Oro Caffè is an artisanal coffee roasting company that was founded by two passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs, Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti in Udine in 1987.

As a brand, they pride themselves in carefully selecting, roasting, and blending the best quality of Arabica in the world to produce a multitude of coffee products.

The brand has been supplying quality coffee to bars and restaurant wholesalers all across the world and has even ventured into their own chain of coffee shops, Adoro Caffè, with the aim of spreading Italian Espresso culture globally.

They have in their array over ten different blends as options in their Whole Bean range, ten more in their “Specialty” coffee, as well as ground options that feature the same blends in the whole bean range.

Furthermore, the brand also created a closed system of coffee capsules, uniquely to their own brand as well as Nespresso-compatible pods.

In addition, Oro Caffè has done a great job in diversifying its offering and has extended its offering to far more than just coffee. They also produce chocolate, biscuits, vermouth, and a range of teas in their consumables section. On top of this, they have also entered the machinery and equipment space.

It’s clear that the brand also values education and in 2009 they opened the ORO Caffè Academy, which aims to provide in-depth barista training on not only the techniques but coffee culture as a whole, too.

On the sustainability front, Oro Caffè strives to be one of the greenest coffee companies in the world. They were the first major brand in Italy to join the Beyond Fair Trade project in 2013, which aspires to enhance the livelihoods of coffee farmers in several parts of the world.

2. Caffe Ottolina

caffe ottolina
Image: Ottolina

Caffè Ottolina was established by Giulio Ottolina in 1948 in Milan. The passionate coffee connoisseur started what we know today as a micro-roaster – a small shop roasting small quantities of coffee for coffee lovers.

The shop was located in the center of Milan and expanded to customers all around the city of Milan in the ‘60s. In the ‘90s, the company further expanded through the acquisition of some local competitors and opening new markets not only in Italy but abroad, as well.

For more than 60 years, the company has sourced its coffee from the best beans that it could find. By constantly reviewing their suppliers based on the quality of their products, harvesting techniques, and the sustainability of their operations, they’re able to guarantee the selection of only the best suppliers.

To ensure the top-quality coffee that they are known for, Ottolina imports from more than fifteen different countries, finding rare and seldom used origins, in order to give their blends a unique character.

As a result, the brand offers an adequate range of coffee blends that is just as apt for professional use as it is for home use. This consists of numerous Arabica blends, decaffeinated options, as well as coffee capsules.

The brand also shows off its fun side by extending its offering to more than just coffee.

They also produce a range of delicious chocolates to pair with their coffees and also have a line of merchandise that includes anything from umbrellas to aprons and caps as well as keyrings for their biggest fans.

Thanks to their advanced technologies and consistent innovation, Caffè Ottolina continues to not only be one of the major roasters of Milan, but Italy as well.

Their production has always been carried out with the utmost passion and tradition, making their blends exceptionally unique with flavors that you will rarely find anywhere else.

3. OldTown White Coffee

OldTown White Coffee is a Malaysian-based coffee manufacturer and café, or ‘kopi tiam’, chain.

It has more than 200 café outlets located throughout Malaysia, making it the largest chain of its kind, and has a large presence in other countries in the region such as Singapore, China, Indonesia and Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Bangladesh.

Established in 1999, the brand is somewhat of a household name and staple in the Southeast Asia region. The company specializes in “White Coffee” – coffee that gets roasted half of the way through and at a lower temperature.

Roasting coffee in this fashion results in a whitish-colored bean that is higher in caffeine. This leads to a nutty and sweet taste profile that is much different from traditional coffee.

Their unique blends usually incorporate 3 types of premium beans and are an attributing factor to being one of the leading white coffee brands in Asia Pacific, exporting the blends to over 17 other countries globally.

Their coffee offerings include an array of mixed blends that consist of a variety of flavors that also include ready-to-drink, canned options.

The company has accrued numerous accolades and awards under the OldTown brand over the years, including the Gold Award in the Trusted Brand Awards in 2017 presented by Reader’s Digest. The brand was acquired by Douwe Egberts in 2017.

4. Outside Coffee Company

outside coffee company

Outside Coffee Company is a small cafe and roastery located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They serve a full menu of espresso-based classics and coffees, along with high-end premium drinks like draft kombucha and cold brew. 

While the brick-and-mortar cafe is one of the most beloved and highly regarded coffee shops in the Grand Rapids area, their online shop makes it possible for people from all over the world to try their specialty coffee blends. 

There are currently four different coffee blends for sale on the Outside Coffee Company website, each of which comes sealed in a blue package with the company’s signature cartoonish font. There is one espresso bean option, as well as three different distinct blended roasts. 

The Canyon Roast from Outside Coffee Company is the most fruit-forward and acidic of the three options, and two of the most prominent tasting notes are citrus and papaya. The Monarch Roast is sweeter with notes of brown sugar and chocolate, and the Roadrunner Roast is more nutty with a hazelnut flavor. 

5. Olympia Coffee Roasting

Olympia Coffee Roasting made a major splash across the coffee scene by taking home two separate first-place awards at the 2023 United States Coffee Championships. The company has a handful of locations scattered around Washington State, and its most popular roasts are available for purchase online.

There are many different styles of Olympia coffee to choose from, and there are whole-bean options as well as pre-ground coffees to choose from. There is also a popular option called “Big Truck Instant Coffee,” which is a great option for people on the go or those who do not own a coffee maker. 

Every year, the Olympia Coffee Company releases a “Transparency Report,” which highlights a deep list of details regarding the origins of their coffee beans. There is also an annual wage transparency report, which helps keep the company accountable when it comes to paying employees and farmers a fair rate. 

The Olympia Coffee Roasting company also offers a subscription program that is fully customizable. Customers can pick their favorite roasts and coffee styles, and the frequency can be dialed in to suit each person’s individual needs. 

6. Olive Coffee Roasters

olive coffee roasters

Olive Coffee Roasters is a small coffee roaster with a growing online presence that places a major focus on freshness. While many coffee companies roast their coffee beans “to order,” Olive Coffee Roasters is one of the only companies that guarantees all coffee beans are roasted within 10 days of shipping. 

The company also offers free shipping on orders over $50, which can lead to some major savings over time for repeat customers. They place a major focus on Ethiopian coffee beans, and all of their imported Arabica beans are 100 percent organic. 

They also sell whole espresso beans that are both balanced and flavorful, and Olive Coffee Roasters also offers two different variety packs. There are both “Mini” and “Full Size” variety packs to choose from, and each is a great way to try three different coffees from Olive. 

All of the coffees offered by the Olive Coffee company are reasonably priced, and they make it possible for coffee enthusiasts of all budgets to try high-end imported coffee beans from Ethiopia. They have a great reputation for customer service and are known for responding to customer questions and emails within 48 hours. 

7. Octopus Coffee

is decaf coffee a diuretic

Octopus Coffee is an artisan coffee shop and roastery located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Their brick-and-mortar cafe is open 5 days per week, and they also have a fully stocked online store. This allows customers from all over the world to try their signature roasts and blends. 

For local coffee deliveries, octopus coffee allows customers to receive their beans in a reusable glass mason jar completely free of charge. They will then retrieve the empty jar during the next coffee delivery, which is a great eco-friendly solution that helps limit disposable packaging. 

There are many different individual roasts and flavor options to choose from, with the Octopus House Blend being the most “crowd-pleasing” and popular option. This blend is both mild and flavorful and has a balanced acidity that is present without being overpowering. 

Octopus Coffee also sources coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, each of which brings unique and distinct tasting notes to the table. There are also multiple decaf options to choose from, which is rarely the case as many coffee roasters only offer one decaffeinated option.

8. Oak City Coffee Roasters

oak city coffee roasters

Oak City Coffee Roasters is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based coffee roastery that offers a number of different packaging options that are not available anywhere else on the market. This includes variety packs and bundles, and there are plenty of different coffee regions and roasts to choose from. 

There are two different subscription options to choose from at Oak City Coffee Roasters, and each of them is best suited for those who drink significant amounts of coffee. Both the Tanzania and Guatemalan roasts offer great value for people who have the capacity to order 5 pounds of coffee at a time. 

There are also plenty of worldly selections to choose from for those who prefer to purchase their coffee individually as opposed to signing up for a regular subscription. There are imported coffees that come from as far as Mexico and Columbia, as well as rarer selections from Peru. 

The “Three Pack Bundle” is a great customizable package that allows customers to choose three flavors of their choice at a slight discount. There is also the option to choose between different grind sizes, which is helpful for matching the correct grind size for your individual coffee maker.

9. O’Coffee Brazilian Estates

o’coffee brazilian estates

O’Coffee Brazilian Estates is one of the top coffee producers in all of Brazil, and it is estimated that the company is currently responsible for over 7 million coffee trees around the country. They engage in trading and exportation to 15 countries and manage some of the best coffee farms in the world. 

They produce and sell eight different major categories of coffee beans, and manage the farms behind some of the most popular coffee brands in all of Brazil. The company places a major emphasis on sustainability, and they use eco-friendly methods wherever possible.

In total, the O’Coffee Brazilian Estates company manages seven major coffee farms around Brazil. They have an established history when it comes to both quality and consistency, and all signs indicate that they will remain a major player in the Brazilian coffee scene for years to come. 

10. Organic Coffee Co.

Organic Coffee Co. is headquartered in San Francisco and specializes in bringing high-quality coffee to customers at a reasonable price. They can be considered a “medium-sized” company, and they have partnerships with a number of different large distribution outlets. 

They have over a dozen different roasts to choose from, and they offer both whole bean and pre-ground options, as well as disposable pods for maximum convenience. All of their coffees are certified USDA Organic, and all of their blends are made with 100 percent Arabica beans. 

Another aspect of Organic Coffee Co. that sets it apart from run-of-the-mill coffee companies is its continued commitment to its farmers and partners. They have set up a farmer’s fund that has built over 60 schools to date, as well as over 1,700 housing communities and over 10 medical centers. 

All of their coffees are sold in 2-pound bags, and the beans are carefully sourced from partner farms around the world. All coffee beans are roasted in small batches, which helps the Organic Coffee Co. control the roast levels and overall quality of their beans. 

11. Opal Coffee

opal coffee

Opal Coffee is a large importer and trader of raw coffee beans specializing in New Zealand, Australian, and North American markets. They showcase a deep offer list of different coffees from around the globe, and partner with many different medium to large coffee shops and chains. 

Opal Coffee offers many different coffee beans from around the world, and they have a balanced list of coffee beans from different continents and regions. They have coffee beans from three different Central American regions, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala. 

There are also three different offerings from South America, where coffee beans are sourced in Columbia, Brazil, and Peru. They have the continent of Africa covered with coffees from Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as Asian selections from India, and the Wahana Estate in Indonesia. 

The Opal Coffee company has developed strong relationships with coffee farmers from around the globe, as well as a great reputation with clients throughout the coffee industry. They do not have a large mandatory minimum order, and they will ship as little as one bag per order. 

12. Oval Dogs Coffee

oval dogs coffee

Oval Dogs Coffee Company is a family-run business that is located in the Rio Rancho area of New Mexico. They source and roast many different interesting styles of coffee beans from around the world, and they also sell drinks like hot chocolate and specialty teas. 

Oval Dogs Coffee was founded on the principle of fairness, as the owners were very saddened to learn that much of the coffee they had previously been enjoying was not ethically sourced. They believe in paying farmers a fair wage for their efforts, ensuring that they will have enough to feed their families and maintain a successful coffee farm.   

One of the most unique and top-selling products offered by the Oval Dogs Coffee company is the “Koolie Cold Brew Blend.” This blend is specifically designed to be brewed, chilled, and served over ice, and will maintain plenty of flavor even after being diluted by ice cubes. 

Each of their coffee blends features a canine-themed name, and the Black Lab Blend and Dalmatian Blend are two of the top sellers. Their single-origin coffee selections are simply named after the areas where they are from, and Ethiopia, Guji selection is one of their most popular single-origin coffees. 

13. Orange Island Coffee Company

orange island coffee company

Orange Island Coffee Company is a Louisiana-based coffee roastery that offers a deep list of worldly coffees and a simple and straightforward pricing plan. They have unique coffees from remote parts of the world, as well as some of the spiciest coffees available on the market today. 

One of the most popular offerings from the Orange Island Coffee Company is called “Primo’s Revenge Cafe Piquante.” It is made by combining high-quality coffee with specialty peppers that have received a Scoville rating of 1.5 million units. 

Along with this extremely spicy novelty coffee, the company also has a large portfolio of high-quality imported coffees from traditional coffee regions around the world. They sell specialty Peaberry coffees from Kenya and Tanzania, as well as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.

Another coffee blend that the company has become well known for is a dark roast that is quintessentially “Louisianan.” The Marie Laveau Voodoo Dark Roast Blend is full of flavor and depth, and many people claim it has tasting notes of chocolate and vanilla. 

14. Oakland Coffee Works

Oakland Coffee Works is a unique coffee company headquartered in Oakland, California that uses bright packaging and ties to the music industry to set itself apart from the crowd. They offer single-serve options, as well as traditional bags of whole coffee beans. 

All of the coffees sold by Oakland Coffee Works are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, and they are all sold in specially designed coffee bags that are 100 percent compostable at home. 

The company also partners with importers and farms to support Fair Trade coffee, which ensures that coffee farmers around the world are paid a fair wage for their efforts. Another interesting fact about the company is that they are owned by the members of the famous rock band Green Day. 

The company also offers a coffee subscription service, which offers a slight discount in exchange for signing up for regular coffee shipments. They also sell flashy merchandise that is fairly popular, and everything from colorful coffee mugs to bright hoodies are available. 

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