Coffee Brands Starting with O

Whether it’s being traded as a commodity or whether it’s the boost that keeps someone going on a daily basis, coffee plays an important part in billions of people’s lives today.

For many, it’s the time-tested instant pick-me-up while for others it’s a premium blend, roasted with only the finest beans money can buy.

But with the average American coffee drinker having 3.1 cups a day, there’s a clear need for the many brands that are on the market today.

Luckily, the coffee world is large with an endless stream of options to choose from. So, should it ever happen that your go-to brand is unavailable for whatever reason, you can be sure that there’ll always be another one close by, ready to fill up your cup.

Let’s broaden your coffee horizons a wee bit as we take look at coffee brands starting with O.

List of Coffee Brands Starting with O

  1. Oro Caffè
  2. Ottolina Caffè
  3. OldTown White Coffee

1. Oro Caffè

oro caffè
Image: Oro

Oro Caffè is an artisanal coffee roasting company that was founded by two passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs, Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti in Udine in 1987.

As a brand, they pride themselves in carefully selecting, roasting, and blending the best quality of Arabica in the world to produce a multitude of coffee products.

The brand has been supplying quality coffee to bars and restaurant wholesalers all across the world and has even ventured into their own chain of coffee shops, Adoro Caffè, with the aim of spreading Italian Espresso culture globally.

They have in their array over ten different blends as options in their Whole Bean range, ten more in their “Specialty” coffee, as well as ground options that feature the same blends in the whole bean ranges.

Furthermore, the brand also created a closed system of coffee capsules, uniquely to their own brand as well as Nespresso compatible pods.

In addition, Oro Caffè has done a great job in diversifying its offering and has extended its offering to far more than just coffee. They also produce chocolate, biscuits, vermouth, and a range of teas in their consumables section. On top of this, they have also entered the machinery and equipment space.

It’s clear that the brand also values education and in 2009 they opened the ORO Caffè Academy, which aims to provide in-depth barista training on not only the techniques but coffee culture as a whole, too.

On the sustainability front, Oro Caffè strives to be one of the greenest coffee companies in the world. They were the first major brand in Italy to join the Beyond Fair-Trade project in 2013, which aspires to enhance the livelihoods of coffee farmers in several parts of the world.

The passion for quality is clear with Oro Caffè and

2. Caffe Ottolina

caffe ottolina
Image: Ottolina

Caffè Ottolina was established by Giulio Ottolina in 1948 in Milan. The passionate coffee connoisseur started what we know today as a micro-roaster – a small shop roasting small quantities of coffee for coffee lovers.

The shop was located in the center of Milan and expanded to customers all around the city of Milan in the ‘60s. In the ‘90s, the company further expanded through the acquisition of some local competitors and opening in new markets not only in Italy but abroad, as well.

For more than 60 years, the company has sourced its coffee from the best beans that they could find. By constantly reviewing their suppliers based on the quality of their products, harvesting techniques, and the sustainability of their operations, they’re able to guarantee the selection of only the best suppliers.

To ensure the top-quality coffee that they are known for, Ottolina imports from more than fifteen different countries, finding rare and seldom used origins, in order to give their blends a unique character.

As a result, the brand offers an adequate range of coffee blends that is just as apt for professional use as it is for home use. This consists of numerous Arabica blends, decaffeinated options, as well as coffee capsules.

The brand also shows off its fun side by extending its offering to more than just coffee.

They also produce a range of delicious chocolate to pair with their coffees and also have a line of merchandise that includes anything from umbrellas to aprons and caps as well as keyrings for their biggest fans.

Thanks to their advanced technologies and consistent innovation, Caffè Ottolina continues to not only be one of the major roasters of Milan, but Italy as well.

Their production has always been carried out with the utmost passion and tradition, making their blends exceptionally unique with flavors that you will rarely find from anywhere else.

3. OldTown White Coffee

oldTown white coffee
Image: Choo Yut Shing

OldTown White Coffee is a Malaysian-based coffee manufacturer and café, or ‘kopi tiam’, chain.

It has more than 200 café outlets located throughout Malaysia, making it the largest chain of its kind, and has a large presence in other countries in the region such as Singapore, China, Indonesia and Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Bangladesh.

Established in 1999, the brand is somewhat of a household name and staple in the Southeast Asia region. The company specializes in “White Coffee” – coffee that gets roasted half of the way through and at a lower temperature.

Roasting coffee in this fashion results in a whitish-colored bean that is higher in caffeine. This leads to a nutty and sweet taste profile that is much different from traditional coffee.

Their unique blends usually incorporate 3 types of premium beans and is an attributing factor to being one of the leading white coffee brands in Asia Pacific, exporting the blends to over 17 other countries globally.

Their coffee offerings include an array of mixed blends that consist of a variety of flavors that also include ready-to-drink, canned options.

The company has accrued numerous accolades and awards under the OldTown brand over the years, including the Gold Award in the Trusted Brand Awards in 2017 presented by Reader’s Digest.

The brand was acquired by Douwe Egberts in 2017.

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