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Coffee Brands Starting With C

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: April 22nd, 2023

Did you know that there are tons of different coffee brands on the market? That’s right! Every day, new coffee brands are appearing, each with its own unique flavor, roast, and style.

And, a good chunk of those is coffee brands beginning with C. Here are my top picks as well as what makes each brand great.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With C

  1. Café Bom Dia’
  2. Café Britt
  3. Café Bustelo
  4. Café Coffee Day
  5. Café du Monde
  6. Café HAG
  7. Café Rico
  8. Cafédirect
  9. Caffé D’Vita
  10. Caffe Bene
  11. Caffé Nero
  12. Camano Island Coffee
  13. Cameron’s Coffee
  14. Caribou Coffee
  15. Chameleon Cold-Brew
  16. Chock Full o’ Nuts
  17. Coava Coffee Roaster
  18. Colectivo Coffee Roaster
  19. Costa Coffee
  20. Compass Coffee
  21. Corazon Coffee Roaster

Café Bom Dia’

Translated as “Good Morning Coffee”, this brand’s first beans were planted in 1895. Today, however, this family-owned business is one of the largest Brazilian producers of sustainable coffee.

They pride themselves on their quality, value, and commitment to the environment.

Café Britt

Cafe Britt has been Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee for over 30 years. This brand of coffee acknowledges that everyone has different tastes and seeks to help customers find what suits them best.

The best-selling is Costa Rican organic coffee, Costa Rican Montecillo gourmet coffee from Tarrazú, and their first blend, Costa Rican dark roast coffee.

Café Bustelo

This coffee brand was founded by a Spanish man who fell in love with the Latin coffee style and his wife who helped him build the brand. It’s actually her face that symbolizes Cafe Bustelo. Their coffee comes from Colombia, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

Café Coffee Day

This is a coffeehouse chain and a coffee brand from India. They sell ground coffee, capsules, and instant coffee. They also sell teas and ready-to-drink beverages.

Café du Monde

This coffee brand and Cafe is located in New Orleans and has more than 150 years of history behind it. The shop has a few ground coffees like their chicory and French roasts. The Chicory blend is traditionally served as Au Lait, mixed half and half with hot milk.

They also sell a Beignet Mix, which is a mix to make little French doughnuts to eat with your coffee.

Café HAG

This is a famous decaf coffee brand from Bremen, Germany that’s been operating since 1906. The founder of this brand co-developed the first commercial decaffeination process.

Today, they sell both a 100% Arabica coffee and an Arabica and Robusta blend. They sell it as ground coffee, whole beans, or capsule.

Café Rico

Cafe Rico is a coffee brand from Puerto Rico operating since 1924. They offer a few different types of ground coffee such as decaf, half-caf, instant coffee, and regular coffee. The price of this coffee is affordable, so it’s a great pick for those on a budget.


This coffee brand sells Fairtrade and organic coffee as well as tea and cocoa. They also have subscription plans where you can try all the different kinds of coffee.

Caffé D’Vita

This coffee brand specializes in coffee, hot chocolate, flavored latte blends, tea drink mix, horchata, and espresso. It’s the perfect brand for you if you like flavored coffee or coffee shop-style drinks.

Caffe Bene

caffe bene
Image: Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is a coffeehouse chain and coffee producer based in Seoul, South Korea. Their coffee beans come from Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Kenya.

The shop is full of different products, including ready-to-drink cold brew, ground coffee, whole beans, and instant coffee as well as teas and gift sets.

Caffé Nero

Caffe Nero is an Italian-influenced coffeehouse company and coffee roasters based in London since 1997. Their coffee beans came from Guatemala and Peru and sell both regular and decaf.

Camano Island Coffee

This USDA-certified organic brand of coffee ethically sources its coffee beans. They have over 20 varieties of coffee, each of which can be personalized based on origin and roast. Each month they create a new blend for customers to try.

Cameron’s Coffee

This organic coffee brand sells different types of never-bitter coffee. You can find ground coffee, whole beans, portion packs, eco pods, bottled iced espresso, and instant coffee here.

Caribou Coffee

This American coffee chain produces light roast coffee, medium roast, dark roast, decaf, flavoured coffee, k-cups pods, ready-to-go cold brew coffee, and tea. They’re a quality brand that offers products at affordable prices.

Chameleon Cold-Brew

chameleon cold-brew
Image: Chameleon

Chameleon Cold-Brew is an American coffee company based in Austin, Texas, and is well-known for its cold brew coffee. It’s famous for being the first fair trade and organic cold brew company in the United States. They also won the Best Coffee award by BevNET.

Cold brew coffee concentrate, organic whole beans from Guatemala, and vanilla cold brew coffee are just some of the many products they produce.

Chock Full o’ Nuts

Chock Full o’ Nuts started as a New York nut shop in 1926, which explains the name. Then, they started to roast coffee and quickly gained popularity as a coffee seller. They sell dark roast, medium roast, and mild roast, all available in either ground coffee or single-serve pods.

Coava Coffee Roaster

Coava Coffee Roaster is a coffee brand based in Oregon that focuses on quality, complexity, and balance to give you the perfect cup of coffee. Their coffee beans come from Honduras, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Rwanda, and Papua New Guinea.

Colectivo Coffee Roaster

colectivo coffee roasters
Image: Colectivo Coffee

This is a specialty coffee roaster based in Wisconsin. Their coffee tends to have notes of dried cranberry, caramel apple, and cinnamon.

Compass Coffee

compass coffee
Image: Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee is an American coffee roaster based in Washington. Medium roast, dark roast, light roast, and espresso coffee ground are just some of the types of brews you can find on their website. They also have a quiz to help you figure out which blend to buy!

Costa Coffee

This is a well-known coffeehouse and coffee producer based in Dunstable, England. However, they have many cafes around the world. They produce both single-origin and mixed-origin ground coffee. They also sell hot chocolate.

Corazon Coffee Roaster

Corazon Coffee Roasters is an organic roaster and fair trade company based in Des Moines. Try the beans from Sidama and Mexico for a light roast. Or, pick up the beans from Sumatra, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Nicaragua for a medium roast.

For a medium-dark roast try the ones from Honduras y Papua New Guinea and for a dark roast, try their Peru and Dark Sidama blend.

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