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Coffee Brands Starting With W

Charl Joost
Last Updated: May 30th, 2023

Coffee is a fantastic drink and has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Researchers have found that it can improve cognitive function and keep us active and focused. Like everything else in this world, different kinds of coffee are available. But how do we know which one to get?

Whenever I am thinking about my day, it always involves coffee. It has become integral to my morning routine when packing my bag and leaving for work.

No matter how much I sleep, one sip⁄gulp of the smooth dark brown liquid will make me feel fresh and awake.

Honestly, many coffee brands look the same on their label but taste entirely different. This is why I’ve decided to write this article with two objectives: to help you find the best coffee brands starting with W and tell you a little bit about each unique brand and its blends.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With W

  1. Wandering Bear Coffee
  2. Westrock Coffee Company
  3. Whittard
  4. Will & Co Coffee
  5. World Cup Coffee
  6. Woods Coffee
  7. Wild Society Coffee
  8. Wild Gift Coffee
  9. Wander Coffee
  10. Waka Coffee
  11. Water Avenue Coffee
  12. Water Street Coffee
  13. Wolf Coffee
  14. White Water Coffee
  15. White Whale Coffee Roasters 

1. Wandering Bear Coffee

Wandering Bear Coffee offers a wide variety of organic cold brew coffee in several different flavors and provides a sugar-free and vegan version.

The company was founded by two young individuals who began to handcraft cold brew in their home kitchen using local ingredients and sustainable practices.

Their brand values include environmental consciousness, social responsibility, sustainability, entrepreneurship, creativity, and passion.

Wandering Bears’ cold brew coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua, which they artfully roast and brew every batch to be surprisingly rich.

The coffee is renowned for being extra strong while keeping the delicious beverage as smooth as possible.

Their unique packaging comprises 100% recyclable material that keeps the cold brew coffee fresh. The bag-in-box concept enables consumers to have their delicious coffee on tap, being one of the first coffee brands to do so.

2. Westrock Coffee Company

Westrock Coffee Company has established itself as the middleman between suppliers and buyers. Their services include providing delicious coffee solutions to the most prominent brands to help smallholder farmers in developing countries advance their quality of life and economic well-being.

The company is based in Rwanda and has partnered with independent coffee farmers in East Africa with the intent to build their relationships through investment, infrastructure, farmer development, and product and supply chain transformation.

Operating on five continents, they emphasize transparency in everything they do. Westrock has created a supply chain solution offering unparalleled insights to their customers while ensuring sustainability and ethical trade.

Westrock Coffee Company is a great choice for brands looking to supply excellent and delicious coffee to their customers.

Consumers can indulge in an exquisite taste while knowing that their coffee has been ethically sourced and made from some of the best coffee beans in East Africa.

3. Whittard

Image: Whittard

Whittard’s philosophy is simple: buy the best coffee beans available. Since their first opening in London in 1886, quality and innovation have driven their belief in offering consumers the best tea, coffee, and cocoa.

Today their world-class range satisfies every curiosity and taste, from classic tea to hot chocolate and coffee blends.

Whittard’s has a variety of coffee blends for you to taste and enjoy depending on your preferred roast; light, medium, or dark.

Their coffee beans are sourced from specialty roasters from Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Kenya, Jamaica, Mexico, and Ethiopia. They are then taste-tested to ensure premium quality.

Their famous House Blend coffee beans have been sourced from two renowned growing regions, Cauca in Southwestern Colombia and Southern Brazil’s Mina Gerais.

The result is a full-bodied and tasty dark roast that brings forth the ultimate taste for coffee lovers.

4. Will & Co Coffee

will & co coffee
Image: Will & Co Coffee

Having started in 2013, Will & Co is an Australian specialty coffee roaster with a means to share the world’s most extraordinary coffee beans with its customers. The company aims to bring communities together through A-grade coffee.

Will & Co’s Coffee Company offers various types of coffee, including single-origin varieties straight from South America and blends made with 100% Arabica beans from around the world, including Brazil, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

They also offer combinations highlighting the flavor profiles of countries such as Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Their approach to coffee is a mix of art and science. They strenuously test every batch of coffee beans to ensure their purity.

While claiming their roastery is the best facility in the Southern Hemisphere, their extensive roasting and quality assurance process ensures a beautiful blend of smooth and tasty coffee.

5. World Cup Coffee

world cup coffee

World Cup Coffee’s primary focus is to provide offices with the luxury of coffee being delivered to their doorstep. They pride themselves on producing an excellent product with knowledgeable service to all their customers.

Having roasted specialty coffee since 1993, it’s fair to say they know what they’re doing with a delicious cup of joe. Their roasteries have developed a vast range of high-quality coffee for the busiest of office workers to enjoy.

The coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced from the best farms around the globe to bring consumers the best aroma, flavor, and body.

The process of small-batch roasting brings a fresh and flavorsome brew that will highlight your morning. This brand is a great option for any company looking to ensure their staff gets started on the front foot every morning.

6. Woods Coffee

woods coffee

Woods Coffee is a rapidly growing coffee roastery from Washington state that serves coffee at over a dozen locations across the greater Seattle area. The company calls itself a “premier coffee chain,” and they roast all of its coffee beans fresh daily. 

Each location carries a wide variety of different roasts on a daily basis, and the online store is fully stocked with some of the most popular options. There are currently 8 different roasts to choose from on the Woods Coffee website, including an espresso blend and decaf coffee beans.

One of the most highly regarded coffees sold by Woods Coffee is their “Brown Bear” roast, which is the darkest selection offered by the company. It is full of rich flavors that the company describes as “earthy” and “spicy,” and many coffee enthusiasts have reported notes of baking spices. 

There are many other blends to choose from, including the “Viking Blend,” “Woods Blend,” and the “Pacific Northwest Blend.” Each offers consistency and balanced flavors, and there is always one rotating single-origin coffee option available as well.   

7. Wild Society Coffee

wild society coffee

Wild Society Coffee is a brand that is owned and operated by outdoors enthusiasts. The company makes a wide variety of packable products that are perfect for hiking, camping, and just about any active outdoor activity. 

The founders of Wild Society Coffee are world travelers who found over their years of exploring that good coffee can be hard to come by for backpackers. They have created three different styles of instant coffee that provide full flavor for coffee lovers on the go.

Wild Society Coffee strives to produce some of the best instant coffee on the market, and each version offers a distinctly different flavor and style of coffee. There is an Instant Honey Coffee option, as well as a Caramel Mocha and Columbian roast option.

There is also a traditional bean coffee roast available for travelers who have access to proper coffee-making equipment. The Wild Society Breakfast Blend is a medium roast that is full of flavor while being light enough to be enjoyed first thing in the morning while camping. 

8. Wild Gift Coffee

wild gift coffee

Wild Gift Coffee is an artisan coffee roastery located in Austin, Texas that has been around since the year 2014. As a company, they believe in “doing the right thing,” and have established themselves as a reputable company with ethical business practices.

There are many different roasts and styles to choose from, with both single-origin coffees and blends available. The “Rude Boy” blend is one of the top-selling and most beloved blends sold by the company, and it is well known for having a bold body and heavy flavors of tobacco. 

There is also a decaffeinated blend called “Sugar Cane” that is full of sweet dessert flavors and has a balanced smooth body. There are also two different styles of coffee beans from El Salvador, as well as a Colombian and Mexican blend. 

Wild Gift Coffee also offers 2 different sample pack options that make for great ways to sample 4 different styles of coffee at once. Each sample pack comes equipped with 4 different 6-ounce bags of coffee, and customers can choose which styles of coffee they prefer to include. 

9. Wander Coffee

wander coffee

Wander Coffee is a Fort Collins-based coffee roastery that has been in business since November 2016. They believe in four main business principles, which are “Quality, Sustainability, Integrity, and Community.”

They support some of the most reputable children’s charities in the state of Colorado, and the company is best known for producing high-quality and balanced coffee blends. There are three primary coffee blends to choose from, as well as decaffeinated coffee beans and an espresso blend. 

The Organic Night Sky Blend is by far the best-selling and most well-known blend made by Wander Coffee. It has strong aromas and tastes of toasted pecans and cocoa and is made up of coffees from the island of Sumatra as well as Columbia. 

There is also another Organic option called the Teruko Blend, as well as a medium roast called the Wilder Blend. The espresso blend is specifically crafted for high-pressure extraction machines and contains luscious tasting notes of both chocolate and caramel. 

10. Waka Coffee

Waka Coffee and Tea is a company that specializes in instant beverages with a mission to “make your day just a bit easier.” They offer a full line of different high-quality instant coffees from around the world, and they make some of the tastiest instant coffee on the market today. 

Waka Coffee believes that high-quality cups of coffee don’t have to be difficult to make each morning. People who use instant coffee instead of traditional beans also save significant amounts of money, as no expensive equipment like coffee makers or grinders is required. 

Every roast is made using 100 percent Arabica beans that are freeze-dried to preserve freshness. Each coffee roast can be purchased individually, as well as in a bundle for serious savings on bulk purchases. 

The Ethiopian Dark roast is one of the most popular Waka Coffee roasts, and it showcases how much full flavor can be extracted from freeze-dried coffee beans when done correctly. The Medium Roast from Columbia is another bold and balanced option, and all flavors are available in both 3.5-ounce bags and single-serve packets. 

11. Water Avenue Coffee

water avenue coffee

Water Avenue Coffee is a Southeast Portland, Oregon roastery that has been around since the year 2009. The founders of the company have deep roots in the coffee industry, and some of their first coffee batches were roasted in a 1974 model Samiac roaster from Switzerland. 

Water Avenue Coffee has developed a great reputation locally for both giving back and collaborating with other local businesses. They always support local companies when possible, and it is estimated that about 90 percent of all coffee they produce is hand-delivered to customers within 50 miles. 

There are currently 10 different Water Avenue Coffee roasts to choose from, each of which brings drastically different tasting notes to the table. One of the most popular options is the “Boxcar” blend, which is a dark roast that is bursting with richness and aromas of tobacco and baking spices. 

Another interesting roast that has been making waves in the coffee community since its release is the Mayogi Co-op roast from Rwanda. These coffee beans are sourced from a 100 percent women-led cooperative, and it carries sweet-tasting notes similar to peaches and apricots. 

12. Water Street Coffee

water street coffee

Water Street Coffee is a small Kalamazoo, Michigan-based coffee roastery and chain of cafes that was founded in the year 1993. There are six different cafe locations around the Kalamazoo area, and their online store is packed with different high-quality coffee selections. 

Locals of the Kalamazoo, Michigan area have embraced the company wholeheartedly, and many in the community are members of the Water Street Coffee “Mug Club.” There are plenty of different coffee styles to choose from, as well as a convenient subscription service. 

There are currently a dozen different Water Street Coffee blends to choose from, each of which offers a different range of flavors and aromas. There are also dozens of different single-origin coffees to choose from as well, hailing from everywhere from Indonesia to East Africa. 

The company also sells two different styles of brew packs, which are extremely convenient for people who own 10-12 cup coffee makers. Each pack is pre-portioned, making it simple to toss a pack into a coffee maker while also saving time and energy on cleanup. 

13. Wolf Coffee

wolf coffee

Wolf Coffee is a family-owned coffee roastery located in Sonoma County, California that has been in business for over 30 years. They deliver freshly roasted coffee all over the country and there is a solid list of different worldly coffee roasts to choose from. 

All of Wolf Coffee’s whole bean coffees are 100 percent organic, and each flavor is clearly labeled with tasting notes and the roast level. There are traditional coffee roast selections like French Roast and a Wake-Up Blend, as well as more exotic choices like the Organic Mocha Java. 

There is also a canned cold brew option that is made using high-quality organic arabica beans. There is also Cacao added, as well as a touch of organic sugar and sea salt. The cold brew is then nitrogen infused for a unique texture and smooth finish. 

Wolf Coffee also has a wholesale program that is designed to supply small businesses and restaurants with high-quality arabica beans. There is also a simple subscription program for regular customers that includes 20 percent savings with a flexible delivery schedule. 

14. White Water Coffee

white water coffee

White Water Coffee is a Canadian-based coffee roastery that focuses on premium, freshly roasted coffee. Each batch of coffee beans is roasted “to order,” meaning that that particular batch of coffee beans is not roasted until the order is received. 

There are over a dozen different single-origin coffees to choose from that are sourced from all over the world, including famous growing regions like Ethiopia and Brazil. There are also over 25 different coffee blends, each of which is mixed and balanced to achieve specific flavors. 

White Water Coffee also offers a wide variety of different flavored coffee beans that are perfectly suited for coffee lovers who have a sweet tooth. There are traditional coffee flavors like Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice, as well as exotic choices like Mexican Chocolate and Candy Cane. 

There are also three different sample packs available, each of which is a great way for new customers to try a wide variety of different White Water Coffee flavors. The most popular option is the “Best Sellers Sample Pack,” which includes six of the company’s top offerings. 

15. White Whale Coffee Roasters 

white whale coffee roasters

White Whale Coffee Roasters is an Australian-based cafe and coffee roastery that was founded in 2010. Today, they supply coffee all over the country using their fully stocked online shop and have also expanded to offer a subscription service as well as drinking chocolates. 

The company is dedicated to moving the Australian coffee community forward, and one of the most unique parts of its business model is the fact that they offer in-person barista education classes. There is a barista fundamentals class, as well as an entire class dedicated to milk texturing and latte art. 

While White Whale Coffee Roasters sells a wide variety of different coffee roast styles, they are best known for their carefully balanced blends. The “Riptide Blend” is one of the top sellers, and it carries rich and deep fruit flavors like blackberry jam and dark chocolate. 

There is also a “Beach House Blend” that is best suited for fans of lighter roasts. It carries aromas and tasting notes of caramel and butterscotch and has a balanced amount of acidity with a light body and smooth finish. 

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