Coffee Brands Starting With M

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around. With its popularity, there is no doubt that there are several hundred brands available.

With so many brands on the market, it can be difficult to choose just what brand will suit your preferences best.

To make finding the perfect coffee for you a little easier, I have compiled a list of the top coffee brands starting with M. Take a look!

List of Coffee Brands Starting With M

  1. Machwitz Kaffee
  2. Maraba Coffee
  3. Matthew Algie Coffee
  4. Maxwell House
  5. Melitta
  6. Millstone Coffee
  7. MJB
  8. Moccona

More About the Brands

1. Machwitz Kaffee

machwitz kaffee
Image: Machwitz-Kaffee

This family-owned brand was founded in 1883. It is a German brand that started out as a consumer goods store. Despite being criticized for its logo, this brand is still around and bagging brews for its loyal customers.

Machwitz Kaffee offers traditional, regional coffee from Hanover. The company is said to only use coffee beans from “the most important growing areas of the world’s tropical belt”.

Once collected, the beans are then refined and used to create coffee blends that have a sophisticated flair to them.

Extra love and attention are given to the beans during their transformative journey. This is thanks to the brand’s in-house roasting plant as well as many years of experience in the field.

After very careful roasting, special blends are created. This brand offers a number of blends such as Organic Extra Class, Mild Variety, and Three M Cream.

2. Maraba Coffee

maraba coffee
Image: Maraba

Featuring a unique African blend of coffee, this brand is located in Gauteng, in the eastern foothills.

The word ‘Maraba’ is Arabic, and it translates to “man of the soil”. The reason this brand chose this name was to pay tribute to the farmers who are responsible for producing the foundation of the coffee we all enjoy.

As this brand is proudly African, they source their Arabica coffee exclusively from Africa. The coffee produced by this brand is made only from high-quality Arabica beans.

With these beans, numerous blends are created that have hints of caramel, chocolate, nuts, and even fruits.

Maraba is proud to proclaim that its coffee is one that is set apart from other brands on the market due to its unique hints and flavors. They supply their coffee as beans or ground, for you to pick what you prefer.

3. Matthew Algie Coffee

matthew algie coffee
Image: Matthew Algie

At first glance, this company is seen as a producer and seller of coffee machines. But that is not all this company has going for them.

Matthew Algie became an independent coffee roaster over one hundred and fifty years ago. With this much experience in the bag, we have high expectations of this brand.

This Glasgow-based brand is known to source its coffee beans ethically and even practice sustainability. They claim that their coffee is some of the tastiest brews around.

With this claim, its popularity is followed up by the fact that the brand is supplied to several businesses such as cafes or coffee shops, hotels, bars, and restaurants across the United Kingdom as well as Ireland.

Matthew Algie Coffee is available in a number of different blends. Each blend features a unique name and an even more interesting description. W

ith so much hype behind this brand, it makes us want to take the plunge and dive into a cup of this brand’s special brew.

4. Maxwell House

maxwell house
Image: Maxwell House

This well-known brand has been around for more than one hundred and thirty years. Since it originated, the brand has changed hands many times until finally landing in the lap of Kraft Heinz.

Now, Maxwell House coffee is manufactured in North America by this company.

Although this brand was once one of the highest-selling coffee brands around, today it seems like the brand may be coming to an end. Maxwell House coffee is still available today, however, it may not be on the market for much longer. This is due to the decrease in brand popularity.

If you wish to try this brand, it is best to get out to the store and purchase some before it disappears from the market.

This brand must have been doing something right as they have been around for this long already. And, with a slogan of “Good to the last drop”, there is no doubt that this brand’s brew is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Melitta

Image: Melitta

A brand that sometimes goes unnoticed, Melitta has been around since 1964.

This company is a German company that started roasting beans in the United States at their facility in New Jersey. It is not only popular for its roasts, but also for its wide range.

If you are a picky coffee drinker, you may just find what you are looking for from this brand. That is because they manufacture a range of different blends. With so many options, you are bound to find something that suits all your requirements.

Melitta offers premium coffees that are made from traditional roasting methods. Their blends are said to be full-bodied, smooth, and never bitter. This brand is definitely worth the try if you are looking for something different.

6. Millstone Coffee

Established in 1981 in Washington, Millstone Coffee was a brand of coffee that was sold in the United States.

While this brand was once popular, a few years after the company was sold, the new owners decided to discontinue the brand. This was because of what the owners deemed a ‘lack of sustainable demand’.

Despite being discontinued in 2016, there are still some bags of Millstone Coffee floating around the market.

Although it is not a great idea to get attached to this brand due to it being discontinued, it may still be worth a try, especially if you are looking to try something new.

7. MJB

Image: MJB

MJB is named after one of the founders, Max James Brandenstein. Max and his three brothers built the brand back in the late 1800s.

To this day, many coffee-lovers depend on this brand to start their day right. But it is also one that can be enjoyed while you kick back and relax.

This brand of coffee is big on tradition. That is why it is proud to continue to deliver the same great flavor and aroma as it did one hundred and thirty years ago.

If you are looking for a traditional blend that sticks to its roots, MJB is the brand of coffee for you! Or at least, it is worth a try.

8. Moccona

Image: Moccona

Founded way back in 1753, Moccona came about in the Netherlands. It was established by the infamous Egbert Douwes. In 1925, the brand was renamed Douwe Egberts to honor its founding father.

Today, the brand is known for its world-class quality. It is a household name and is mostly popular for its instant coffee blends. Moccona has also since released its signature blends in Capsules.

If you enjoy the more sophisticated take on coffee and prefer the process of using the machines and Capsules, this brand may be worth a try.

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