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The 5 Best Coffee Advent Calendars

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: October 5th, 2023

A coffee advent calendar is a great way to count down the days of the holiday season while enjoying an interesting cup of coffee each morning in December.

Advent calendars also make for great gifts, especially for coffee lovers who enjoy getting into the holiday spirit!

Choosing the Right Coffee Advent Calendar

There are dozens of different options on the market today when it comes to coffee Advent calendars, and some people are unsure which is the best coffee Advent calendar to suit their needs with so many options to choose from. Keep an eye out for these details when making a choice.

Budget and Price

The holiday season can be an expensive time for many, especially for people who have large families or many children. Budget is a concern that should be taken into account, and there are plenty of different options to choose from at a variety of price points.

While it is very important to choose a coffee Advent calendar that fits squarely within your budget, it is also important to consider the value that is presented in each option, rather than only the total cost of each calendar.

Two of the best ways to quickly determine whether or not any given coffee Advent calendar are to take a look at the total amount and types of coffee included. Some options on the market contain 12 different servings of coffee, while others include 24 for a full-length advent calendar.

There are some instances where two coffee Advent calendars are priced the same, but one option contains 24 savings of coffee while the other only contains 12. In these cases, the option with 24 servings of coffee would present a value double as good as the 12-serving option.

It is also important to pay attention to which types of coffee are included in each Advent calendar, as this is a major factor in determining their values. Some coffee-themed advent calendars use value selections, while others use high-end coffees from around the world.

Types of Coffee

While the cost, theme, decorations, and shipping considerations are all important, the primary factor to keep in mind when comparing different coffee Advent calendars is the actual type of coffee that is included.

There are certain coffee-based advent calendars that feature “pods” or capsules that are only compatible with certain types of coffee makers. These include Nespresso pods and “K Cups” for Keurig coffee machine products.

These specialty coffee machines are wonderfully convenient and mess-free, but some of them do come at a considerable cost. It is important to take these coffee delivery methods into account when shopping, especially when the Advent calendar is intended to be given as a gift.

There are also other options that are best for the widest variety of people, as they do not require the ownership of specialty coffee machines. These include ground coffee options, as well as interesting designs like “brew in bag” coffee designs.

There are also many different types of coffee that are included in these Advent calendars, and they can range from affordable to high-end selections. Some coffees are imported, and others are flavored, making it important to consider the style of included coffee before purchase.

Theme and Extras

While the concepts of all coffee based Advent calendars are relatively similar, there are slightly different themes and approaches that different companies take when it comes to building out their selections.

Some advent calendars will come with thoughtful small gifts and extras like small bags of marshmallows to add to coffee, or peppermints that are meant to be used as stir sticks. There are also small holiday themed toys and trinkets that are sometimes included.

There are other companies that use more high tech methods to add a bit of holiday cheer to their coffee themed Advent calendar. Some selections include QR codes on each day, which link to festive videos and online games such as word searches and puzzles.

While these small touches and included extras are less important to some customers, there are many others who find them to be very charming and enjoy them very much. Be sure to take a close look at each option to check for these small inclusions that can make a world of difference.

Delivery Time

Advent calendars, by definition, are time-sensitive. A coffee Advent calendar doesn’t do much good if it is delivered late, and choosing an option with a history of reliability when it comes to delivery is always the best practice.

Different companies use different shipping services when it comes to delivering their Advent calendars, and some only provide slower options to keep their costs slow when running specials that include either free or flat-rate shipping.

The best options on the market allow their customers to choose from a variety of different shipping options. In some cases, expedited or even overnight shipping options are available, though they most often come at a significantly higher cost.

The 5 Best Coffee Advent Calendars

With so many different options on the market today, choosing the best coffee Advent calendar can be a difficult and confusing process for some people.

We have highlighted five of the best options on the market to make things a bit more simple and more straightforward for all.

1. Christmas Advent Calendar with 24 Nespresso Pods


  • Fairtrade and organic espresso pods are featured
  • 24 Nespresso pods in 11 different flavor profiles
  • Comes in a sleek box that is easy to store
  • Decorated in a holiday theme to match December decor
  • Includes a holiday-themed poem to help put customers in good spirits
  • The best option on the market for Nespresso users


  • Requires the ownership of the pricey Nespresso coffee machine
  • Only 11 unique flavors mean each flavor is repeated at least once
  • Includes some hot chocolate selections that do not contain caffeine

2. Specialty 25-Day Coffee Advent Calendar

specialty 25 day coffee advent calendar


  • The beautifully decorated box is thoughtfully designed
  • Unique single-serve coffee packs slide out of the bottom of the package neatly
  • One of the best and most unique coffee delivery system designs on the market
  • Just pour boiling water into each bag, and pour it out of the included spout once brewed
  • Includes high-end coffees from all over the world including Brazil, India, and Peru
  • Some of the best-imported coffees selections of any Advent calendar option


  • Not the best option for fans of espresso
  • No flavored coffee selections
  • Some customers would like a bit more holiday theme

3. Two Rivers Coffee Holiday Gift Box


  • One of the most affordable options on the market at under $10
  • 12 different flavored selections that are festive and holiday-themed
  • Included K Cups are neat and today make for easy cleanup
  • One of the best choices for Keurig owners
  • Includes fast and free shipping through Amazon
  • One of the smallest options on the market makes it easy to travel with


  • Not a true Advent calendar as there are no numbered days
  • Requires the ownership of a Keurig machine
  • None of the included selections are considered to be high end

4. The Ultimate Coffee Advent Calendar

the ultimate coffee advent calendar


  • Included much more coffee compared to other selections on the market
  • Each packet makes a full pot of coffee, rather than a serving
  • One of the best options for families or households with multiple coffee drinkers
  • Includes high-end selections of Kona coffee
  • Each day’s packet is individually numbered for convenience
  • Each packet includes a different flavor for a huge amount of variety


  • Requires the ownership of a traditional coffee pot
  • Not the best option for single people as a large amount of coffee is included
  • Each packet comes from the same producer

5. Christmas Coffee Gift With 12 Keurig K CUPS


  • Holiday themed box is shaped like a Christmas tree
  • Each selection is hidden behind an ornament on the tree
  • Includes holiday-themed flavors like Gingerbread Cookie and Candy Cane
  • Uses the convenient and simple Keurig K Cup system
  • Makes for a great gift for those who own a Keurig machine
  • One of the more affordable selections at just under $23


  • Requires the ownership of a Keurig machine
  • None of the included selections are considered to be high end
  • Only includes 12 pods as opposed to a full 24-day advent calendar

Final Thoughts

Using a coffee-based Advent calendar this December is a great way to mark the days while enjoying new and interesting selections of coffee each morning.

Choosing the best coffee Advent calendar for your needs comes down to taking a look at a number of different factors including price, coffee selection, and company reputation.

The option suitable for the vast majority of coffee lovers is the Speciality 25-Day Coffee Advent Calendar from The Brew Company, as it delivers incredible coffee selections from all over the world using a unique “brew in bag” system with an included spout.

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