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The 5 Best Indian Coffee Brands (Plus Buying Tips!)

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 10th, 2023

India, one of the most populated countries in Asia, loves coffee. In fact, it’s 7th among the top coffee-producing countries in the world and is Asia’s largest coffee exporter. There are as many as 16 different Indian coffee brands, and you can find them worldwide.

If you’re curious about the best Indian coffee brands, this article is for you. We curated the most famous and unique Indian brands to match your coffee craving.

Plus, we’ll go over a few things to know about Indian coffee before you buy it. Let’s jump in!

The Indian States That Produce the Best Coffee

person hold indian coffee cup

Before we can talk about Indian coffee, we’ve got to talk about which states are responsible for growing it.

Here, we’ll go into the different Indian states where coffee is produced.


The largest coffee-producing Indian state is Karnataka. It’s also famous worldwide. You might be surprised to find out that more than 71% of coffee in India is from this state.

The famous regions that produce coffee in Karnataka are Hassan District and Chikmagalur.


This state produces Indian Robusta and Arabica beans. More specifically, you can source these beans from the Malabar Region. Kerala State is next to Karnataka, producing 21% of the coffee in India.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is responsible for producing 5% of the coffee in India. The coffee production takes place in the Nilgiri District of the state, although you can find vast coffee plantations in Kodaikanal, Shevaroy, and Yercaud.


Orissa, specifically on a plantation called Koenjhar, has the ideal climatic condition to plant coffee beans. Aside from Koenjhar, the famous coffee plantations in this state are:

  • Kalahandi
  • Rayagada
  • Koraput
  • Keonjhar


The largest coffee-producing state in Northeastern India is Tripura. This Indian state is also known for its tea gardens and rubber.

Introducing Indian Filter Coffee


If Ireland has Irish coffee and Russia has the famous Raf coffee, India has its Indian filter coffee. You’ll often hear the Indians calling their coffee “Kaapi.”

Indian filter coffee has other name variations, including:

  • Degree Coffee
  • Filter coffee
  • Kumbakonam Coffee
  • Mysore Filter Coffee

The Role of Chicory in Indian Filter Coffee

It’s common to blend the chicory root into Indian-style coffee. But what is its exact role in Indian filter coffee? Adding chicory to Indian filter coffee makes it more flavorsome. This plant extract helps release and extract more of the coffee’s rich aroma and flavor profiles.

And, the chicory root also gives your coffee a more malty flavor profile and a darker brown shade to your cup. There is no perfect chicory and coffee ratio because the taste is subjective.

You may prefer a purer coffee. In that case, you add less chicory. On the other hand, if you want your drink sweeter and maltier, you can add more.

But as a general rule, the coffee beans and their roast profile help determine how much chicory should be added.

Making Indian Filter Coffee with Indian Filter Pot

indian coffee filter pot

Making a traditional Indian filter coffee involves using an Indian filter pot. In this brewing method, you allow the coffee to brew in a delicate manner by seeping hot boiling water through the coffee grounds.

The Indian filter pot relies heavily on gravity and pressure from the steam when you close its top chamber.

If you don’t know what an Indian filter pot looks like, it’s basically made of two brass or stainless steel chambers arranged with one on top of another. There are tiny perforations on the top chamber. This serves as the pot’s fixed filter.

The chamber with tiny perforations also has a plunger you use to hold down and tamp the coffee grounds.

And because this filter pot does not have consumable or non-metal parts, it lasts a long time. To use an Indian filter pot, follow the steps below:

  1. Assemble all the necessary parts.
  2. Pour your coffee grounds into the pot’s top chamber.
  3. Tamp the grounds using the inner plunger.
  4. While the plunger is in place, pour boiling water slowly. This makes brewing your coffee faster.
  5. Close your filter pot and allow it to stand.
  6. It takes 15 to 25 minutes before thick syrupy coffee settles in the pot’s bottom chamber.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Indian Coffee Brands

dstblcr-table__imageBru Instant Coffee
  • Instant Aromatic Coffee
  • Rich Coffee Taste
  • Premium Quality
dstblcr-table__imageRage Organic Instant Coffee Crystals
  • Natural Vitamins & Keto-Friendly
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Turbocharge Your Day
dstblcr-table__imageNescafe Original Instant Coffee
  • Instant Coffee
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Rich and Full Flavoured

Top 5 Best Indian Coffee Brands

Now, let’s talk about five of the best Indian coffee brands you should try. Each one is different from the next, containing its own unique flavors.

Let’s check them out!

1. Bru


  • Uses fresh Robusta beans, so your coffee tastes strong and rich
  • Comes with chicory flavor, so your cup has a more pronounced taste and aroma
  • Versatile, so you can drink it black or add milk


  • Coffee is strong, so we don’t recommend it when you’re a beginner in coffee drinking

A top Indian coffee brand is Bru. It is also the first brand in India to feature instant coffee with a coffee-chicory mix. Bru specializes in utilizing Robusta beans from premium coffee plantations.

Consumers love the versatility of Bru’s instant coffee. You can use this brand to make your favorite plain black coffee or add milk for your espresso fix. With this brand’s rich coffee taste, you will certainly get the caffeine boost you need.

[Check out : Bru]

2. Blue Tokai


  • Roasts beans in small batches, so you know your coffee is freshly made
  • Wide range of blends, so you can choose the coffee that suits your level
  • Comes in sustainable packaging, so it’s eco-friendly


  • It’s not as bitter as traditional Indian coffee, so it might be a good pick for those who are trying Indian coffee for the first time

Blue Tokai is a famous brand among the younger generations in India. Blue Tokai resulted from two Indian locals, Namrata and Matt, and their goal to bring good-quality coffee to Northern India.

This artisan Indian coffee brand quickly became the top-selling coffee in Delhi.

This brand has vast coffee plantations, where coffee roasting takes place twice a week. As a result, Blue Tokai always offers fresh coffee beans.

[Check out : Blue Tokai]

3. Rage Coffee


  • Keto-friendly, so it’s safe to consume when you’re on a keto diet
  • Organic and packed with vitamins, this coffee can give you health benefits
  • Made with premium 100% Arabica beans, giving you well-balanced flavors


  • It’s a premium bean, so the prices are higher
  • Not as strong as coffee with Robusta beans, so it’s not recommended for professional drinkers

Rage Coffee serves as a revolutionary coffee in India. It specializes in making delicious yet healthy instant coffee, ideal for everyone.

This Indian instant coffee brand also offers the world’s first plant-based instant coffee packed with vitamins.

Rage Coffee uses premium 100% Arabica beans locally sourced from the Ethiopian Highlands.

The best thing about this coffee brand is that it offers unique flavors you won’t find elsewhere, including:

  • Mint mocha
  • Vanilla bubblegum
  • Chai Latte
  • Irish hazelnut
  • Butterscotch Delight
  • Sparky orange
  • Creme caramel

Regardless of which you pick, they’re all super tasty!

[Check out : Rage Coffee]

4. Nescafe


  • It’s an affordable brand, so you can still get this even on a budget
  • Good quality scent and flavor, so you get an exceptional coffee-drinking experience


  • It’s very mainstream and not as unique as other coffee brands, so you won’t get niche flavors and nuances

Nescafe, a brand from the famous Nestle corporation, is also one of India’s best coffee brands. It’s the perfect choice for any casual drinker because it’s affordable but still tastes great!

Nescafe offers various blends for making lattes, espresso, and cappuccinos. But the best-selling option is Nescafe Classic, which you’ll find in almost all Indian households.

[Check out : Nescafe]

5. Bili Hu Coffee


  • Offers coffee from manual filters, so you know you’re getting strong coffee
  • Comes in unique and sustainable packaging, so it’s eco-friendly.


  • The coffee’s flavor is strong, so it might not be suitable for beginner drinkers

Bili Hu is an artisan Indian coffee brand that sources its coffee beans from Karnataka. It’s also among the few Indian brands encouraging consumers to try coffee from manual filters. Bili Hu takes pride in manufacturing premium quality coffee from freshly roasted beans.

All coffee blends featured by Bili Hu are of a single origin. This ensures you get the rich and full-bodied coffee aroma and flavor profiles.

[Check out : Bili Hu Coffee]

Choose The Best Indian Coffee Brand For Your Energy Boost

Indian coffee brands guarantee freshness and richness with their coffee blends. If you want to experiment with different flavors in your coffee, try Rage Coffee. They’ve got a number of different types of coffee for you to pick from, so you’ll never get bored.

But if you’re on a budget, Nescafe is your best bet. This coffee brand features affordable coffee options without compromising the quality.

Overall, you will have an excellent coffee-drinking experience when you try any of the brands mentioned. Choose from our list, and have a great time exploring India’s coffee culture!

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