The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers – Get Them Something Special

To love coffee is to incorporate it into your everyday life.

It’s not exactly hard to do, is it? The French Press is a quaint model and looks rather dashing next to your salt and pepper shakers. Bags of specialty coffee slot easily into the cupboards and coffee memorabilia is as easy as a one-two-local gift shop.

Going a step further, predictably enough, is still very easy. Not only do people all over the world consume coffee as a daily staple, but they’re also not shy about showing it off.

Cheer up the coffee lover in your life with a shiny new gift that embraces their passion. Each one will be listed from simple, fancy, and bespoke to ensure that, no matter where you land on a budget, you can show you care.

1. Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are among the most functional and memorable gifts. You don’t even have to be a coffee lover to appreciate them! They come in a nigh-infinite bevy of shapes and sizes, easy to customize, wash, and take with you on cross-state moves. Some collect them and hang them up on the kitchen wall, while others are happy to have one or two they turn to every morning.


Mix and match your coffee lover’s hobbies with these nerdy coffee mugs from Etsy’s Creative Ceramic Shop. Pairing iconic designs with an old-fashioned ceramic finish, these hit several high notes. Game Of Thrones and Star Wars are mixed with delicate designs, all handmade with loving care. Their mugs range from $20 to $24.



It’s easy to go green with beautiful cups like these. I’ve had my eye on Kaffeeform ever since I heard about their fascinating recycled coffee ground kitchenware: these speckled beauties invoke marble or a starry night sky, coming in several reusable varieties.

Even better? These cups come with the gentle scent of coffee baked in. Get a cappuccino cup, espresso cup, or to-go cup for 15€ to €20 ($17 to $24 in USD).



Just because the coffee mug is a common gift doesn’t mean it can’t still be unique. These glazed, ceramic mugs from Etsy’s Contempohome offer two wonderful details in one homely package: not only do they come in a unique ombre finish, but you can also customize them with a name or phrase. Choose a gentle gray or a sweet pink pastel for $33.


2. Grinder

Thinking of gifting your coffee lover delicious specialty beans? You’ll want to make sure they can actually grind them. Coffee grinders are just as diverse as we are, from tiny manual grinders to complex electric models.

Burr grinders are generally better than blade grinders, providing more subtle and accurate results. Keep in mind lifestyle when browsing, too, as some grinders can be easily transported while traveling.


Start off with a solid addition to any kitchen. The Beach Hamilton Store has an affordable electric blade coffee grinder for your budding coffee expert: it boasts low noise and several settings. The standalone version is a great way to get them excited about waking up in the morning.


Hario Skerton Pro has released multiple burr hand grinders over the years, with their most recent version the best they’ve had to offer (and I speak from experience!). You can shift from coarse to fine with a few twists of the knob. While the grinder can get a little jumpy, that’s a literal small price to pay for such a durable creation. Prima Coffee offers it at $53 with quick shipping.



Baratza is a well-known name, famed for its commitment to long-lasting products. If the coffee lover in your life drinks regularly, this electric burr grinder from Seattle Coffee Gear will give them the volume and speed they need. Its meticulous design creates the perfect grounds for the Pour-over, French Press, and Moka pot, all for a solid $140.


 3. Pourover

Like watercolor paints and knitting, the pour-over is elegantly simple and hard to master. It’s easily the most accessible of the coffee brewing family, with a short learning curve and a charming little pot-like design that nestles sweetly with all your kitchen accessories.

It’s the one I use most commonly when I don’t feel like doing extra maintenance, but still want to enjoy the rich flavors of specialty coffee. Make sure to pair your pour-over gift with pour-over-specific filters!


With the pourover, less is more. Seattle Coffee Gear offers the full Hario pourover line-up, from the glass server to the dripper. This Japanese brand is coveted for its low price and commitment to quality, occupying a much-beloved spot on my kitchen shelf. You can get the server and dripper for just $30 (or tack on some pourover filters for $35).



You might’ve seen the Chemex around while browsing. Its minimalist, hourglass-like design is easily recognizable and shows just how fine-tuned the pourover has become. Coupled with a heat-absorbing wooden handle and leather tie, this is a price-for-quality model that can’t be beaten. Seattle Coffee Gear offers the Chemex for $36.



Go from simple to colorful with this galaxy ceramic pourover from Etsy’s Foggy Moon. Coffee aesthetics tend to lean toward the rustic or minimalist, making this twinkling creation stand out all the more. Each one is handcrafted, creating a dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe finish that can’t be duplicated. These currently go for $42.


4. French Press

Get your French fancy on with this elegant little creation. A touch more complex than the pourover while still circumventing a steep learning curve, this was my very first foray into homebrewing. If the coffee lover in your life already has a brewing set-up, it still might be worth getting them another. It’s incredible how much coffee can change depending on how it’s made.


You don’t need to spend a hefty amount for a quality French Press. Amazon’s Veken is a smart match between price and longevity, with a snazzy copper or silver design, to boot. It comes with an extra set of filters and is easy to maintain: just rinse, mop off and set it to the side.


Perhaps a different sort of vintage is more your friend’s style. This French Press from Amazon’s Polivar comes in a marbled kitchenware look, able to blend in easily with your crockpots and clay bowls. It’s no slouch in the quality department, though: it boasts a double vacuum layer, double filter, and stainless steel mesh.


Personalizing a gift transforms it from thoughtful to one-of-a-kind. This French Press from Etsy’s GiftWorks goes the extra mile by offering the traditional design with a custom logo, engravings, or initials. Running at just $33 and made out of safe materials, this is one gift that would definitely put a smile on my face.


5. Moka Pot

When you want to get a finely concentrated brew without shelling out the hefty price for an espresso machine, the Moka pot is the only way to go. It’s designed to push steam through a small cache of grounds, resulting in heavier flavors and a thicker mouthfeel (that’s a coffee term for texture).


It doesn’t get much simpler than the Bialetti. The word iconic doesn’t even begin to describe it: this has been the quintessential brewing method since 1933. Keep in mind the classic design comes in aluminum, which needs to be cleaned and dried thoroughly after each use. Get the 3-cup (that’s espresso shots, not coffee mugs) or the larger 6-cup for slightly more money.


I’ll fully admit to being a little anxious when it comes to food and safety. What can I say, I worked in food service for a few years. As such, a few months back I bought a Moka pot from Début made predominantly out of stainless steel. This is a fine creation whose quality you can feel the second you take it out of the box.


Moka pots are known for offering a small brew with rich flavor. For the families that want to enjoy cups together, the Ilsa Slancio Stovetop Espresso Maker from Seattle Coffee Gear is the ideal size. It’s able to make ten cups at a time on any stovetop (whether it’s induction, gas, or electric). That’s a pretty solid deal for $85.


6. Specialty Coffee

What separates regular coffee from specialty? Quite a lot, actually! The specialty coffee grading scale requires a score of at least eighty, put through rigorous testing that involves flavor notes, aroma, and mouthfeel. Specialty coffee bags are careful to specify the unique details of each coffee lot, right down to the altitude, so you can appreciate the hard work put into your purchase.


Dip your toes into the world of specialty coffee like I did: with a purchase from North Carolina roaster Counter Culture Coffee. They were the first bags I bought when I started homebrewing and, several months later, are a favorite for their complex flavors and powerful aromas. Their Decaf Kuichi is a stunner (with Slow Motion not far behind) and I’m willing to bet the rest of their line-up holds up. Grab a bag for $15 to $18.


Go for broke with a popular roaster that’s earned their solid reputation. I tried La Colombe’s Luna Azul last month and fell in love with its sweet, creamy flavor. They currently offer several coffee packs based on different roast levels. These tasty medium-roast coffees hail from American roasters in Chicago, Fishtown, and Frogtown, going three for $42.



This is one brand I can’t wait to buy from. Bones Coffee Company is impressive not just for their unique range of coffee flavors, but their incredibly charming apparel and merchandise line-up. Get your coffee lover a full package with a bag of flavored coffee, a gorgeous mug, and a stylish t-shirt for $75.


7. Coffee Subscription

Just like wine, coffee has the option of sending freshly roasted (and/or freshly ground) coffee straight to your doorstep. You can choose the amount you want, specify between caffeinated and decaf, and even whittle down to the origin. While this gift might not be the best choice for the occasional drinker, it’s a goldmine for the passionate aficionado.


The Atlas Coffee Club is something I’ve considered checking out more than once. Not only is their $12 a month a great match for tight budgets, their biggest selling point is sheer variety. They offer coffee from Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Uganda…just to name a few. Their offerings aren’t always available, either, making this a unique experience no matter how you customize. …Also, the packaging is just glorious.



I can’t recommend Counter Culture Coffee enough. Their subscription service offers its own perks, with the ability to choose frequency down to the month, as well as which specific bags you want sent. They have quite a few origins to choose from and, of course, a ringing endorsement from yours truly. Gift a subscription for as low as $15 a month to $55 a month.


Take the subscription to the next level with Black Oak Coffee Roasters. They offer several levels based on coffee volume and frequency, with the promise to ensure each one is carefully roasted to perfection. Each one is single-origin and analyzed by a devoted coffee tasting team: get three months for $84, six for $168, or a full year for $336.


8. Accessories

So much goes into coffee, doesn’t it? Filters, scoops, spoons, milk, sugar…that’s not even getting into how you arrange everything. If the coffee lover in your life already is stocked up on brewing methods and coffee, supplementing their passion with accessories is a great way to keep the fuel in their fire burning. Consider pairing these with tea candles or extra filters to round things out.


How specific can you get with coffee accessories? The spoon rest isn’t a bad place to start. I fell in love with these whimsical designs over on Etsy’s PotteryCreationsLRM, their swirling flowers and gentle inkwork a callback to cottagecore. Each one goes for $20 and will pair nicely with just about any kitchenware.



Able to be used for a variety of purposes and impossible to separate from the pourover, the kettle is a homestay in most kitchens. The gooseneck is popular among coffee fans for its thin, elegant spout, offering a finer level of control when pouring. Paired with a copper sheen, it hits just about every high note in the coffee lover’s checkbook. Find the Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle over on Seattle Coffee Gear on sale for $102.



You need a place to put all those accessories, right? Help your coffee lover arrange their mugs, mason jars, and sugar packs with this darling wooden shelf from Etsy’s Fab Shop Decor. It comes with mounting hardware (a huge relief if you’re scatterbrained like me) and boasts a warm, curling wood finish for $116.


 9. Fashion

Coffee-related fashion wavers from brilliantly artful to rather cringeworthy. There are only so many times you see “Death before decaf!” or “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.” shirts before you pull a muscle rolling your eyes. That’s not to say all hope is lost. There are some wonderful coffee designs just waiting to adorn your friend or family member’s closet.


The purse is the ultimate accessory. It safeguards your phone and compliments your outfit in one go. Have it match a cafe order by ordering this coffee bag from Etsy’s Sassy Monsters Couture. Fashioned after the familiar to-go cup and sporting a solid brown neutral, this can fit just about any outfit. The gold chain compliments the whole look nicely: pretty solid for under $20!



A coffee top that doesn’t make me cringe is as fancy as it gets. Circumvent corny phrases for a little love to the latte art that makes those cafe trips worth it. This lovely sweatshirt from Etsy’s Black Bird Supply comes in a soft brown to hearken to a hot mug, sporting a classic white latte art leaf in the middle. For $35 you can make sure the coffee lover in your life has a top that goes with just about everything…just like coffee!



Schools are opening and closing on a whim. Why not stay prepared? This coffee messenger bag from Etsy’s Basmati Bags is functional and stylish, crafted from coffee burlap and outfitted with all the fixings. These are going fast, so grab yours for $123.


10. Music

Coffee without music? You might as well just pull the rug out from under me. Back when I worked as a barista I loved choosing which playlists to put on for the rest of the day grinding, plating, and sweeping. Turning on a song to go with your cup of drip is how I prefer to start the morning…and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone.


Folk is a homestay in American coffee culture. It’s often heard when walking into a cafe and it’s not hard to find live music that leans toward the genre. Elephant Revival is a remarkable folk-acoustic band I stumbled across a few years back, capturing my heart with their mastery of nostalgia. Fall in love with their single ‘The Obvious’ with their CD on Amazon.


Not all headphones have to be tiny buds that practically vanish into your ears. If you want a little fashion to go with those tunes, these sophisticated rose gold headphones from Amazon’s Zihnic Store will go nicely with a cafe study session. They’re foldable, lightweight, and are Bluetooth compatible.


Help the coffee lover in your life fill their living room with beautiful tunes with Echo Plus. I remember being a little skeptical about just how convenient Alexa is until I used my roommate’s model. The sound is crisp, voice commands are easily recognized, and you have a wealth of music and podcasts to listen to with just a word. Amazon currently has a sale on the charcoal, heather gray, and sandstone colors.

 11. Art

What is coffee without a little art? It’s so omnipresent even the act of getting a latte is graced with a decorative touch. So much of the coffee-making process has been recreated in paintings, murals, and fashion, with some even buying coffee brewing methods for the act of displaying them on the shelf. Let’s take things to the next level.


The comfort of walking into a well-furnished kitchen is something everyone should have. With so much coffee art to choose from, these art decals from IncaPrints caught my eye for their perfect simplicity. The print displays rows of coffee mugs filled with a range of graceful patterns, blending modern art with a homely touch. Knit together with a dreamy blue-and-gold color scheme, this is a steal starting at $14 and going higher depending on size.



This is a curious case of an old-fashioned look with a touch of class. This little wooden coffee sign from GJSignDesigns can be tweaked just so, from a rustic ebony to a summery pale wood. The sizes range from $11 to $16.



Invoke the sensation of a cafe right across from your bedroom. This customizable metal coffee sign from Etsy’s Country Lane Living is a fun gift idea for the coffee lover that wants every inch of their passion on display. Choose a small or medium size for $22 or $33.


Coffee is a culture. It’s energy. It’s home.

There’s a reason why the coffee industry is one of the most resilient to economic downturns: it’s an irrefutable part of our everyday lives. While I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine, the daily ritual of grinding, steeping, and mixing is as sure a therapy as any. Sometimes it motivates me to get out of bed more than checking my emails! While many people in the West are cooped up and stressed, homebrewing has only gotten more popular. Coffee is here to stay.

If you or a coffee lover you know could use a few gift ideas, consider linking them to this list. In the meantime, what makes coffee special to you?

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