What are the Different Keurig Cup Sizes?

The Keurig is one of the most popular home coffee machines in the world, and it has helped change the way people buy coffee by using mess-free coffee capsules called pods.

Keurig coffee machines are programmed to pour five different sizes of coffee, and there are enough size and flavor options available to please all coffee enthusiasts.

History of the Keurig Coffee Machine

history of the keurig coffee machine

While it may seem like a fairly modern innovation, the Keurig company has been in business for nearly 30 years, since they were founded in 1992. The first Keurig machines were produced with the intention of office use at large businesses, and the first models hit the market in 1998.

One of the reasons that the original Keurig products were so well suited for office use was their use of single-serve coffee capsules that they named “pods.” These pods were great for individual workers and eliminated the need for the wasteful communal coffee pot.

After finding success in office uses, Keurig rolled out its first machines designed for at-home use in the year 2004. The product found immediate success, and today Keurig pods are sold next to traditional coffee beans at nearly every major grocery retailer in the country.

There are also many different models available on the market today when it comes to Keurig machines, and there are enough different options to suit nearly every coffee enthusiast. There are many different sizes of machines with different features, and there are also more affordable models with basic features.

Keurig Pods and Flavors

keurig pods and flavors

There are many different flavors and styles of Keurig pods on the market today, and having many different options to choose from is the best way to appease the widest audience of coffee enthusiasts.

The Keurig company has partnered with some of the largest coffee brands in the United States to deliver classic and familiar flavors in a new convenient way. There are a number of different familiar options, including selections from Folgers, Starbucks, Dunkin, and more.

By using these strategic partnerships, Keurig has been able to provide nearly every major style of coffee using its devices, and they have also moved on to other beverages. There are also many tea and cocoa options, as well as pods that are designed to make iced beverages.

There is also an automatic subscription service offered by Keurig that many customers use to virtually never run out of coffee under normal circumstances. There are also “smart” Keurig machines that automatically reorder coffee when the stock of pods runs low.

Small Keurig Cup Sizes

small keurig cup sizes

All models of Keurig machines are programmed to pour the standard eight-ounce pour, which is one of the five available pour options on the top machines. The “K-Slim” and “K-Express” are the only models that do not pour any servings smaller than eight ounces.

All other Keurig machines besides the “K-Slim” and “K-Express” are programmed to pour a six-ounce pour of coffee or tea, which many coffee enthusiasts find to be the sweet spot for a more concentrated cup.

There is also one smaller option that is only available with the top-tier Keurig machine. The “K-Supreme Plus” is a premium machine offered by Keurig that is able to produce concentrated four-ounce pours similar to that of espresso machines.

Large Keurig Cup Sizes

large keurig cup sizes

In addition to the standard eight-ounce pour of coffee and the smaller pour options for concentrated beverages, there are also larger pour options for tall cups of coffee, tea, or latte-style coffee drinks.

The 10-ounce pour is available on all models of Keurig machines, and it is considered by many users of the tea-based pods to be the best option for tall cups of steaming hot tea. It is also a great option for those who like a slightly more diluted cup of coffee in the morning.

With the exception of the “K-Express Essentials” machine, every Keurig machine also has the capability to produce a 12-ounce pour. This is one of the most popular options used by many Keurig customers and may find it perfect for filling up larger coffee mugs.


Keurig has grown into one of the largest and most important companies in the coffee business over the past two decades, and they offer plenty of different pod options as well as different machines.

There are five different serving sizes that the best Keurig machines are programmed to pour, allowing for proper ratios with different coffee and tea drinks.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you own and use a Keurig coffee machine, and be sure to let others know which pods and pour size options work best together!