Coffee Brands Starting With R

We all drink it. It comes in a variety of tastes and forms. It’s perfect with a morning discussion or at the end of a tiring day.

Coffee is an ever-present beverage that helps you keep going through the day. With so many types of brands on the market, it can be challenging to find one we like. 

If you’re like me and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and want to buy some new and tasty brands, this article is for you. To assist you, we have made a list of the seven most popular coffee brands starting with R.

Coffee Brands Starting With R

  1. ReAnimator Coffee
  2. Real Good Coffee Co
  3. Red Diamond
  4. Revelator Coffee
  5. Revolver Co-operative
  6. Ricoré
  7. Ristretto

1. ReAnimator Coffee

ReAnimator Coffee is a Philadelphia-based coffee roaster and cafe chain. It has five cafes, four in Philadelphia and one in New York City, and a roasting facility in Kensington. The first location opened in 2014. 

The company offers a variety of coffee types and blends, including instant coffee, single-origin coffee, and blended coffee. They are part of the third wave of coffee movement, which means their beans are typically sourced from individual farms and are roasted lightly to bring out their distinctive flavors.

ReAnimator Coffee prides itself on bringing its customers the best possible coffee experience. From traveling and sourcing its coffees at origin in places like Ethiopia and Guatemala, cupping with broker partners, or roasting and tasting unique coffees.

The ReAnimator Coffee team is driven to learn more about the challenges of producing coffee. They strive to support and sustain the hard work of the communities and families whose livelihoods depend on the planting, harvesting, and processing of coffee.

reanimator coffee
Image: ReAnimator Coffee

2. Real Good Coffee Co

Seattle’s Real Good Coffee Co. is a small business run by people who love good coffee just as much as we do. With over 30 years of experience sourcing coffee and crafting the best roasts, Real Good Coffee Co. cares more about the taste of the coffee than many other labels.

Known as one of the best organic coffee beans available on amazon, Real Good Coffee Co. offers its customers the luxury of choosing from various coffee pod types and whole bean coffee roasts. 

This company can offer excellent coffee at an affordable price by focusing on quality, not presentation. Real Good Coffee Co. doesn’t believe that great coffee has to come at the expense of the environment. Therefore, each single-serve coffee pod is 100% recyclable – enhancing a consumer’s sense of environmental responsibility.

At Real Good Coffee Company, they select and roast only the finest beans. Their unique roasting process brings out the rich flavors so you can savor a bold cup of joe that tastes just as delicious as it smells.

Real Good Coffee Co
Image: Real Good Coffee Co

3. Red Diamond

Red Diamond Coffee is a premium coffee roaster in Thailand. They have been importing and roasting the finest quality coffee beans worldwide for over 20 years.

Red Diamond is a company with a passion for great coffee that has driven them to produce a range of blends roasted to perfection.

A unique range of blends has been carefully selected from across the globe to ensure each cup of Red Diamond Coffee offers an exceptional taste experience.

That said, Red Diamond Coffee Thailand is committed to helping its customers enjoy the ultimate cup of coffee every time they brew at home or in their office.

red diamond
Image: Red Diamond

They have a wide selection of products, including gourmet ground beans, instant coffees, pods, soluble and automatic brewers.


4. Revelator Coffee

revelator coffee
Image: Revelator Coffee

The Revelator Coffee Company is an American coffee roasting company based in Birmingham, Alabama.

In March 2017, Revelator Coffee announced they were acquiring Octane Coffee, Atlanta’s largest coffeehouse chain. They would be keeping the brand alive for usage in their locations. They are committed to sourcing and roasting the best coffees available. 

Revelator Coffee has been around since 2012 and has a solid reputation in the Atlanta coffee scene. The shop is modern and well-designed, with a full barista bar and seating area.

Revelator strives to create a culture of community, conversation, and education centered around their craft – coffee. The coffee is roasted in little batches and sources the highest quality beans. 

5. Revolver Co-operative

Image: Revolver

Revolver Co-operative (also known as revolver world) is a coffee company based in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. They import and market Fairtrade-certified coffee and organic cotton goods. 

The cooperative sources their Fairtrade coffee direct from farms in Brazil, Colombia, Tarrazú in Costa Rica, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The cooperative then reinvests 25% of its profits into the producers’ communities to improve health and education.

Their products are 100% pesticide-free, per EU standards, and ratified by the Soil Association. However, they are not certified by the Vegan or Vegetarian society. Still, they claim that all of their products are vegan neutral.

Reflecting their sustainable stance on making delicious coffee, Revolver Co-operative ensures that none of the products come from areas once deforested for palm oil and that they are conflict-free from mineral extraction or any other conflict.

6. Ricoré


Ricoré, a product of Nestlé, was created in 1963. The instant beverage consists of over 60% chicory, and around a third of the makeup comprises coffee. 

As an instant beverage, chicory is composed of the plant’s roots. The chicory root is dried, roasted, and ground to create a unique powder that complements sweet and savory tastes. Ricoré has begun to increase in popularity due to health-conscious consumers.

Chicory is a healthy alternative to coffee for health-conscious individuals. Chicory offers a unique roasted, caramelized taste that is strong in fiber has 100% plant-based origins, and is naturally caffeine-free and gluten-free.

It can be added to coffee to create a unique taste or be used as a coffee substitute. It is prevalent in dairy products, where it intensifies chocolate flavors.

7. Ristretto Coffee

Image: Ristretto

Ristretto coffee prides itself on sourcing only the finest specialty grade coffee and building long-term relationships directly with growers from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, and Peru.

The Coffee beans are hand-roasted in small-scale batches and with obsessive care that brings out the unique characteristics of each bean.

Ristretto offers its customers some of the best service and support in the industry. Whether ordering, training, deliveries, or engineering support, the in-house teams will help ensure you can provide customers with the best offerings.

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