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Coffee Brands Starting With I

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: April 24th, 2023

There are a lot of different brands of coffee out there, which can make it tough to pick one that you love. However, some of the best cups of coffee are from brands that begin with I!

Ready to find out what they are and what makes them so great? Keep reading to find out the coffee brands starting with I.

List of Coffee Brands Starting With I

  1. I Deal Coffee
  2. IDeal Coffees
  3. Il Caffé
  4. Il Moretto Caffè
  5. Iled Café
  6. Illy Coffee
  7. Imbibe Coffee Roaster
  8. Independence Coffee
  9. Intelligentsia
  10. Intelligent Blends
  11. Intenso Coffee
  12. Iron Bean Coffee
  13. Irving Farm
  14. Island Roaster Coffee Company
  15. Italcaffé
  16. Izzo Caffé

1. I Deal Coffee

i deal coffee
Image: I Deal

A coffee brand from Toronto, Canada, I Deal Coffee uses 100% premium Arabica beans grown at high elevations. They grow their coffee in biodiverse regions without the use of pesticides, so the drink is extra pure. 

This brand supports small sustainable farming, is fair trade, and is Rainforest Alliance Certified. They have a light roast, light-medium roast, medium-dark roast, and dark roast

2. IDeals Coffees

ideal coffee

Although this brand has almost the same name as I Deal Coffee, it’s not the same company. This brand is from Ottawa, also in Canada. They’ve been roasting coffee for over 15 years in small batches. 

The use of small-batch roasting allows them to keep the aroma and the strong taste of the coffee. They produce just a few blends of coffee, including their Costa Rica Blend, Brazilian Espresso, Guatemala medium-dark roast, Prince of Darkness, and Damn Fine Decaf.

3. Il Caffé

il caffé
Image: il Caffé

This Italian brand has been roasting coffee since 1994 and is a restaurant and bar provider known all around their country of origin. 

This company’s mission is to make you feel like you’re drinking a good coffee at a café but from the comfort of your couch. Their shop sells pods, capsules, and coffee machines for your home or office.

4. Il Moretto Caffè

il moretto caffè
Image: il Moretto Caffè

Il Moretto Caffe is an Italian coffee brand that roasts coffee with a strong and creamy flavor. They’re based in Genova, and like many coffee companies in Italy, this brand offers pods and capsule coffee.

That’s because, in Italy, most coffee drinkers have machines that use pods rather than ground coffee! Besides these, they also sell whole beans and ground coffee.

5. Iled Café

iled café

Iled Café is a coffee grown in the volcanic-origin mountains in the region of Tolima, Colombia. This coffee is planted, nurtured, and hand-picked using traditional processes passed down from father to son. 

This brand produces just one kind of coffee, but it’s super tasteful and has a strong aroma. Their blend is a medium roast that works well with any type of coffee machine. 

6. Illy Coffee

This Italian brand of coffee offers one of the best and most well-known espressos in the world. Illy specializes in espresso quality, offering a variety of different flavors. 

Their coffee beans include classic, intense, long, strong, and decaf blends.

7. Imbibe Coffee Roaster

imbibe coffee roaster
Image: imbibe

Imbibe Coffee Roaster is a coffee roastery from Dublin that roasts specialty coffee, 90% of which is organic.

They also have a Zero Waste Initiative, where you can buy a 5kg coffee can of ground coffee, which the company will collect, clean, and replace with a new one when you finish it. 

They have a number of different blends, however their most popular is their single-origin coffee. 

8. Independence Coffee

This roastery based in Texas provides just 100% Arabica beans. You’ll find many different options on the website from flavored whole-bean coffee to single-serve packages.

Their best blends are their office coffee. This is a smooth, easy-to-drink medium roast that tastes great with anything. 

9. Intelligentsia

This well-designed brand of coffee from the USA is always creating innovative products by trying new flavors and combinations to give customers an unforgettable experience. 

They believe that awesome coffee is the result of hard work, skills, curiosity, and commitment to quality. The best thing about this site is that they have a quiz you can take to help you figure out the right blend for you!

10. Intelligent Blend

intelligent blends

This is a Californian brand that allows you to create your own blend of coffee. If you already have a coffee brand and a coffee producer, then you might just need a label and sustainable custom packaging. 

But, if you don’t have one, you can choose from their variety of coffee, teas, vitamins, and flavors to create your blend. This is a great coffee brand for wholesalers who are looking to launch their own business! 

11. Intenso Coffee

intenso coffee
Image: Intenso

This is an Italian coffee brand that provides high-quality and organic coffee. Their Arabica coffee beans come from fair-trade farms in Honduras.

There, they grow their coffee at an altitude of 1000-1600 meters above sea level. That gives a marked acidity and notes of caramel and honey to the coffee. 

They also sell Robusta beans, which come from a family-run organic and fair trade farm in India, in the Western Ghats, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s also one of the places with the most biodiversity in the world.

12. Iron Bean Coffee

iron bean coffee
Image: Iron Bean Coffee

This coffee brand ships its beans right after roasting. That way, they make sure the coffee you’re going to drink is as fresh as possible. 

Their line of coffee is full of different tastes and roasts. However, you might want to try their new Strawberry Feels Forever, which is a natural strawberry-flavored Arabica coffee.

13. Irving Farm

irving farm
Image: Irving Farm

Irving Farm is a coffee house and coffee roaster based in New York that has over 20 years of experience. 

This coffee is roasted to order and shipped to your home, keeping the freshness of the coffee as long as possible to achieve the highest flavor and aroma.

Their blends are balanced and sweet, with striking names that make them more interesting.

14. Island Roaster Coffee Company

island roaster

This coffee company from Florida is a family business that also offers personalized roasts and grinds. They offer medium roast, dark roast, and decaf, with beans that are 100% fair trade and organic. 

You can choose the kind of beans and roast you want and then personalize with the different grinds, like drip, espresso, percolator, and fine. Whichever you pick, the coffee tastes great!

15. Italcaffé

Image: Italcaffé

Italcaffé is one of the many coffee brands in Italy, the birthplace of espresso-style coffee.

Italcaffé has more than 50 years of experience in the roasting industry, and they use the best green beans from Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Check out their Espresso Italiano Royal, Excelso, and Elite, which are top-quality beans that won an International Gold Medal in 2020.

16. Izzo Caffé

This Italian coffee brand has already celebrated its 40th anniversary of producing high-quality and award-winning coffee.

They grow some of the best quality beans in Central and South America to make the perfect creamy espresso with distinguished chocolate notes. 

Check out this brand if you’re looking for some professional-grade Italian coffee machines, too. Or, pick up a bag of their espresso for a delicious brew from the comfort of home.

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