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The 5 Best German Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is among the most popular alcoholic drinks available worldwide. The main ingredients used to make vodka are fruit, potato, and grain with the origin of the beverage being Russia, Poland, and Sweden.

It is made primarily of ethanol from those ingredients and water which is used in the distillation of the beverage.

German vodka brands are based in Germany, with the distilleries spread across the country. Each brand differentiates itself by using different production methods, ingredients, branding, and flavoring.

We are going to look at our top picks of German vodka brands which will hopefully help you choose if you are curious about a new beverage.

Top German Vodka Brands

  1. Kleiner Feigling
  2. Rachmaninoff
  3. Vodka Gorbatschow
  4. Zaranoff
  5. Iordanov Vodka
kleiner feigling
Image: Kleiner Feigling

Kleiner Feigling

Kleiner Feigling was established in 1992 in the German town, of Eckenförde. Since the brand established itself, it has continued to grow, becoming a popular option at parties and music festivals across Europe.

Kleiner Feigling is made using natural figs as a base ingredient which leaves a light fig flavoring after it is bottled. Purified water is added to the mixture, along with yeast.

Kleiner Feigling is sold at an alcohol by volume of 20% (40 proof) with an average price per liter of $25. The clear vodka has strong notes of fig along with the added flavor dictating the taste.

Kleiner Feigling has an original recipe along with seven flavored variations. The vodka is ideal for parties given the range of tastes, making it a fun option for parties and music festivals. The vodka is usually bought in 20 ml bottles and is intended to be drunk as a shooter.

Additionally, you could use it for a fruit-flavored vodka. However, the alcohol content is so low that it is not likely to get you drunk making it a good option for a calm evening when you are looking for an alcoholic beverage to enjoy.


rachmaninoff vodka
Image: fraencko

Rachmaninoff Vodka is named after the Russian composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.

The vodka is sold primarily by a supermarket in Lidl. It is an affordable option that is produced at an ABV of 37,5% to 40% (75 proof – 80 proof). The price point of the vodka is between $10 and $15 per bottle, with the brand suggesting you use Worcestershire sauce along with the vodka to make a Bloody Mary.

The brand has a Lemon infused variation with combined tastes of lemon sherbet, bitter lemon, and a similar taste to lemonade.

The vodka has a clean and smooth taste with hints of vanilla, light honey, and Lily of the Valley. The palate is light and floral with a finish of cream and light copper.

It goes through a triple distillation that removes impurities and leaves a pure and fresh vodka as a result.

Vodka Gorbachev (Wodka Gorbatschow)

vodka gorbachev
Image: Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka Gorbatschow is also known as Vodka Gorbachev. It has been produced in Berlin since 1921. It uses corn as the base ingredient which is added to water and corn.

The brand has 4 variations available for purchase. The original recipe is sold at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 37,5% (75 proof). It is produced using the brand’s original recipe and is sold in 1-liter, 700 milliliter, 200 milliliter, and 100-milliliter sizes. The vodka is also available as a 40ml hip flask.

Vodka Gorbachev is also sold at a 50% ABV (100 proof) which has an intensified taste and alcohol content of the drinks it is added to. It is best used in long drinks, as a shot, or as the main ingredient in a cocktail.

The citrus-flavored variation is sold at an ABV of 37,5% (75 proof) and has a light and fresh taste of lemon. This variation is best used in mixed drinks and as a base for a cocktail.

A special edition vodka was made from fresh Raspberry infusions. It is sold in a 700-milliliter bottle at an ABV of 37,5% (75 proof).

Finally, the brand offers mixed drinks in a can for an easily accessible and enjoyable drink. The flavored options come in Lemon, Maracuja, and Sex on the Beach which are sold at an ABV of 10% (20 proof) in 330-milliliter cans.

It is sold at an ABV of 10% to 60% (20 proof to 120 proof) in 700 ml bottles. The brand has nine variations available to choose from and is an ideal option if you are looking for flavored options.



Zaranoff is a vodka brand that is sold primarily in Belgium, Denmark, and Germany. It is produced by Rückforth GMBH which is based in the Tübingen region of Germany in a town called Rottenburg.

The vodka is created using a method that distills the product three times. There is a misconception that the vodka is of lower quality due to the price point, however, the brand takes great care in creating a quality product at an affordable price point.

It has an average ABV of 37,5% (75 proof) and is sold at an average price of $5 per bottle making it one of the most affordable German vodka brands available on the market.

It is an ideal vodka option to drink as a shot, mostly used at clubs and bars for an affordable choice. Further, it can be used as a base for a Long Island Ice Tea with enough of a kick from the alcohol content to make an enjoyable drink.

Iordanov Vodka

iordanov vodka skull edition lightgold
Image: Iordanov

Iordanov Vodka is a luxury vodka brand from Koblenz town in Germany. The distillery that produces this vodka is among the country’s oldest Distilleries.

Iordanov vodka is a luxury beverage, not just with the price point but the experience of drinking it too. The bottles the vodka comes in are embellished with crystals that add an extra element of luxury to the brand.

The quality of the vodka reflects the rich history of the brand and the extensive process that is involved in producing it. It is not a beverage you take shots with. The price point alone is not worth drinking it as a shot. Similarly, this is not a vodka you add to a cocktail as this would alter the flavor of your drink, missing the point of the vodka.

Iordanov vodka should be drunk neat in a rocks glass as this will allow you to experience the full flavor of the beverage the way it was intended.

Iordanov Vodka has ten different collections available for sale with over 230 flavors available across those collections. Given that it is a luxury brand, the price per bottle is higher than the average bottle of vodka available on the market. the vodka is sold in 300ml bottles with larger-sized bottles available at select distributors.

The collections include the Diamond Skull Edition, Special Edition, Special Black Edition, Country Edition, City Edition, Fun Edition, Fun Black Edition, Club Edition, Neon Edition, and the Eintracht Frankfurt Edition.

Iordanov Vodka is made using 100% winter wheat and de-mineralized water sourced from the Vogelsberg highlands. The water is naturally purified in the highlands, ensuring that it contains no impurities of minerals that may cause a problem when incorporated into the vodka mash.

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