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Absolut Vodka Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Looking for an updated Absolut Vodka price guide? The term “Vodka Belt” may conjure some humorous images depending on the circumstances. It could be a tiny belt that fits perfectly on a bottle of vodka.

It could be a belt someone holds up in an advertisement showing how much weight they lost from making vodka their spirit of choice.

A vodka belt could be a logo-covered belt you earn from sending in enough proofs of purchase to a vodka company (like Camel Cash or Marlboro Miles).

While humorous, those assumptions would be wrong. The vodka belt is a reference to the countries that are known for their production of vodka.

The existence of the vodka belt may be a surprise to some folks who assume that vodka is primarily a Russian beverage. While vodka is huge in Russia, it isn’t the only place.

The vodka belt also includes Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Sweden, in fact, is one of the top consumers and exporters of vodka in the world. This is thanks in no small part to Absolut Vodka. Absolut Vodka is one of the world’s top brands of vodka and spirits in general.

A Brief History of Absolut Vodka

history of absolut vodka

Absolut Vodka, as we know it today was unleashed into the world in 1979. That may be a bit too simplistic.

A bunch of tall blond-haired Swedes didn’t show up to grocery stores around the globe on January 1st, 1979, and start peddling their vodka. There is some history that led to the worldwide release of Absolut Vodka in 1979.

Lars Olsson Smith started the company that would eventually become Absolut in 1879 in Åhus, Sweden. That’s a full 100 years before 1979.

Lars utilized some new techniques in vodka production that resulted in a very pure version of what people were used to. In 1879, his vodka went by the name Absolut Rent Brännvin, which roughly translates to “absolutely pure burn-wine”.

Brännvin, or burn-wine, is a Swedish term that includes vodka and akvavit (also known as aquavit). Burn-wine sounds like an epic drink, but you can see why they decided to use the straightforward “vodka” when going global.

Going global is just what happened with Absolut after a long period of being controlled by the Swedish government following Lars’ death.

Once launched, Absolut Vodka became popular due to a combination of its smooth vodka and its slick marketing campaigns.

Absolut Vodka used an ad campaign that typically showed a bottle of Absolut with some sort of statements like Absolut Attitude, Absolut Original, or Absolut Appeal.

You would be hard-pressed to not see these magazine ads ripped out and plastered on the walls of every college dorm room in the 80s and 90s. Absolut was purchased in 2008 by the Pernod Ricard beverage company.

Pernod Ricard also owns Chivas Regal, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Malibu Coconut-Flavored Rum. Absolut Vodka is still produced in Sweden.

Vodka is commonly thought to be made from potatoes. While vodka can be made from potatoes, it can also be made from corn, wheat, grapes, or rice. Absolut Vodka is made with winter wheat.

The winter wheat is mixed with water and yeast and is heated to create a mash. The mash is then fermented and strained to remove solids to get ready for distillation.

The distillation process purifies and concentrates the alcohol. Absolut Vodka uses continuous distillation, which means the vodka is distilled an infinite number of times. Wow!

Once distilled, the crystal clear and pure vodka is filtered, diluted, flavored (if applicable), and put into the iconic Absolut Vodka bottles.

Absolut Vodka Price, Variations & Sizes

absolut vodka variations

Absolut Vodka is best known for its flavored vodkas starting with Absolut Peppar, and rightfully so. Absolut also offers the original non-flavored vodka, a more premium vodka, and more recently some canned vodka cocktails and sodas.

Type Sub-Type Proof ABV Size Average Price
Absolut Vodka 80 40% 375 ml From $11.99
750 ml From $18.99
1.75 L From $29.99
Flavored Absolut Vodkas Absolut Watermelon

Absolut Grapefruit

Absolut Lime

Absolut Citron

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Raspberri

Absolut Vanilla

Absolut Peach

Absolut Kurant

Absolut Peppar

Absolut Pears

Absolut Mango

Absolut Berri Açaí

80 40% 375 ml From $11.99
750 ml From $18.99
1.75 L From $29.99
Absolut Juice Strawberry, Apple, and Pear & Elderflower 70 35% 750 ml From $19.99
Absolut Elyx 84.6 42.3% 375 ml From $25.99
750 ml From $35.99
1.75 L From $69.99
Absolut Cocktail Absolut Mango Mule

Absolut Grapefruit Paloma

Absolut Berry Vodkarita

7-10% 4 Pack 12 Ounce Cans From $11.99
Absolut Vodka Sodas Lime & Cucumber

Raspberry & Lemongrass

Grapefruit & Rosemary

5% 4 Pack 12 Ounce Cans From $11.99


Absolut Vodka Alternatives and Comparisons

absolut vodka alternatives

Whether you are looking for Swedish vodka, flavored vodka, or any vodka you have options even if you find yourself without access to a bottle of Absolut Vodka.

Svedka is another popular brand of Swedish Vodka that has a global distribution. It is typically a little less expensive than Absolut Vodka but also offers flavored and non-flavored options.

Even though Absolut Peppar is recognized as the first mass-marketed flavored vodka, it certainly wouldn’t be the last. In addition to Absolut and Svedka, many other brands have entered the flavored vodka game.

You have Ketel One, Effen, and Cîroc as mid to high-priced flavored vodkas. Pinnacle, Deep Eddy, and Smirnoff are some other mid to low-priced options.

How to Drink Absolut Vodka

how to drink absolut vodka

Non-flavored Absolut Vodka can be used in any cocktail that calls for good vodka. It’s also great neat, chilled, or mixed with soda water and lime.

Flavored Absolut Vodka can be used in the same way as the non-flavored version, but some of the flavors have specific applications. Absolut Peppar, for instance, really shines as the liquor in a Bloody Mary.

Absolut Citron stands out when mixed with lemonade.

Vodka can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, but it isn’t necessary. Due to its high alcohol content, it can be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Absolut Vodka gluten-free?

Non-flavored Absolut Vodka is naturally gluten-free. Even though the base grain for Absolut Vodka is wheat, the distillation process removes all gluten.

Absolut Vodka does warn that they can’t guarantee their flavored vodkas have no trace of allergens, but they do require that their flavor producers declare all allergens.

2. Is Absolut Vodka vegan?

Yes, Absolut Vodka products are vegan. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some liquors use animal bone in their filtration process. Absolut has confirmed that they do not use bone chars in their processes.

3. What cocktails can I make with Absolut Vodka?

Moscow Mule

  • 1 ½ Parts Absolut Vodka
  • ½ Part Lime Juice
  • Ginger Beer
  • 1 Lime Wedge
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fill a copper mule mug with ice cubes.
  • Add Absolut Vodka and lime juice before topping with ginger beer and garnishing with a lime wedge.

Espresso Martini

  • 1 ⅓ Parts Absolut Vodka
  • ⅔ Part Kahlúa
  • ⅔ Part Espresso
  • 3 Whole Coffee Beans
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and all liquid ingredients.
  • Shake well, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with coffee beans.

Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary

bloody mary cocktail

  • 1 ½ Part Absolut Peppar
  • 2 ½ Parts Tomato Juice
  • 3 Dashes of Hot Sauce
  • 2 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • ⅙ Part Lemon Juice
  • ⅙ Part Lime Juice
  • 1 Pinch of Ground Black Pepper
  • 1 Pinch of Salt
  • 1 Stick of Celery (Garnish)
  • 1 Wedge of Lemon (Garnish)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes before adding all non-garnish ingredients.
  • Stir, pour into a highball glass, and garnish with the lemon wedge and celery stick.

Interesting Facts & Myths

Absolut Rainbow has the most colorful bottle in the Absolut Vodka collection. As a result, you may think that it is part of the Absolut flavored vodka collection. What does a rainbow taste like?

Maybe Funfetti or some other fun cake flavor? Nope, Absolut Rainbow contains the non-flavored version of Absolut Vodka. Absolut Rainbow was released to be a celebration in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Absolut Rainbow is a collaboration artist, Gilbert Baker, who is credited as the designer of the original Rainbow flag. Absolut Rainbow started as a special release but has since been added to the permanent production line.

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