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The 5 Best US Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is among the top-selling alcoholic beverages available on the market, worldwide. A beverage distilled from grains, fruits, and/or vegetables, it is refreshing and strong alcohol that is used in cocktails, mixers, or enjoyed neat.

The United States of America has various alcoholic beverage producers that create a range of beverages including beer, whiskey, vodka, and tequila. Among those brands are several that produce vodka primarily.

We are going to look at some of the best US vodka brands in this article to give you a feel for what is available on the market.

List of the Top US Vodka Brands

  1. Skyy Vodka
  2. Square One Organic
  3. Hangar 1 (One) Vodka
  4. Boyd & Blair Vodka
  5. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Deeper Look at the Top US Vodka Brands

1. Skyy Vodka

skyy vodka
Image: Ivan Chang

Skyy Vodka was established in 1992, in San Francisco by Maurice Kanbar. In 2006, the brand was sold to the Gruppo Campari company which owns several alcoholic beverage brands.

The vodka is made from purified water and grains that are combined to produce the grain mash. It is then distilled four times to turn the natural sugars into alcohol, after which it is filtered three times to produce a pure and refreshing beverage.

To create the Skyy Vodka Infusions, natural flavoring is added after the distillation process has been completed. This allows the flavoring to naturally blend into the vodka mixture, creating flavored options. These infusions can be used as a base for a cocktail or mixed with soda for a mixer.

There are several products available from the brand. The original recipe vodka can be bought in 750 ml, 1-liter, and 1,75-liter bottles while the infusions are sold in 750 ml bottles.

There are ten infusions available from the brand which include: Georgia Peach, Dragon Fruit, Pineapple, Moscato Grape, Blood Orange, Citrus, Raspberry, Wild Strawberry, Cherry, and Passion Fruit.

Skyy Vodka can be drunk as a shot or as the base for a cocktail. The average alcohol by volume (ABV) of the brand is 35% – 40% (70 – 80 proof) and is sold at an average price of $20 – 25, while the infusions can be bought for $12 – $17.

2. Square One Organic Vodka

square one organic vodka
Image: Dominic Lockyer

Square One Organic Spirits were founded by Allison Evanow and is a female-owned spirits company. It was founded with the mission of creating alcoholic beverages in a sustainable fashion that is innovative and new.

The cocktails, spirits, and mixers developed by the brand are made with grains and plant botanicals that are organic and USDA-certified. 100% organic American-grown rye is used as the base ingredient of the beverages which is combined with organic yeast and purified water from the Teton Mountains.

Organic fruits and herbs are used to infuse vodka to create flavored variations that avoid artificial flavoring and sweeteners. This maintains the organic element of the spirits developed by Square One Spirits.

The original variation is a premium spirit with a medium body and a silky, nutty taste. Square One Cucumber is a refreshing infusion that is ideal for cocktails while the Botanical variation has notes of florals, fruit, and herbal botanicals.

Other flavors available from the brand are Basil and Bergamot which have notes of fresh basil from four basil plants and citrus elements of tangerine, oranges, and mandarin respectively.

Square One Organic Vodka can be bought for an average price of $33 (excluding tax) per 750-milliliter bottle at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% (80 proof).

3. Hangar One Vodka

hangar one vodka
Image: Buzz Andersen

Hangar One is a California-based vodka brand that was established in 2002. The original Hangar One Straight Vodka is made using grapes and grains as the base ingredients. It has tasting notes of Asian pear, florals, and honeysuckle. Midwestern grains and fine grapes create a lightly fruity, balanced vodka.

Hangar One has Botanical Seltzers available for purchase. Makrut Lime has bold flavors of lime which are combined with notes of white pepper, cucumber, and wood.

Buddha’s Hand Citron has a complex flavor profile of citrus with low acidity. The seltzer has tasting notes of jasmine, apricot, and basil making for a refreshing and sweet flavor.

Mandarin Blossom is made using Mandarin orange blossoms which are fragrant and have light notes of fresh mandarin. Tasting notes of rosewater, honey, and satsuma round out the flavor profile.

The Honeycomb Seltzer is infused with honeycomb making for a versatile finish. With tasting a nose of crème Brulee and warm beeswax candles, the taste of the beverage is warm and velvety.

Finally, the Rosé flavor has notes of sweet pea blossoms, crisp apples, and a hint of oak. The finish has a silky and soft taste of cranberry making it ideal for sipping or as a base for cocktails.

Hangar One vodka can be bought at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% (80 proof) at an average price of $30 per 750 ml bottle. The seltzers are priced between $28 and $34 per 750 ml bottle.

4. Boyd & Blair Vodka

boyd & blair vodka
Image: boyd & blair vodka

Boyd & Blair vodka was established in 2008 in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania. It is distilled by Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries and is led by master distiller, Barry Young.

Locally sourced Pennsylvania potatoes are used as the base ingredient to the vodka and are sourced from Butler, Somerset, and Schuylkill counties.

The original vodka is sold in 750 ml bottles for $33 with a smooth and semi-sweet taste. This vodka is unflavored at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% (80 proof) and is filtered through charcoal to remove any impurities from the finished beverage.

Coper bot stills are used during production to convert the natural sugars in the potatoes into alcohol.

It has tasting notes of fruit, mineral water, and light vanilla. Due to the expressive juice flavoring, it is an ideal option for cocktails as well as being drunk neat (without ice) and on the rocks (with ice).

5. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

tito’s handmade vodka
Image: mary hodder

Tito’s Handmade Vodka was established in 1997 by Tito Beveridge. It is produced and distilled in Austin, Texas using old copper pot stills. The vodka is produced using yellow corn as a base ingredient, making the distilled beverage gluten-free. Each batch of vodka is taste-tested to ensure quality control across its production.

The price point of the brand puts it in the middle, with an average price of $20 to $30 per bottle. It is a good option for a vodka-based cocktail, drunk neat or on the rocks, and combines well with other flavors for a refreshing mixer.

Their main product offering is Tito’s Handmade Vodka (using the original recipe) which is available in 375 ml at $11, 750 ml at $20, 1 liter at $25, and 1,75-liter bottles for $35 per bottle.

Tito’s Vodka is infused with a combination of peppers, berries, and toasted pecans to give off its initial flavor. The brand has several infusion recipes available for you to create your flavored vodka using Tito’s as a base.

Rather than attempting to create infusions that may affect the taste of the original recipe, Tito’s offers these infusion recipes so that you can flavor it how you wish and make a taste that is unique and delicious to you.

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