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A Guide to Wine Tasting in Indiana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

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The Indiana wine scene is about as diverse as you can get. The terroir is unique in that it can host many different types of grapes successfully.

You’ll find quite the variety all over the state, and the landscape is pure beauty meaning there is plenty of chance to indulge in wine tasting in Indiana.

Wine Tasting in Indiana

  1. Oliver Winery & Vineyards
  2. Two EE’s Winery
  3. Whyte Horse Winery
  4. Brown County Winery
  5. Mallow Run Winery
  6. French Lick Winery
  7. Tonne Winery
  8. Turtle Run Winery

1. Oliver Winery & Vineyards

oliver winery
Image: oliverwinery

When I first saw the name of this vineyard, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. My son’s name is Oliver, so I know that anything named Oliver has to be good!

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Oliver is the state’s oldest and largest winery. With over 50 types of wines, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful vineyard.

When a law professor at Indiana University decided to make wine as a hobby in the 1960s, his vineyard flourished quickly into something worthy of commercial use.

This winery is located in the Indiana Uplands AVA and William Oliver played a substantial part in making small commercial wineries legal in Indiana.

The people who work at Oliver love their jobs, and it shows. You’ll walk away loving not only the winery, but the staff who feel like family.

In addition to their tasting room, they also have a shop with gifts and merch. Who doesn’t love some souvenier merch? Take a tour, or purchase the picnic package, like I did, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the grounds. Booking what Oliver calls an Experience will make you feel like you’re the VIP.

Nearby Bloomington offers the Miller Park Zoo and other family destinations. Be sure to check out the Bloomington Ice Center, go paddle boating, and play a competitive game of mini-golf!

2. Two EE’s Winery

two ees winery
Image: twoees

This swanky winery in Huntington is one of the newest in the state. Eric and Emily (the two EEs) opened their doors in 2013 and got married on the property a year later.

Their passion for winemaking comes from Emily’s dad, who was always a hobby winemaker.

This passion grew into a rustic but modern winery with a beautiful view. The barrel room is open and welcoming, with long farm tables for their guests to enjoy.  T

he grounds are perfect for an afternoon picnic lunch or an evening of live music and wine. They frequently have food trucks onsite as well.

Two EE’s strives to keep a full calendar with events open to the public. Movie nights on the lawn, dancing, and live music are just a few of the things you can enjoy when you visit. You can also book the winery for private events.

Don’t forget to visit the Board & Brush Creative Studio in Roanoke for a DIY wood sign workshop.

3. Whyte Horse Winery

whyte horse winery
Image: whytehorsewinery

I’m a history nerd who loves Thomas Jefferson, so whenever I see something even remotely close to something called Monticello, I have to check it out. This winery is in Monticello, Indiana, and it didn’t disappoint. Can you say wine slushie?

It was the perfect summer treat, made from any award-winning varietal, including red, rose, and white. There are festivals when it’s warm outside and a variety of indoor activities when it’s cold.

Wine After Work features live music and charcuterie boards alone with your glass and a September car show really brings the crowds to the winery.

Their whyte horse vineyard is offsite, but a gorgeous handmade tasting bar gives you plenty to admire as you enjoy your tasting.

4. Brown County Winery

brown county winery
Image: browncountywinery

Nashville isn’t just in Tennessee! This winery is located near the Brown County State Park, which is known for its gorgeous rolling hills and its striking similarity to the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Brown County Winery has a phenomenal fortified Chateau Gnaw Bone Black Raspberry wine that I simply can’t get enough of.

There’s nothing spectacular about the decor here, but the wines are to die for, and the scenery is beyond compare.

The perfect time to visit is in the fall when the foliage is gorgeous and the spiced red wine is in stock. It’s the perfect autumn treat.

If you like seasonal wines, you’ll want to visit at least once every season to see what’s new, like their famous summer sangria.

5. Mallow Run Winery

mallow run winery
Image: mallowrun

Just 20 miles south of downtown Indianapolis, the Mallow Run Winery is a great place to spend an afternoon. They have a summer picnic concert series with free admission that offers something everyone will like, whether it’s wine or music.

Tastings are complimentary and they welcome all ages into the tasting room, to lounge on the deck, or to picnic in the lawn. Even better, they’re pet friendly in outdoor spaces, and they even have a winery dog named Henry.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this winery is that you can travel to Spain and Portugal with them. They’re putting a group together for October 2022!

If you’d rather stay on U.S. soil, the Wine at the Line 5K is a fun way to get involved.

When you’re not visiting the winery, there’s plenty to do in Indianapolis, including a children’s museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, White River State Park, and of course, the Speedway.

6. French Lick Winery

french lick winery
Image: frenchlickwinery

With a name like French Lick, you’re bound to attract some attention. This winery is located in French Lick, Indiana, which is home to a number of mineral springs.

The winery’s 8-acre vineyard was the first in Indiana to feature Norton grapes, which happen to be the official state grape of Missouri. It’s uncommon to find this grape in many other places.

They also make Cabernet Franc, Catawba, Cayuga, Chambourcin, Noiret, Steuben, Tannat, Traminette, and Vidal varietals. If you’re looking to ditch the typical wines you’ll find everywhere else, you’ve come to the right place.

An onsite Italian restaurant offers a beautiful view of the vineyard and fine dining. The gift shop sells apparel and wine accessories.

One mile from the winery is the French Lick Resort featuring two luxurious hotels. You also don’t want to miss the French Lick Scenic Railway, offering experiences like the Dinosaur Adventure Train, scenic rides, dinner trains, cocktail trains, and tasting trains.

7. Tonne Winery

tonne winery

Tonne rhymes with sunny, and anything that rhymes with sunny should brighten anyone’s day! Just five short years after the winery opened, it won Winery of the Year from The Indy International Wine Competition.

The owners have backgrounds in horticulture and food science, which seems to be working well for them.

They have 19 wines, several craft beers, and they’ll even make you a wine or beer slushie.

Be sure to enjoy some truffles in a variety of flavors like caramel, peanut butter, raspberry, or key lime pie. If you need something a bit more substantial, charcuterie boares are available as well.

While you’re in the Delaware County Seat, visit the children’s museum and the National Model Aviation Museum.

8. Turtle Run Winery

turtle run winery
Image: turtlerunwinery

Turtle Run Winery is beyond adorable. The owners, Jim and Debbie, live on site in a renovated farmhouse that was built in 1874.

The winery is named after the number of turtles they found running around the property when they first purchased it. Now, they pride themselves on being a friendly haven for any turtle that decides to stay.

The vineyard features 16 acres of grapes, and the tasting room has an old-world feel with its brick walls and hardwood floors.

Be sure to try their Norton, a dry red wine that’s become a customer favorite. They also have a cabernet franc, chambourcin, and vignoles.

Jim is the primary winemaker and he is vocal about leaving additives out of his wines. None of their wines have any liquid oak, added sugar, or powdered tannins that are so commonly used in modern winemaking.

When you need a break from wine tasting, pop across the border and visit Churchill Downs or visit any of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

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