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The 8 Best Wines of Mallorca, Spain

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

The island of Mallorca (also called Majorca) is a part of the Balearic Islands near the eastern coast of Spain.

It is an international vacation spot where travelers can appreciate the Michelin-rated cuisine, beautiful beaches and wine from the island’s indigenous grapes.

Most visitors praise Mallorca along with Los Baleares of the four Balearic Islands.

History of Mallorca

vineyard in mallorca

During ancient Rome, the island became famous when Pliny the Elder gave a raving review of its wine. Wine became one of the popular imports in the Eternal City. Nevertheless, its popularity eventually faded from its celebrated Roman Empire days.

Historically, the island was an ocean trading route with a complete winemaking history. During the 19th century, a phylloxera infestation swept through, destroying the vineyards and the primary source of income. Other crops, such as almond trees, replaced the grapevines.

Of late, wine producers in Mallorca have planted new vineyards, the island concentrates on quality and indigenous grapes blended with popular international varieties to create memorable wines of Mallorca.

blue grapes in a vineyard mallorca

Terroir and Climate

An expansive island, you will discover the Serra de Tramuntana and Serra de Alfabia, tall mountain ranges, rolling hills, vast extending flat areas, and vineyards near the sea. The environment influences the structure of the wine, such as alcohol level, acidity, and tannins.

The tall mountain ranges acted as a barrier to the chilly winds from the north, keeping the warm conditions ripe for wine grapes. Gently rolling slopes are where most vineyards grow, called the plateau of hills in the highlands.

Here, you have limestone soil that holds moisture, which is essential for the grapevines during the scorching summers. It is the summers that are the most difficult for grape production.

Binissalem region in Mallorca is the first official DO title and the first wine region off of the Spanish Mainland. It is a high-altitude region in Mallorca that is sometimes synonymous with wine production on the island.

In 1990, the terroir received its Denominaciones de Origen (DO), meaning the area proved its terroir, climate, and altitude classification for Spanish wines. In 1999, the wine produced arrived at Pla I Llevant, a lower-altitude region with DO.

These two DO regions harvest famous international grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. The areas also grow Manto Negro the indigenous red variety known for its light color and a pleasant aroma.

glass white wine mallorca

Grapes of Mallorca

Moll is a native white wine often blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Winemakers blend indigenous varieties with international wine grapes.

That way, tourists are familiar with the taste of a wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah to help them feel comfortable imagining the taste and structure of the wine.

Moll produces a pale-yellow hue with intense fruit aromas and palate, crafting a neutral but refreshing style. White and rose wines favor early consumption, though a few have undergone barrel-aged and are worth trying.

Mallorca white wines have a diverse expression based on the craft of the blend. Usually, you will find a highly aromatic, medium-bodied and high acidity. Growing in high altitudes causes high acidity in the white grape wines.

A thick-skinned grape like a Syrah or Merlot mixed with thin-skinned native red, Manto Negro, gives the blend more structure, color, and tannin. Then, the winemakers age the wine in French oak barrels, giving the wine even more texture.

However, the Manto Negro wine has aged vintages, earning it significant respect from wine lovers abroad and in Spain.

In fact, the red wines made in Mallorca blended with international wines have firm tannins, high acidity (caused by high altitude), and are full-bodied with black fruit aromas like black cherry and blackberry.

Mallorca hosts a well-known grape harvest festival in the Binissalem region. It is called “Festa Des Vermas,” held annually every September. The festival lasts two weeks, including food battles, music and wine showers.

The Top Wines of Mallorca, Spain

1. Finca Biniagual Gran Veran – Manto Negro and Syrah

finca biniagual gran vera
Image: Finca Biniagual

Bodega Biniagual rests on 34 hectares (84 acres) with 148,000 vines. The vineyard takes pride in growing native grapes like Manto Negro. They believe “Good wine is made on the fields, not in the winery.”

The Gran Veran has limited production, with the winery selecting the best grapes from their Manto Negro and Syrah vineyards. The wine ferments in French oak barriques and steel tanks with the lactic acid fermentation happening in the oak barrels.

Gran Veran is their star wine with a complex nose, and notes are fruity with stewed plums. Spicy licorice and pepper combined with eucalyptus, coffee and leather offer a noble and velvety palate, as an extended ending with soft, round tannins, sophistication and chocolate finish.

2. Jose L. Ferrer Crianza – Rare Red Blend

jose i ferrer crianza wine
Image: Vinos Ferrer

Jose L. Ferrer winery grows wine grapes and crafts wine in the appellation region of Binissalem, dating back to 1931. The vineyard even grows local Manto Negro and Moll organically, while not all their wine grapes are organic.

Manto Negro, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Callet and Syrah combine nicely to make this rare red blend. Crianza is the symbol of Mallorca from 1931 to now, with the characteristic touches of the Manto Negro variety of Binissalem.

The wine undergoes lactic acid fermentation in their 1931 concrete tanks, aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels until bottled, where the aging may last for 24 months.

Here you have a deep rich red with violet reflections and aromas of balsamic, wild red fruits and roasted nuances. You might sense undergrowth, nuts and hints of cocoa. The balance is fresh, with an evolution on the palate of fruit and balsamic becoming appreciated.

Some call the wine well-structured, robust and a standout finish with spicy sensations, licorice and toast memories. Lamb goes with this natural red, though red meat and pasta are not a bad idea.

Crianza has won several honors, such as Berlin Wine Trophy Gold Medal, Mundus Vini Gold Medal and Concurso International de Vinos Bacchus De Oro.

3. Jose L. Ferrer Blanc de Blancs – Rare White Blend

jose l. ferrer blanc de blancs
Image: Vinos Ferrer

Here you have Jose L. Ferrer’s most traditional white blend since 1947. The winery uses the freshness of the island’s Moll with Chardonnay, Moscatel and others.

Chardonnay begins the harvest in the first two weeks of August and ends with the yield of the native Moll during the last week of September.

The yellow color and green reflections come bright and glyceric. Its aroma is intense with richness. Add notes of noble herbs, fruits and flowers with a blunt to white rose.

The acidity arrives with a tropical balance, fresh and hints of fruit with citrus notes. On the palate, it’s smooth, developing with a persistent and pleasant finish.

Blanc de Blancs goes well with seafood, fish, poultry and salads. You can find a bottle in a few European stores, listing 2019, 2020 and 2021 vintages.

4. Maci Batle Anada Reserva Privada – Rare Red Blend

maci batle anada reserva privada
Image: Macia Batle

Maci Batle is rich with winemaking history, producing wine first in 1856 in Biniali. In 1997, the descendants continued the tradition by building their wineries in Santa Maria del Cami. Then, in 2003, Sebastia Rubi purchased the wineries. 

Over time, Maci Batle has collected 300 awards and recognitions, making it the most awarded winery on the island. 

Anada 2015 is a blend of the native Manto Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The color has red cherry with violet shades, a bright appearance, and the aroma holds forest fruits and blackberries with smoked and spicy backgrounds. Your palate will have an intense mouth, combining tannins with oak. 

Anada goes well with lamb, red meat and pasta.

5. Tianna Negre Ses Nines Seleccio – Rare Red Blend

tianna negre ses nines seleccio
Image: Tianna Negre

Tianna Negre labeled its first wine Ses Nines to show their beloved mother playing in the streets of her hometown, Consell. The winery began in 2004, with the first vintage in 2007.

The family’s purpose is to create elegant wines, developing the best of Mallorca with a renewed vision of the future. 

Ses Nines Seleccio is the epitome of the winery’s goal of supporting the island and building a solid future. The intent is to use organic grapes, as shown in this red blend that uses Manto Negro, organic Syrah, Merlot and Callet. 

After an elaborate fermentation process, the wine has a garnet color with a medium-high color. It has an intense aroma with strong balsamic notes and liquored red fruit. 

It’s lively on the palate with a prominent Mediterranean character. It also includes a broad middle palate that has well-structured tannins. The long aftertaste rewards with soft roasting notes. 

Ses Nines Seleccio goes well with roast beef and red meat stews.

6. Ca’n Verdura Viticultors “Son Agullo” – Manto Negro

can verdura viticultors son agullo
Image: Vinscan Verdura

Ca’n Verdura is a continuation of six generations of working, cultivating and harvesting the vineyards. The winery upholds that, with Manto Negro, they can make wines with excellent personality and representation.

Winemaker Tomeu Llabres crafts Son Agullo with 100 percent Manto Negro fermentation in open French oak barrels for ten months.

Next is a month of stainless-steel tanks, then bottled, standing four months in controlled temperatures. The process produces 1280 bottles.

Son Agullo is the highest-priced Manto Negro wine in Mallorca. Thanks to the wine from 60-year-old vines, the red offers a tasting of a bygone era from the indigenous grape. Here you have a world-class wine of high value as an exciting wine.

The red wine goes well with lamb, red meats, stews and pasta.

7. Jose L. Ferrer Veritas Blanc – Moll and Chardonnay

jose l ferrer veritas blanc
Image: Vinos Ferrer

Jose L. Ferrer wines keep winning, ending up on many best or most popular wine lists. The Veritas Blanc fits the occasion as a buttery white wine because of aging in barrels for three months.

Moll and Chardonnay blend gives a yellow colour with green hues, bright and clean appearance. Tropical fruit aromas include banana and white fruit with light balsamic, vanilla, spicy notes, and coconut.

On the palate is a refreshed and soft beginning, balanced acidity while intense, highlighted with creamy textures, citrus, fruit, butter notes and yeast.

Veritas Blanc garnered many acknowledgments, from Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Medal to Mundus Vini Gold Medal twice for vintages 2008 and 2012 and Concurso Internacional de Vinos Bacchus Bacchus De Plata.

The white blend goes well with poultry and baked fish.

8. Ca’n Verdura Viticultors Supernova Moll – Moll

can verdura viticultors supernova moll
Image: Vinscan Verdura

Here Ca’n Verdura brings 100 percent Moll, Supernova Moll, from winemaker Tomeu Llabres. The winery ferments the wine in French oak barrels, aging for five months in their lees. Lees removals occur gently every three days, producing 13500 bottles.

Supernova Moll is the highest-priced moll win in the Binissalem region and growing in popularity. The colour of bright straw with a greenish rim. The nose is fresh fruit, scrubland, citrus fruit and spicy. A balanced palate gives you good acidity with fruit and delicately bitter notes.

The tropical and balanced wine goes well with poultry, fish and salads.

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