Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews

So you want a new wine cooler! Whether this is your first wine cooler or your nth one, it’s always a somewhat daunting process. There’s just so much you have to understand! During your research, many brands would pop up, one of which might be Kalamera. You might be interested in their coolers and want to know more about them. If so, we’ve got your back. Here are some extra special Kalamera wine cooler reviews for you!

ProductCapacityNumber of ZonesInstallationKey Feature

Kalamera KRC-18SZB Wine Refrigerator

30 BottlesSingleFreestanding/ Built-inCompact countertop cooler

Kalamera KRC-46DZB Wine Refrigerator

46 BottlesDualFreestanding/ Built-inGreat for wine lovers with a preference for reds

Kalamera K4-66DZB Wine Refrigerator

66 BottlesDualFreestanding/ Built-inDurable dual-zone with French doors

Kalamera KRC-157DZB Wine Refrigerator

157 BottlesDualFreestanding/ Built-inLarge capacity cooler for short and long-term storage

Kalamera KRC-52SZF Wine Refrigerator

50 BottlesSingleFreestandingMedium capacity cooler for solo living

An Introduction to Wine Coolers

In case this is your first time exploring the wine cooler world, here are a few basics that you should know. These will help you navigate the wine cooler world much, much, easier.

Coolers come in many different sizes and capacities. Most likely, you started this wine cooler journey because you have a growing wine collection. Capacity is probably the main thing you’re thinking about— and for good reason! One good tip to remember is to always be generous with capacity.

It isn’t good to get a hundred bottle capacity for your 15-bottle collection, even if you do aspire to get to that size one day. Doing that will unnecessarily overwork your cooler. Instead, it’s recommended that you get a cooler which can hold 20% more than the number you have now. It’s a specific percentage but, in essence, it’s ensuring that you’ll have enough room to grow.

Room to grow is important and it’s important to remember that wine cooler capacities are based on the standard Bordeaux size. Storing wider wine bottles will decrease the capacity. Better to get a slightly bigger cooler than an unexpectedly smaller one, right?

Another thing to know about wine coolers is the number of cooling zones— single, dual, and multi-zone coolers. Single-zone coolers are the most common and more affordable, while dual-zone coolers allow for more wine variety. Multi-zones are usually reserved for larger coolers, for more cooling temperature variety. However, dual and multi-zones are known to break down sooner than single-zones and require more maintenance.

Behind each zone are cooling systems. There can be compressor or thermoelectric cooling systems. Compressor cooling systems are more common and can go down to very low temperatures. Unfortunately, they usually run with some noise. Thermoelectric coolers, on the other hand, run quietly and consume less energy. However, these can’t regulate lower temperatures as effectively, especially in warm climates.

Wine coolers can be installed in two different ways. Built-in to your cabinetry (or under your kitchen counters), or freestanding and used as a standalone. Built-ins usually have front-facing ventilation, while freestanding coolers can be placed wherever, as long as there’s room to breathe.

The last thing to learn about wine coolers is the design. Both exterior and interior design factors can contribute to the proper preservation and care of your wine collection if done well. Interior factors include shelving, light, and control panels, while exterior factors can be door frames, window choices, door locks, and cooler frames.

Fun Stuff About Kalamera Wine Coolers

Now you know all those wine cooler basics, you’re probably wondering ‘what makes Kalamera and their coolers so special?

For starters, Kalamera is a popular brand that designs wine and beverage coolers, as well as special portable freezers for travel. They started this journey because they noticed the lack of quality wine coolers on the market that come at accessible prices. Since then, Kalamera has developed a durable and cost-effective cooling technology and has become a go-to for the wine-loving world.

This isn’t to say that Kalamera coolers are low-end, because that’s definitely not the case. Their products feature many details for wine preservation and display that bump up their prices. However, these features are often seen in high-end coolers that come at a much higher cost. While it’s not inexpensive, for what it is, it’s a great investment.

Their wine coolers come in many capacities, sizes, and zone variations but some things remain constant throughout it all. These are the two markers of Kalamera wine coolers.

First off, these coolers run super silently. These run on advanced compressor cooling systems.

While many compressors have been designed to run silently and without all the clunking, these tend to still work with a low humming noise. These could grow gradually louder with age.

But why do cooler companies work so hard for a quiet compressor system when thermoelectric ones can run silently? That’s because compressors are more versatile since they can reach lower temperatures and are less affected by warm climates.

Because of this, Kalamera has developed compressor cooling technology with efficient, powerful, and quiet cooling. These compressors generally range 40ºF – 66ºF, without making much of a sound to reach and hold it. This also produces less vibrations. That’s important since, if you aren’t aware, vibrations can do much damage to wine flavor and quality.

This quiet and vibration-free cooling technology is present in all Kalamera wine cooler models, making it a great option to place in common areas.

Additionally, another fun feature that helps make Kalamera so well-loved is its Temperature Memory Function. This can help protect your wine too!

Basically, the Temperature Memory Function remembers the last set temperature in a wine cooler. In case of a power outage, this will help preserve your wine. When the power’s back, the cooler automatically returns to the last set temperature. This means you don’t need to manually set it again when you get back to it. Since power outages can happen at any time, this function could save your wine while you’re off at work!

Those two features, a silent but powerful compressor cooling system, and a temperature memory function is what helps Kalamera stand out.

Some Best Kalamera Wine Coolers You Can Check Out

1. Kalamera KRC-18SZB Wine Refrigerator



  • Compact design
  • Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • Integrated door lock
  • Can easily fit into trash compartments
  • Versatility in the different ways it could be used


  • Narrow shelving
  • The door is difficult to reverse
  • Temperature reader can be inaccurate

The Kalamera KRC-18SZB Wine Refrigerator is a convenient and compact countertop cooler. It’s a single-zone cooler that can house 18 standard 750ml wine bottles and can be freestanding or built-in.

Like most Kalamera products, this has a compressor cooling system, with a temperature threshold ranging 40ºF to 66ºF. It’s powerful but silent, and mostly only makes a noticeable hum when there is absolute silence or stillness wherever it is.

You’ll be able to easily set the temperature with its control panel, which is in charge of the power and light as well. However, this temperature reading might have an inaccurate reading of the internal temperature.

It has six beautiful wooden wine shelves, each rack able to hold a maximum of three standard wine bottles. The bottom rack also has a bigger room allowance, for any thicker bottles that need storage. However, this shelving is very tight, and storing any bottle thicker than the 2.75” width of a standard Bordeaux would decrease its capacity.

This is a sleek stainless steel compact cooler that can easily match most rooms. The wooden shelving is visible through the UV-tinted glass window, with a cool blue LED light helping to display the inside. It also comes with an integrated door lock, to help keep your wine safe from any pesky fingers. The door itself can also be reversed, however, doing this might be quite tricky.

This is a small cooler that’s easy to store wherever on tables or in standard trash can compartments.

This tiny cooler may be for you if you’re not planning on having a large wine collection. This is great for storing just a few bottles at serving temperature and is even better if you frequently have people over with wine as gifts. This is great for a simple lover of wine, with no desire to have a big collection.

It might also be good for you if you’re looking for something compact to enhance your kitchen or bar area. It’s so small that it can fit anywhere, and it runs so silently that it can be a stylish add-on to any common area.

It could also find a home with you if you’re just starting your wine collection, and want to see where it’ll take you. This has great value and is a smart starting point to see where the wine world will take you. If you outgrow it, you could still use it as a private cellar as well. The possibilities are endless when you start your collection with a compact wine cooler like this.

2. Kalamera KRC-46DZB Wine Refrigerator



  • Dual-zone cooler
  • Temperature memory function
  • Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • Integrated door lock
  • The height allows it to fit easily under standard kitchen counters
  • Allows more versatility in wine care and preservation


  • Less storage for white wine
  • Wooden shelving is too thin
  • Only one door for both zones

The Kalamera KRC-46DZB is a dual-zone wine cooler that can hold up to 46 standard wine bottles and can be a freestanding or built-in unit.

The upper zone, intended for white wine, has a 16 bottle capacity, with a temperature ranging from 40ºF – 50ºF. The lower zone, meant for reds, can hold 30 bottles with a temperature ranging anywhere from 50ºF to 66ºF. These zones are separated by a black partition with the control panel and the lower zone light.

All the shelves are made of beechwood and can be removed if you want to make room for bigger bottles, but this would also decrease its overall capacity. Illuminating each zone is a blue LED light.

It comes in a very modern stainless steel frame, with a gray-tinted glass window to filter out harmful UV rays. However, it must be said that this model only comes with a single door, since the dual zones are above one another rather than side by side. This means that, even if you’re only grabbing a bottle of red wine, the chilled air in both zones will be released.

This could be the latest luxurious addition to your home if you’re looking for a simple dual-zone cooler for your reds and whites. It has a no-fuss design, and its height makes it easy to fit under any countertop or bar. It would be even better for you if you’re someone who loves red wine but loves a sip of a good white every now and then.

However, it might be better to pass on this if you and your household enjoy white wine more than you do red wine. The white wine capacity is a true limitation and, while the temperature ranges are great, it eliminates the possibility of setting either zone at cooler or warmer temperatures.

It might also be better to pass on this if your collection has a lot of thicker bottles. The shelving in this unit is very thin, and the slates in each rack are designed for narrower bottles. Storing thicker bottles in this would lower its capacity.

3. Kalamera K4-66DZB Wine Refrigerator



  • Dual-zone cooler
  • Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
  • Built-in alarm system
  • French doors
  • Equal amount allotted for each zone
  • Integrated door lock
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • The height allows it to fit easily under standard kitchen counters
  • Allows more versatility in wine care and preservation


  • A tight fit to hold 66 bottles

As a dual-zone wine cooler, the Kalamera K4-66DZB fridge is a great choice for a built-in or freestanding unit. It can hold up to 66 standard 750 ml bottles and would fit very fashionably under a kitchen or bar counter.

This one is different from the previous dual-zone cooler mostly because it’s a side by side dual-zone, rather than an upper/lower design. This allows separate temperature controls and for French doors, one for each zone. This helps prevent any unnecessary temperature fluctuations. If you’re getting red, you won’t be letting out all the cool air for the whites too.

These doors, of course, each come with integrated locks but, unlike previous models on this list, it comes with an alarm system. This will sound after a cooler door is left open for too long, likely left on accident. By doing this, it can help lessen the temperature fluctuations in each zone.

Moreover, the quiet compressor system is able to cool down the first zone to at least 40ºF up to 50ºF, which is the ideal range for whites. The second zone is meant for reds, letting it have slightly higher temperatures. The lowest it can get is 50ºF, the highest being 66ºF.

This can hold up to 66 standard 750 ml wine bottles, with 33 in each zone. However, the 66-bottle capacity is a snug fit, with larger bottles quickly eating up space. With how modern wine bottles are designed with a variety of bottle sizes, expect that its capacity will decrease the more varied a wine collection is.

The extremely sophisticated design will truly enhance any room. It comes in a stainless steel frame and has a UV tinted dark glass window on each door. Through the window, you’ll be able to see light wood shelving for each rack, and a cool blue LED light.

This might be a wonderful addition to your home if you’re particular with the storage temperatures of your reds and whites. This is great for average-sized collections and helps out a bunch in preserving your wine at the proper temperatures and with proper protection in place. If you love reds and whites equally, this might be your next purchase.

There’s a whole lot to love with this but, if your wine of choice is even just a bit larger than the standard bottle size, this might not be for you. Don’t get us wrong, this could still be a clever way to step up your wine game but if you’re looking to fill it with 66 various bottle sizes, a different cooler might meet your needs better.

That said, this could still be of great use to you if your collection meets the standard bottle dimensions.

4. Kalamera KRC-157DZB Wine Refrigerator



  • Dual-zone cooler
  • Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
  • Large capacity (157 bottles)
  • Good for wine aging
  • Integrated door lock
  • Can be built-in or freestanding
  • Dimensions fit well in both small and large spaces
  • Allows more versatility in wine care and preservation


  • Temperature variation of 3º – 5º
  • Inaccurate temperature readings
  • Only two shelves for non-standard sized wine bottles
  • Prone to malfunctioning after a few years

The Kalamera KRC-157DZB is a dual-zone cooler with a 157-bottle capacity and can be used as a freestanding unit or installed as a built-in.

This unit is an upper/lower type dual-zone cooler, backed by a powerful yet silent compressor. The upper zone’s temperature ranges 40ºF – 50ºF for whites, while the lower zone ranges 50ºF – 66ºF for reds. The digital temperature control panel is easy to use but it’s known to have a 5º temperature variation. To help with cooling, it also has dual inner circulation fans to distribute the chill more evenly throughout the cooler.

The shelving might be another issue since the capacity will be greatly reduced with the more variety you plan to store. If you’re looking for something to house specifically 157 bottles, perhaps a bigger wine cooler would be a better option. However, if you only have around 100 bottles to tuck away, this would be a good choice. Be warned as well that there is only one shelf, at the very bottom, for the larger than standard bottles. If you will need to store more, or at a different temperature zone, you’ll have to remove one rack to make room.

Shelving aside, this is a fantastic cooler for large collections, and it will do much to protect the precious wine from UV light, vibrations, heat, and from uninvited drinkers. The stainless steel door comes with a double pane UV tinted glass window, and shelving that will lessen the already minimal vibrations it could be exposed to. It also has an integrated lock.

All in all, this might be your best choice for a cooler to help you preserve wine for the long-term. It mimics optimal wine aging conditions and protects it from unwanted factors. It would also be great for keeping wine at serving temperatures and would be a huge help in preserving all the best flavors within it. Additionally, it’s a beautiful way to display your collection, and won’t cost as much as other large capacity wine coolers out there.

However, do note that dual-zone coolers are more sensitive than single-zone ones, and could break down after using it for a few years. If cooler repairs aren’t something you want to deal with even after you got your money’s worth back, then perhaps two single zone coolers with medium capacities would be better than one dual-zone large capacity unit.

5. Kalamera KRC-52SZF Wine Refrigerator



  • Durable single-zone cooler
  • Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
  • Wide temperature range for greater versatility in wine cooling
  • Dimensions allow easy placement in the house
  • Allows more versatility in wine care and preservation


  • Cannot be installed as a built-in
  • No integrated door lock
  • Tight shelving

Last on this list is the Kalamera KRC-52SZF, which is a single-zone cooler that can hold up to 50 wine bottles. It’s a freestanding unit and is not to be used as a built-in.

While it only has one zone, the advanced compressor technology allows it to reach the full 40ºF – 66ºF range. The control panel is easy to manipulate and set, and the cooler is mostly able to maintain this temperature. The single-zone also helps by having fewer things to take care of. With a cooler like this, there’s much freedom in the temperature you’d like to set for your preferred wine choice.

This one is just a freestanding unit, meaning it isn’t recommended to be built into the cabinetry or under the kitchen counter. However, if you’re set on this cooler as a built-in, a possible workaround is to leave the cooler with some room at the back and by its sides, for air to circulate. You won’t really achieve a seamless look but it’ll be better than overheating your cooler.

Additionally, the shelving for this unit, while beautiful, is quite tight. The capacity is for a standard 750 ml bottle, and going wider than this will make it a tight fit. Like the previous items on this list, you can remove a rack but it will decrease the cooler’s capacity greatly. If you’re looking to fit at least 35 bottles with a wide variety of bottle sizes, it would be safer to go higher in capacity.

All that said, this is an elegant cooler that’s easy to place anywhere, no matter the size and design of a room. It has a black body with a stainless steel door and a towel bar handle. Inside are seven adjustable beech wood shelves with a modern blue LED light. The door itself has a UV-tinted glass window, which adds to the overall stylish feel of the cooler. However, this doesn’t come with an integrated lock.

This might be the right wine cooler for you if you have a modest collection and are living alone or are living with people you trust. The lack of a lock might be a concern if you have little ones running around or housemates under the drinking age. This is great if you live alone since you wouldn’t be locking it anyway, and your wine still stays safe from harmful conditions. It could also be great if you live with people who you trust and don’t mind sharing wine with.

Final Thoughts

A Kalamera wine cooler review would not be complete without a winner. There are five awesome wine coolers to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. However, one cooler is a clear winner due to the pros and cons list alone.

The Kalamera K4-66DZB Wine Refrigerator, which is the French door dual-zone cooler with a 66 bottle capacity, looks to be the best out of this lineup. The dual temperature zones allow for much variety, with each zone having a good amount of space for the wine bottles to fit nicely. The French doors and alarm system does well in regulating internal temperatures too.

Though that’s our pick of the best Kalamera wine cooler, others in this list are also great in their own right. The Kalamera KRC-18SZB countertop cooler is great for small homes and small collections, while the Kalamera KRC-157DZB 157-bottle cooler is ideal for large collections. The Kalamera KRC-46DZB 46-bottle dual-zone cooler would be great for red wine lovers who also enjoy a glass of white every once in a while, while the Kalamera KRC-52SZF could be amazing for those loyal to just one type of wine, and even for those who live alone!

No doubt the Kalamera coolers could have a place in your homes and in your hearts. It’s a solid brand with wine coolers that everyone could enjoy. However, the most common limitation to their wine coolers is a lack of extra space, making it a tight fit for wine. If you want a Kalamera wine cooler, our greatest tip for you is to be generous with the wine capacity.

With all this wine cooler knowledge, you have a big decision ahead of you. Think it through carefully for a choice you won’t regret. After that, let’s go on to even happier wine days!

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