Best Gifts For Wine Lovers – Something To Enjoy With Their Tipple!

Wine is a lifestyle.

This love doesn’t stop at the bottle but extends to everything from glasses to t-shirts. Showing someone you appreciate them means speaking on a personal level: leave the one-size-fits-all approach at the door!

Do you go for wine pattern socks? How about a more practical set of bottle holders?

Below is a list of the best gifts for wine lovers, from practical to fancy to downright bespoke. The prices will range from affordable to one you can save up for. This is a stressful year, so show the wine lover in your life how much you care about them.

1. Wine Stopper

Let’s begin with the most simple, and perhaps most iconic, part of the wine bottle: the stopper. This not only seals the wine and all its aromatic goodness, but provides you with a little collectible to remember your experience with. Many wine lovers will stock up on their wine corks for little personal projects. In the meantime, they need something to keep their current bottle as fresh as possible. What kind of wine stopper could cheer your friend up during the pandemic?


There’s nothing wrong with going for what works. This wine bottle stopper from Amazon’s MSC Store gets the job done and in fine fashion. It’s air-tight, can work for a variety of bottle types, and is made of long-lasting materials.

This is a great practical gift for a wine lover who could use a pick-me-up.


Adorn your wine bottle with the same care producers put into each harvest. My jaw dropped at these gorgeous wine stoppers from Amazon’s LIZIMANDU store, crafted with crystalline overlays hearkening to quartz, sand, and starry skies. This runs just a little higher price for a four-set.


Give them a wine stopper that’s both classic and brilliantly original with these custom wine stoppers from Etsy’s EnduringKeepsakes. Boasting the original corkscrew coloring, these come with the ability to engrave with your choice in names, logos, or monograms. At just $10 each, you’ve got the best of both worlds: bottom’s up!


2. Wine Holder

Some line their wine bottles in a row on the countertop. Others tuck them away in the cupboard. For those that want to go a little more lavish on a gift, the wine holder offers both a practical slot in the kitchen and a little artistic panache. Smaller than the wine rack, this is something I plan on buying myself down the line.


This quartz wine holder from Crate And Barrel caught my eye for a few reasons. Not only does it boast a minimalist appearance that can pair well with any kitchen style, it doubles easily as a pot for your plants. You don’t get much more practical than that! This simple-yet-fancy creation goes for a low $30.



Caught in-between a dashing spectacle and an elegant touch-up, this wine holder from Cozy And Chill Official will make one dazzling gift. I’m in love with how the wine bottle slots into the woman’s flowing dress, like your own custom touch on an aged fine statue. Running at a solid $60, this is a quaint purchase that won’t break the bank.



You’ve never seen a wine holder like this. Crafted from inside an antique globe, this showstopper from Amazon’s VIDAR will, quite literally, go down in history for the wine lover in your life. This fine creation comes equipped with wheels for easy positioning, able to hold several bottles and glasses. This is one gift you won’t regret saving up for when you see your loved one’s eyes light up.

3. Wine Rack

If your wine-loving friend has more than one bottle that needs storing, a wine rack might be a more suitable gift. When you already have cupboards fit to bursting and not enough room on your kitchen counter, a wine rack hits that sweet spot between functional and a decoration.


Less is more. Get the job done with a minimalist wine holder that can easily blend into any set-up. This wooden wine rack from Pretty Wit is among one of the best gifts for wine lovers for its sheer simplicity, with a neutral scheme and a basic design that won’t clash. It holds ten bottles and can be folded and tucked away, all for $15.


Wood is one of my favorite materials. It adds a homely touch and can fit any space without adjustment. This wooden wall wine rack from Etsy’s Distressed Me Not adds a cherry on top with how easy it is to place. For $35 it can hold five wine bottles and give the wine lover in your life a fun decoration project to look forward to.



If you’re feeling the wooden wine rack above, consider stepping it up with this complex wooden wine rack from Greenman Rustics. It has all the fixings, from slots to hold wine bottles to notches to hold wine glasses. It’s topped off with charming signage that can be customized. Made out of reclaimed wood, this is $100 you can spend knowing it goes to green labor and cheering up someone special.


4. Wine Recipe Book

Wine doesn’t just end at the bottle. It’s a brilliant touch to thousands of recipes. My mother once made me an incredible crockpot stew with red wine marinated pot roast and I’ve never forgotten it. Whether you’ve had a mean charcuterie in the past or are curious what else could be squeezed out of a bottle of riesling, the wine recipe book is a mountain of potential.


Help your friend or a family member become their very own sommelier with this wine pairing cookbook from Andrea Slonecker. It boasts seventy-five recipes alongside seventy-five wine styles, with a hearty helping of culture on top. If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, this would make any bottle of cabernet sauvignon complete.


I’ve seen this book around a few times…and for good reason! Wine Folly Magnum Edition: The Master Guide is the ultimate compendium for wine knowledge. It has a downright encyclopedic approach to wine grapes and varieties, mixed in with labeling, classification, and a food section. The hardcover runs for $30 and would look brilliant on the bookshelf.


Perhaps the wine lover in your life already has a few recipes of their own. Help them record their ideas in style with this custom leather family recipe book from Etsy’s JournBurn Journals. Each page has sections for ingredients, directions, and notes, all on charming brown paper that invokes feelings of distant nostalgia. At just $32, this is a unique gift for a unique person.


5. Wine Subscription

It’s impossible to talk about modern wine gifts and not bring up the wine subscription. This is the inevitable conclusion of a world that’s connected through digital delivery. This gift will depend on how often your friend drinks wine. If they only pop open a bottle every few weeks, this might not be for them. If they’re a regular drinker that supplements each weekend with a merlot, though…this is the perfect gesture.


Winc is easily the best-known wine subscription out there, boasting an affordable price and a plethora of wines. Their business model is a lot of fun, too, using personality tests to help gearboxes toward a result that’s uniquely you…or, rather, the wine fanatic in your life! For $39 a month you get three bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep.



What makes some wines fancier than others? That question usually involves aging, the prestige of certain producers, or a higher price point. Primal Wine enjoys attention for sharing wine that you might not come across otherwise, crafting their selection from lesser-known producers that use all-natural methods. $85 a month goes to great wines made with great methods.



Take a trip around the world. The wine subscription box is convenience in a small package: nowhere is that more clear than with Firstleaf’s impressive subscription service. The majority of the wines they offer are award-winning, coming from several countries on top of standard customization. For $90 a month your friend can have the ultimate pick-me-up at their doormat.


6. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is to wine like peanut butter is to jelly: they’re simply better together. While you can always default to a dinner plate to get your finger food game on, the charcuterie board gives you a touch of class with which to appreciate each purchase. Even better, it can still be used as a wall decoration when you’re not in the mood for cheese and crackers.


Less really is more. This classic walnut charcuterie paddle board from Etsy would make the perfect stocking stuffer (provided the stocking is big enough). It can easily be placed along the wall and can still be customized with initials or a phrase for maximum effect. All in all, a solid purchase for $25.



Get a little bit of everything that’s great about wine in one handy spot. This cheese and charcuterie board from Vistal Supply is full of interesting touches: it works as a cutting board and a display board, coming with a set of stainless steel cheese knives for flourish. A full package for just $42.



There’s no such thing as too thoughtful when getting a gift. Add a splash of personality with these unique, rustic creations from Kottage Inspirations over on Etsy. Already lovely with desaturated neutrals and swirling patterns, these charcuterie boards can be customized with stylized rough edges and custom font. Starting at $40 for the small sizes and reaching $65 for the larger, this is a family heirloom in the making.


7. Finger Food

Wine is lazy decadence in a glass. Small wonder finger food is the perfect compliment. If your friend is already stocked up on wine for the next few months, the next best thing for their shelf is a medley of delicious snacks. Classic charcuterie dictates a variety of deli meat, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and chocolates. From salty to savory to sweet, these create a loop of mouthwatering feedback from glass to board.


Wine fanatics and cheese fanatics go hand-in-hand. Keep things simple with this delectable soft cheese charcuterie assortment from St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop. For $30 these come with savory crackers and a side of jam, ideal for a quick snack or a relaxed almost-lunch.



My stomach is growling looking at some of these options, I’m not going to lie. This charcuterie assortment from Harry And David is a solid package of high-quality salami and cheese, with the option to add chocolate, popcorn, or truffles. Starting at $80, you can continue browsing for fruit and pastry options for a truly fancy Sunday evening.



Thinking of stepping it another notch? Harry And David have an even bigger charcuterie to get the whole family’s mouths watering. This ultimate collection bears an assortment of cheeses, salamis, salty crisps, savory spreads, and garlic-stuffed olives. Not content to leave it at that, it rounds out the list with dried fruits, pestos, and a classy little serving tray. It’s robust at $200, but rest assured, it’ll be a meal (or three) your friends will never forget.


8. Wine Glass

Pair your wine rack and charcuterie board with…what else? Wine glasses don’t have quite the variety mugs do (there’s an unspoken rule that you must be able to see the wine poured), but that’s not to say they can’t still get a little creative. They come not just in glass form, but pottery, and can be adorned with all matter of charming designs or accessories.


Are you a fan of the Zodiac? What about the wine lover in your life? Embrace what makes them with these astrological, stemless wine glasses from Amazon’s Greenline Goods. These delicate-yet-simple creations are covered in constellations, simple without being dull (and I’m eyeing the Gemini one myself).


There’s nothing quite like a gift that makes you go, “Ooh.” Add a mild twist to the classic wine glass with CoCreativeCo’s stemless varieties. These ‘tilt’ on their side, using style and a little gravity to give your bottle of riesling a whole new look. For $29 you can get a set of two in rose gold, gold, or a mixture.



I love classical art (and you’ll see just how much more below). Custom painted wine glasses fashioned after Van Gogh paintings are right up my alley! These lovely little Etsy creations run for $30 a pop, perfect if you feel like pairing your gift with coasters or a print.


9. Cosmetics

Wine is artistry. I take a lot of inspiration from it when dusting on eyeshadow. If you’ve got a wine lover in your life who takes every chance they get to look polished, consider stocking them up on their cosmetics section in tune with their favorite drinks. Red wine fanatics, rosé lovers, and riesling fans will all have something to love.


ColourPop Cosmetics has been a favorite make-up brand of mine for years. They’re a great match between price and quality, with a wide variety of products to slot into any routine. Blush Crush is an eyeshadow palette that invokes romantic rosé and bubbly champagne, with both matte and glitter options for variety. They have smooth coverage and stay consistent for hours, making this a nice little purchase for under $15.



Oh, I miss putting on eyeshadow and mascara. Then again, I shouldn’t wait until I go outside to have an excuse, right? This creamy, rich eyeshadow set from MAC will help immensely in making your loved one feel fancy. These are bold, silky smooth, and long-lasting, making $32 truly go a long way.



One of the first things you do when pouring a glass of wine is breathing in its aroma. Keep that energy with Kelly + Jones’ Notes Of Wine perfume collection. This elegant round-up bottles up the fruity notes of various wines, with a sample collection if you’re not sure about committing. Each bottle ranges from $30 to $75, perfect as a stocking stuffer for a special occasion.


10. Paintings

While visiting museums and wineries isn’t an option nowadays, there’s nothing saying you can’t enjoy the finer things in life at home. I know more than a few wine lovers in my life that adorn their walls with paintings and photography (preferably both), and I’m no different. Certain art movements all but revolve around wine (French vintage, anyone?), while others simply lend an air of grace that evolves the bottle further.


One of my biggest painting inspirations is Gustav Klimt. His art is a glittering dream, filling every space with life. iCanvas has a brilliant selection of several of his most famous works, from canvas prints to more eclectic split canvas. Depending on the size, you can expect to spend between $30 to $60.



It’s not enough to just put up a painting or two. Sometimes you need to coat the entire wall. This beautiful tapestry of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’ goes for $45, providing the wine lover in your life with a burst of inspiration every time they enter the room.



Does the wine lover in your life like to create some paintings of their own? Embrace their artistic vision with a classic wooden portable easel from Jerry’s Artarama. These are able to be stretched out for a home painting session or packed up for a trip to the park, with built-in shelves for paints, paintbrushes, and sketchbooks. Starting at $150 and designed to last, this gift will pair wonderfully with a quiet night and glass of tempranillo.


11. A Little Music

Ah, there’s nothing quite like settling down and zoning out to a good album. I’m a fan of falling down YouTube rabbit holes (it’s how I’ve found half of my favorite artists), but sometimes I just want to get lost in a singular voice. Reflect on the musical tastes of your friend or family member when putting together a gift.


Discovering a wonderful new musician can change your life. That’s just what happened to me when I came across Valerie June, stunned by her songbird vocals and tender melodies. Floating in limbo between folk, soul, and dream pop, she’s a truly spectacular artist who defies expectation. There’s no glass of wine that isn’t improved by a sleepy repeat of ‘Astral Plane’.


Now to the other extreme! Revisiting classic artists is much easier when you have their entire body of work at your fingertips. Queen’s Platinum Collection is a hearty compendium of showstopping glam rock, power pop, and fusion genres. I still remember hearing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the first time as a child. Embrace nostalgia by purchasing the CD set.


Some prefer to listen to their music on earbuds when jogging around the park. Others can’t listen to a thing unless it’s on the classics. The best of both worlds are in this phonograph from GD East, doubling as a wireless speaker and an FM radio. This is a gift caught between the vintage and modern spectrum.

The best gifts for wine lovers are a medley of creative choices and practical whims.

We return to wine for the good sensations. We return to wine for the memories. You show just how deeply you care when you go the extra mile to appreciate the unique tastes of your friend or family member.

If you or someone you know is looking to get a wine-related gift, consider linking them to this list.

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