Flat White vs Latte – The DrinkStack ‘Know Your Coffee’ Series

Are you feeling up for a little coffee, but aren’t up to your usual mug? It could be indigestion that has you feeling under the weather. It might be too much caffeine…and yes, that even includes decaf drinkers! The latte is a well-known staple some have to step away from …

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Cafe Au Lait Vs Latte – The DrinkStack ‘Know Your Coffee’ Series

The most common ingredient added to coffee is milk. Even before sugar and syrup! Mixing milk with coffee creates a sumptuous, creamy texture that helps to mute lingering bitterness without drowning out the flavor. It’s a surprisingly flexible recipe that can be changed up in a variety of ways but …

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Latte vs Macchiato – The DrinkStack ‘Know Your Coffee’ Series

You don’t get much more iconic than the latte. It’s even more ubiquitous with coffee than the classic mug of drip. It’s the most popular coffee drink by a landslide in the West and sees similar popularity across the world. The macchiato, on the other hand, is more beloved in …

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Cappuccino Vs Mocha – The DrinkStack ‘Know Your Coffee’ Series

Coffee terminology could fill up an entire dictionary. Fortunately, it starts to get easier with experience, although it definitely doesn’t feel that way starting out. Many drinks are very distinctive from one another, while some are a hairs’ breadth from being one or the other. The Cappuccino and Mocha are …

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What Is White Coffee? – Know Your Cup of Joe

What is white coffee

My cup of coffee is often a golden brown after I measure out my milk and brown sugar ratio, though sometimes I’ll indulge in a black cup depending on the specialty bag I’m working through. White coffee, however, is its own creation entirely. It’s a subtle change, but one that …

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What To Do With Left Over Coffee? 5 Great Ways To Waste Less


Coffee tends to leave a little clean-up. Depending on the type of brewing method you use, you could spend just as much time tidying as you do fixing up your cup. Some coffee drinkers finish up their session by rinsing out their pour-over cone and server. Others go the intensive …

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The World’s 10 Best Wine Hotels – From Spain to Argentina


Wine tourism has grown considerably in the past few years. Hotels have been tailored for those looking to immerse themselves in wine production, visit vineyards of the region and taste its wines. With so many different wines available, these wine breaks have become more and more popular in recent years. …

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Cortado Vs Macchiato – The DrinkStack ‘Know Your Coffee’ Series

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on all the different coffee drink types, another comes around to shake up your foundation. If it’s not one term, it’s another! The difference between a wet and dry cappuccino is knowledge even some baristas aren’t familiar with, for starters. Different coffee …

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What Is A Wine Flight? The Wine Tasting Event Defined.


You’ve heard of the wine train. You might’ve come up with your own variation on a wine-and-movie night. Now, how about the wine flight? Despite its name, it doesn’t involve drinking wine on a plane (though you can certainly do that once travel restrictions lift). It’s a type of wine …

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Chardonnay Vs Sauvignon Blanc – A Guide To White Wine Varieties


The white wine grape holds within it a plethora of unique textures, delicious flavor notes, and sumptuous aromas. Among the most notable are the chardonnay and the sauvignon blanc. The biggest difference between the two is in taste, chardonnay is a heavy and hearty white wine, whereas sauvignon blanc is …

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