How To Recork Wine? Don’t Let Leftover Wine Go To Waste.

how to recork wine

Perhaps you’re watching your liver. Maybe you have a sensitive stomach lining and don’t want heartburn. Unless you’re sharing with a group, that bottle of wine is likely going to need a few more days before it runs dry. How do you protect the wine once it is opened? The …

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Does Champagne Go Bad? Taking Care Of This Tipple


So, you’ve bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the holidays with. Maybe you’ve got one tucked away for the New Year. Knowing what to do when you’ve got a little leftover, though, can leave you at a loss. While this can easily be avoided by purchasing cans or mini …

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The Twelve Best Gluten Free Wine Brands


Does wine have any gluten in it? Although wine is made mostly with grapes, there are still brands that will add in a few other ingredients for preservative, fining or flavor reasons. These byproducts can have a little gluten in them, which is enough to trigger nausea at best and …

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Which Wines Have The Highest Alcohol Content? The Strongest Revealed


Ever heard of the term ‘hollow legs’ or ‘lightweight’? We all have our different tolerances and adjust accordingly when planning a night around a beverage. Beer is a casual choice for a reason: it’s on the relatively lighter side and generally, you have to go out of your way to …

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What Happens When You Drink Bad Wine? The Risks of Spoiled Wine.


Bad wine happens to all of us. …Well, not all. Just those who drink wine. Maybe you left a bottle in the fridge for too long and, when you poured a glass, were horrified by the putrid result. Perhaps you tried a bottle that hasn’t gotten many reviews…and found out …

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How To Remove Wine Labels – Is There An Art To It?


Since getting into wine, I’ve started collecting wine bottles. You eat and drink with your eyes first, as the saying goes. This is why packaging puts its best foot forward: with so many competitors, you need extra incentive to reach forward and pluck a product off the shelf. While I …

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Best Wine Aerator – 5 Wine Aerators Reviewed For You!


Who doesn’t want to drink a beautiful glass of wine on the regular? Unfortunately, this usually means shelling out more for each bottle you buy which isn’t really good for your bank account. If you can’t afford a splurge on a bottle of wine for a party, a night out …

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Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews


So you want a new wine cooler! Whether this is your first wine cooler or your nth one, it’s always a somewhat daunting process. There’s just so much you have to understand! During your research, many brands would pop up, one of which might be Kalamera. You might be interested …

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NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews


Wine cooler research; it can be overwhelming with all the terms to learn and all the brands to explore. In your exploration, some names will keep popping up, NewAir being one of them. You might not know what NewAir is or how their fridges operate but, no worries, we’ve completed …

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