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The Best Sugar Free Wines

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 14th, 2023

There are many different people who are cutting sugar out of their diets for a number of different reasons, and many find it difficult to navigate which bottles of wine to choose.

There are a number of different dry wines that contain little to no residual sugar in just about every wine style. The only exception is dessert wines, as it is virtually impossible to craft a luscious sweet wine without the presence of residual sugar in the finished product.

In this article, we will take a look at the best sugar free wines and low-sugar wines you can purchase and try for yourself.

Best Sugar Free Red Wine

sugar free red wine glass

When it comes to low-sugar and sugar-free wines, the majority of suitable options will fall into the “dry red wine” category. There are many recognizable favorites from around the world that are naturally low in residual sugar, while others are marketed specifically as “sugar free wines.”

While some sugar-conscious wine enthusiasts specifically seek out bottles of red wine that are labeled “sugar free,” it is more important to pay attention to the grape varietal and region of production as these are better indicators of probable sugar content than labeling.

Some of the most famous and highly regarded bottles of wine in the entire world are naturally low in sugar, including the dry red blends of Bordeaux. These were some of the first wines in the world to gain international fame and were enjoyed by kings and royalty all over the globe.

The First Growths of Bordeaux are considered by many wine enthusiasts and professionals to be the “holy grail” in terms of wine quality. A single bottle can sell for over $10,000 depending on the vintage, and they can be found only at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Chateau Latour is one of these famous and sought-after Bordeaux producers, and they have maintained their place on top of the wine world by delivering consistent high-quality year over year by using some of the finest wine grapes on earth as well as the finest French oak.

For wine enthusiasts who have more moderate budgets and can not spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a single bottle of wine, there are many other high-quality options from across the Bordeaux region that deliver high quality as well as low prices.

Chateau Mangot Cuvee Todeschini ‘Distique’ is a high-quality bottle of the world-famous Bordeaux red blend that brings all the best parts of the region to the table without breaking the bank. Averaging just under $30 per bottle, it is regarded by many as one of the best values in French wine.

Other types of red wine that contain low amounts of residual sugar include some of the most famous grape varietals in the entire world. Pinot Noir is an extremely famous and common wine grape that produces light-bodied red wines that feature medium acidity and very low amounts of residual sugar.

The Burgundy region of France is home to the most famous representations of Pinot Noir in the world, where a single bottle can sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. These wines are layered and delicate with many layers of complex flavors and tasting notes.

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tache Grand Cru Monopole is often referred to as the best representation of Pinot Noir in the entire world, and it can be found in the wine cellars of some of the most prominent wine collectors in the entire world.

While “DRC” is one of the highest quality bottles of red wine in the entire world, it is very expensive and many wine enthusiasts prefer a bottle with a much lower price tag. There are a number of new world wine regions that have embraced the Pinot Noir grape with much success.

The Willamette Valley is one of the top wine-producing areas in the United States, and Pinot Noir is the most popular wine grape in the region. Angela Estate produces some of the best low-sugar Pinot Noir in the region, and can usually be purchased for just under $45 per bottle.

Best Sugar Free White Wine

sugar free white wine

While there are more bottles of low sugar red wine on the market than any other wine style, there are many wine enthusiasts who prefer the crisp finish and light body of white wines. There are many different types of dry white wine that make for great low sugar options.

When it comes to low sugar white wines, two of the best grape varietals to stick with are Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings, provided they are dry. Some of the best options for Sauvignon Blanc are from France and New Zealand, while the best Rieslings are from Germany.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes produce a wine that is crisp and light in body, and it is one of the most popular white wine grapes in the entire world. The majority of Sauvignon Blanc wines are very low in residual sugar, making them great options for those who are avoiding sugar.

Some of the most famous bottles of Sauvignon Blanc are produced in the Loire Valley region of France, where the tasting notes are often described as “grassy” and earthy. Edmond Vatan Sancerre Clos la Neore is one of the best bottles of Sauvignon Blanc in the world and is a great low sugar option.

The Marlborough region of New Zealand is also world-renowned for producing interesting and high-quality bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, and these low sugar wines from this region carry strong aromatics that smell like citrus fruits and peaches.

Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc is a widely distributed bottle of low sugar white wine from the Marlborough region of New Zealand that delivers strong fruit flavors and aromas without the use of sugar to sweeten the wine.

Dry German Rieslings are also fantastic options for those who are trying to avoid sugar in their wine, as they are full of crisp flavor and balance while offering the lowest average residual sugar content of any white wine grape varietal.

Weingut Keller ‘Von der Fels Riesling’ Trocken is one of the best dry bottles of Riesling on the market, and it hails from the Rheinhessen region of Germany. It is balanced and mineral-driven, and it contains no residual sugar making it one of the best sugar-free wines on the market.

Best Sugar Free Rosé Wine

sugar free rosé wine

Rose is a light and refreshing style of pink wine that is gaining popularity year after year all over the world. Rose is best enjoyed outside on a warm summer day, as it is light and refreshing with a clean and crisp finish that is extremely refreshing.

It is important to choose a dry bottle of Rose that is both low in residual sugar and made without the use of added sugars for sweetness. With such a high demand for low sugar and sugar free wines, producers have responded and there are many great options on the market today.

Rose All Day is a very popular option that is produced in the United States and only contains .01 grams of residual sugar per serving. This makes it one of the best low sugar options around, as it is very tasty and refreshing without any added sweetness.

The producer has also recently released a “Spritz” line of Rose based wine spritzers that are crisp and refreshing without the addition of any sugar. They contain a fair amount of sparkling water, making them a great fit for those watching sugar and calorie intake.

Usual Wines is an online-based company that takes a unique approach when it comes to the production and packaging of minimal intervention wines that are made without sugar. They package wines in single-serve beakers that make for great conversation starters at parties.

The Usual Wines Rose is crisp and refreshing with fruit-based aromas and tasting notes that many wine enthusiasts describe as similar to strawberries and other red fruit. It is produced using 100 percent California grapes and each serving is over six ounces for a “large glass.”

Best Sugar Free Sparkling Wine

sugar free sparkling wine

Sparkling wine like Champagne is often used for toasts and to celebrate special occasions. Luckily for those watching their sugar intake, there are plenty of high-quality options when it comes to sparkling wines from all over the world.

The Champagne region of France is hands down the most famous and important region on earth when it comes to the production of sparkling wine. It is so famous that many people use the terms “Champagne” and “sparkling wine” interchangeably.

When shopping for a bottle of low-sugar or sugar-free Champagne, it is important to pay attention to the style name that is listed on the bottle. While the terms “dry” and “extra dry” may seem to indicate the absence of sugar, these styles can contain between 2.8 and 5.3 grams of residual sugar.

The best style of Champagne to choose for the lowest possible sugar content is labeled “Brut Nature.” These sparkling French wines will contain little to no residual sugar while maintaining the signature taste and balance that the Champagne region is so famous for.

Louis Roederer et Philippe Starck Brut Nature Millesime is considered by many wine enthusiasts and industry professionals to be one of the highest quality bottles of Brut Nature Champagne that can be purchased for under $100, making it a great sugar free option.

Prosecco is another very famous style of sparkling wine that has gained popularity all over the world for its moderate price and superior drinkability. The tasting notes of Prossecco are often compared to green apple and stone fruit, and the bubbles are large and full of texture.

Prosecco Zero is an Italian sparkling wine company that produces two different styles of the world’s lowest-sugar Proseccos. They offer a traditional take on this famous Italian sparkler, as well as a Rose that carries a deep pink flavor and tasting notes of red fruit.

Sugar Free Wines FAQs

sugar free wines faqs

Is It Better To Drink Wine Without Sugar?

There are a number of different reasons that people choose to avoid sugar in their diets, and a low-sugar diet has been linked to many health benefits. Wines that are low in sugar or sugar free make great options for health-conscious wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Does Sugar Free Wine Taste the Same?

Certain styles of wine are naturally dry and contain very low amounts of residual sugar. For this reason, dry red wines and many sparkling wines will taste nearly the same without any sugar, while the same cannot be said for full-bodied bottles of sweet and luscious wines.

Which Types of Wine Contain the Least Sugar?

There are many different types of dry red wine that are naturally very low in sugar, including full-bodied varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon as well as lighter selections like Pinot Noir. Brut Nature styles of Champagne are also very low in sugar and can also be completely sugar free.


There are a great variety of options on the market today when it comes to high-quality wines that are either low in residual sugar or completely sugar free.

Additionally, many producers who have been adding sugar to their wines for years have begun changing their practices to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Some of the most highly rated and most popular wines in the world are dry red wines that make great options for people who are watching their sugar intake.

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