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Sweetens Cove Bourbon Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Sweetens Cove Bourbon is inspired by the treasured and breathtaking Sweetens Cove Golf Club, five friends created a signature Bourbon to compliment the serene environment. The friends bought and invested in Sweetens Cove in 2019 and combined their collective love for sports, whiskey, and community.

Bourbon is an American Whiskey that is closely associated with Kentucky and the American South. The corn-based whiskey was first created in the 1700s and has since taken on the rest of the world, although to be called Bourbon it must be created in the United States. Bourbon comes out in an orange/brownish color with a strong aroma and taste.

The passion for preservation within the community of Sweetens Cove is what initially inspired the Master Blender, Marianne Eaves who has worked with the brand to create a premium bourbon.

This article will explore the prices, variations, and alternatives to help you decide which version of Sweetens Cove Bourbon you will be adding to your collection.

History of Sweetens Cove Bourbon

history of sweetens cove bourbon

Sweetens Cove Golf Club in Tennessee is the site of and inspiration for the bourbon of the same name. In 2019, the group of friends who bought the golf course began to pursue a signature bourbon that would pair well with a treasured landscape.

With highly acclaimed whiskey-blender Marianne Eaves, the group has created a Tennessee/Kentucky blend of bourbon that is loved by locals and even sports figures such as (investor/co-owner of Sweetens and American Football player) Peyton Manning.

Bourbon, emerging out of the American South in the 18th century, is one of the biggest-selling spirits in America and is often referred to as American Whiskey.

There are several requirements for this drink to be classified as bourbon. At least 51% of the mash bill must contain corn and the remainder is often a combination of rye, wheat, or barley.

The Sweetens Cove bourbon is a combination of Kentucky and Tennessee whiskey named Kennessee. Sweetens has also released a limited edition straight Tennessee whiskey to act as the signature blend for the golf course.

The bourbon came from 100 13-year-aged barrels of exclusive product out of Tennessee that led to the creation of the master blend. Marianne Eaves sat for days tasting the barrels and planning the blends that would soon become the American Whiskey for celebrities.

Prices and Variations

variations of sweetens cove bourbon

Sweetens Cove is on the more expensive side. Several factors can account for this such as the celebrity endorsers in Peyton Manning and Andy Roddick as well as the quiet luxury that is being offered. Sweetens wanted this to be a drink sought after by those “in the know”, especially celebrities and sports figures.

The defining release, the Tennessee Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a more traditional Tennessee blend. The whiskey is a straight blend aged at 4, 6, and 16 years and hand-crafted by Marianne Eaves.

The blend was inspired by the investors’ ritual of taking a shot of bourbon before beginning on the golf course. This blend acts as the signature drink to accompany the course.

The blend’s specifications in taste are sweet toasted oak, vanilla, fruit, and spices like nutmeg. The strength in alcohol by volume is 56.85% (112 proof) and is roughly $190 for a standard 750ml bottle.

Sweetens has released very limited supplies of their hand-crafted bottles. The Kennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey was a way for Marianne Eaves to bring together the whiskey rivals, Tennessee and Kentucky.

While an unusual combination, the nutty and toasted drink is favored for its higher strength (110.7 proof) and finishing on stainless steel and toasted sugar maple.

The blend’s taste profile is mostly sweet like brown sugar and has a hint of nutmeg, subtle notes of citrus (orange peel), graham crackers, and vanilla. The strength in alcohol by volume is 55.35% (100.7 proof) and is roughly $155 per 750ml bottle.

Item Average Price Size per Bottle
Tennessee Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey $44,99 750ml
Kennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey $155,99 750ml

The bottles are named with their location in mind: Tennessee. The Kennessee name is a portmanteau blending Tennessee and Kentucky to highlight the blend’s roots in a combination of bourbon from the two places. The age, although generally not included on the label, can easily be found on the website.

The bourbons can be found in age ranges that are typical in comparison with others (such as 4 and 6) but also can be bought at a longer age including 14 and 16 years.


alternatives sweetens cove bourbon
Image: Brent Moore

Maker’s Mark

While having a much lower proof than Sweetens (90 proof and 45% ABV), Maker’s Mark is a far less expensive alternative that will still allow you the American bourbon experience. This brand is a family-centric, legacy drink that mimics an old-fashioned experience.

The tasting experience is intended to be smooth and easy. This bourbon whiskey is offered in a variation of sizes and prices on the lower end, roughly $29 for a 750ml bottle.

Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig is a historically beloved and trusted bourbon that acts as a very suitable alternative to Sweetens. This bourbon boasts a wide selection with varying prices and choices with the alcohol by volume at roughly 46% (92 proof).

This brand of bourbon combines traditional ingredients with ingenuity and creativity to create a meaningful and memorable experience. The bottles are offered in size variations from 375ml, 750ml, and 1.75l. The 750ml bottle is roughly $40.

George Dickel

This bourbon whiskey, the George Dickel Bourbon Whiskey is a great alternative to the Tennessee-based bourbon from Sweetens. Similar to Sweetens is the hand-crafted process and vanilla notes. The alcohol by volume is 45% (90 proof) with 85% of the mash bill containing corn. A 750ml bottle is likely to cost $25 but you can also buy 1.75l.

How to Drink

how to drink sweetens cove bourbon

Bourbon can be enjoyed in many different forms but there are clear traditions in the drinking process that bourbon lovers often follow. To enhance the flavors and aromas, a wide-mouth glass is the favored choice such as a rocks glass or Glencairn glass.

The drink can be enjoyed neat to stay as authentic to the taste in the bottle however bourbon also tastes great in cocktails and mixers. Bourbon drinkers tend to enjoy the drink in whatever form they choose.

A favorite cocktail for bourbon is the Manhattan, a classic drink that contains vermouth, bitters, and your favorite garnish – as well as the bourbon – and is typically served in a martini glass. An old-fashioned is another beloved drink involving bourbon (or whiskey), sugar, bitters, and garnish.

Bourbon should be stored in a room-temperature environment with minimal light to keep the flavor at its best.


Who owns Sweetens Cove?

A group of friends and investors bought Sweetens Cove Golf Club including celebrity sportsmen Peyton Manning and Andy Roddick. The other owners are Tom Nolan, Rob Collins, Mark Rivers, Skip Bronson, and Drew Holcomb.

Where is Sweetens Cove Bourbon made?


How do you drink Sweetens Cove Bourbon?

Sweetens Cove can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

What is the difference between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Bourbon is a type of Whiskey made with specific ingredients and requirements in mind. Bourbon has to be made in the United States (much like Champagne and its requirement of being made in Champagne, France), it has to be made of at least 51% corn, aged new, and must have a proof of at least 80.

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