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The 7 Best Russian Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Everyone has their favorite bottle of vodka. After all, who doesn’t like some liquid gold? With so many brands to choose from, it can be challenging to pick one that is right for you.

When thinking about purchasing some vodka, there’s no better place to get your spirit of Russian descent than from Russia itself.

If you’d like to know some of the top Russian vodka brands today, you’ve come to the right place.

The Top Russian Vodka Brands

  1. Russian Standard Original Vodka
  2. Zyr Vodka
  3. Green Mark
  4. Jewel of Russia
  5. Imperia
  6. Beluga
  7. Hammer + Sickle


1. Russian Standard Original Vodka

russian standard original vodka
Image: russian standard original vodka

Russian Standard Original Vodka is a standard for greatness in its motherland and worldwide while being distinctive from many vodkas because it offers both pureness and flavor.

The Russian Standard Vodka is distilled numerous times, filtered through charcoal at least four times, and rested for 48 hours before actual bottling. It is crafted with sturdy winter wheat yields grown on Russia’s Black Steppes and temperate glacial waters from Lake Ladoga in Russia’s cold north.

With a somewhat oily mouthfeel, this spirit is unrepentantly bold and spicy. As a result, the vodka is exceedingly pure, seamless, and flavorful. It’s a great vodka to drink neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Vodka, as it should be, is the Russian Standard. San Francisco World Spirits, International Spirits Challenge, Beverage Testing Institute, and The Spirits Business have awarded this brand of vodka multiple gold medals to highlight its excellence.

2. Zyr Vodka

zyr vodka
Image: karen

Of all distilled spirits, vodka stands out as the most clean-tasting and flexible option for drinking neat, on some ice, or in your favorite cocktail.

The Zyr formula has a silky smooth finish that is pure, bright, and gently sweet. Zyr, like numerous other tightly guarded recipes, is indeed the outcome of carefully chosen ingredients, formula, procedure, control systems, and heritage.

Zyr is among the finest vodkas for drinking cold and sometimes even nicer when warmed up to the room’s temperature. Unlike other vodkas with powerful medicinal notes, this liquor stays subtly sweet – kudos to the Moscow-grown winter rye and wheat.

Vodka never has tasted so spotless or felt so creamy and smooth, thanks to ZYR’s specialized recipe and the maximum requirements for selecting only the finest raw ingredients.

Hundreds of years of Russian vodka-making customs have been combined with the latest cutting-edge filtration and distillation technology. Only after this process has been finished can the vodka be consumed.

3. Green Mark

green mark

Green Mark vodka’s name was designated after the “green mark” label of approval awarded upon high-quality vodka by the Russian government’s national committee for quality assurance, named Glavspirttrest.

This label was granted between the 1920s and 1950s, and the seal appears on the bottle. This high-quality traditional Russian vodka made with Russian wheat and artisan well water offers extraordinary value for the money.

The vodka itself has a malty flavor with hints of star anise and fennel leaves.

4. Jewel of Russia

jewel of russia
Image: da5ide

As the name implies, Jewel of Russia continues to stand out from other available vodka brands.

The Jewel of Russia Vodka brand is made from a combination of rough winter rye, wheat, and water sourced from artesian wells at depths over 500 ft.

It is purified five times, then filtered another five times using the traditional Russian paper and sand methods. Lastly, it’s filtered through specifically-modified charcoal produced from peach and apricot stones – a unique process of the Chernogolovka distillery.

The Jewel of Russia has a crystal clear look with no indications of sediment. It has the appearance of mineral oil and a magnificent body. When swirled, it tends to leave a thin clear coat with long skinny legs within the glass.

Its flavor notes and first sensations are of alcohol and grain, with a plump, nearly creamy texture and a gentle fruitiness. There are no off-notes or rubbing alcohol aromas that numerous other vodkas pertain to.

A meticulously executed distillation of unrivaled purity, followed by an overwhelming number of filtration and mellowing, has resulted in this smooth, pure final product.

Produced at their new distillery, established in 1995, the Jewel of Russia was awarded the Russian government’s designation as one of the finest quality Russian vodkas.

While this is their original vodka, they have other versions such as bilberry and berry infused and Ultra (a premium vodka)

5. Imperia


Imperia Vodka, made by Russian Standard, has been carefully constructed to establish a pure Russian vodka for individuals who acknowledge the finer things in life.

Imperia is produced with hardy winter wheat and soft glacial water at its foundation. It’s a product of one of the world’s most sophisticated distillation methods. The vodka is layer-filtered via quartz crystal soured from the Ural Mountains.

After resting in relaxation tanks for over 48 hours before it can be bottled. As a result, the flavor is exceptionally pure and clean, with a light herbal aroma and a sleek, whole body. This is a near-perfect vodka that is a joy to drink neat.

Ultimately, Imperia is a spotless spirit with a subtle almond flavor profile that can be easily blended into cocktails.

6. Beluga


Beluga is a luxury Russian vodka and is world-renowned as a premium Russian spirit with enchanting characteristics.

It’s constructed in an environmentally genuine region in the epicenter of Siberia, where the Mariinsk Distillery was founded in 1900.

Beluga Vodka’s production process is distinctive; it sensitively combines ancient culture and inventions. All of the ingredients used to make Beluga are thoroughly purified and filtered.

The final stage of Beluga production is the rest period which will last for a whopping 30 days. This unique phase is not used in the manufacturing of regular vodkas. During the resting period, the vodka evolves and obtains its exquisite and honorable taste, making Beluga Vodka internationally famous.

Beluga has a crystal clear appearance with a shimmer. While its flavor is crisp and elegant, it is complemented by different floral and wheat scents.

The flavor is intense and sophisticated on the palate. Nonetheless, it’s well-balanced in addition to being complex and profound. You can expect a solid but comfortable aftertaste that lasts for a long time.

7. Hammer + Sickle

hammer sickle

Hammer + Sickle, as the name suggests, is a Russian vodka. The Hammer and Sickle logo was formed during the Russian Revolution. The Hammer symbolizes the industrial workforce, while the Sickle acknowledges and pays homage to peasant farmers.

Hammer and Sickle Vodka are made from winter wheat grown in Southern Russia’s black earth territory and soft water from remote rural country waters. It is distilled and filtered a minimum of six times.

The aroma is delightfully sweet with notes of wheat and vanilla. The vanilla introduction is merged by creamy wheat, which builds to a vanilla bean apex. It starts to fade with a grape flavor and a sprinkle of spice before finishing with a toasty mineral taste.

Hammer + Sickle is among some of the best Russian vodkas.

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