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Forty Ounce Wines Is Now a part of The DrinkStack Family Acquires

In early 2020, the wine website FortyOunceWines was acquired by as part of a strategic plan to combine our existing wine-related information, with even more expert guides, news, and information.

This helps DrinkStack on its journey to becoming the most trusted wine expert and the go-to place for wine advice, tips, and tricks.

The website and its content will be housed here on for existing and new readers to find. We will not be taking over the e-commerce side or selling forty-ounce wine bottles.

Our Plans

Moving forward, we plan to improve on the great content already produced by the previous owners and will endeavor to update all reviews to reflect current expert and market sentiment towards each product.

All-star ratings and editor recommendations will be checked and updated in line with our rater guidelines.

Our Top Content

Want to know more about is among the most trusted wine, beer, coffee, and spirits-related resources online since its inception in 2013.

The team comprises of a number of writers, all experts in their own field, with a combined experience of over 100-years. We’ve got everything from baristas to grape growers, and sommeliers, to craft beer brewers and whiskey & gin specialists.

You can read more about us and meet our team here.

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