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A Guide to National Mimosa Day

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

National Mimosa Day celebrates one of the most popular sparkling wine cocktails in the entire world, and it takes place every year on May 16th.

The mimosa is one of the most simple and beloved brunch drinks on earth, and there are many different ways to celebrate this fun holiday. There are many different recipes when it comes to mixing up mimosas, and there are many different types of sparkling wine that can be used.

History of the Mimosa

history of the mimosa

The mimosa is the most iconic sparkling wine-based mixed drink in the entire world, and while there are many different variations of the drink, the foundation of all mimosas begins with sparkling wine and orange juice.

While there is a bit of contention as to the original roots of the mimosa, most wine experts and industry professionals attribute its creation to a man named Frank Meier. Frank Meier was working as a bartender at the world-famous Ritz Carlton hotel in Paris, France when he created the drink in 1925.

The drink became successful almost immediately, and it quickly rose to one of the top sellers at the Ritz Carlton at the time. The hotel hosted many high-profile businessmen and tastemakers of the day, and the legend of the mimosa began to spread all over the world.

Frank Meier officially published the recipe for the mimosa in the year 1936, and it became famous in the United States after celebrities like director Alfred Hitchcock and other high-profile names adopted the drink.

These days, the mimosa is most often associated with brunch and early lunches, and it is one of the top-selling sparkling wine-based drinks in the US. Over the last two decades, it has even surpassed the Bloody Mary as America’s favorite brunch and breakfast drink.

There are many restaurants that offer “bottomless” mimosa specials during brunch hours, which are a great way to attract business. Customers can enjoy as many mimosas as they’d like, and business owners don’t mind pouring freely, as they generally use very affordable sparkling wine.

Celebrating National Mimosa Day

celebrating national mimosa day

National Mimosa Day takes place every year on May 16th, and there are many different ways to celebrate. Some people choose to take advantage of the drink specials offered by bars and restaurants, and others throw parties at home or celebrate privately.

There are many different bars and restaurants that offer mimosa specials each year on National Mimosa Day, and some even feature special recipes that are only available seasonally. Taking advantage of these specials can make for a great way to get into the mimosa day spirit.

There are also people who choose to throw parties every year to celebrate National Mimosa Day, and many set up large mimosa bars equipped with sparkling wine and different types of juices. Some even host mimosa mixing competitions to see who can make the best recipe.

While some prefer the social aspects of large gatherings for National Mimosa Day, there are others who prefer to celebrate privately by mixing up a mimosa at home. Many people choose to treat themselves with a high quality bottle of Champagne and mix up a quality mimosa at home.

Best Mimosa Recipes for National Mimosa Day

best mimosa recipes for national mimosa day

While the original mimosa recipe includes only equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice, there are many different variations that have been developed over the years. Some of these changes are as simple as a strawberry garnish, while others use exotic types of juices.

One of the most popular variations of the mimosa is called the Bellini, and it is made by simply substituting peach juice for orange juice in the classic mimosa recipe. There are many different fruit juices that work well with sparkling wine, including pineapple juice and fruit purees.

Some people choose to set up mimosa bars that include chilled bottles of sparkling wine along with various fruit juices like mango, grapefruit, or pomegranate juice. Many different fresh fruits can be used as a garnish, including cherries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Another great way to mix up the classic mimosa recipe is to use lemonade as a base and include various herbs like lavender or mint. These lemonade based mimosas are both tart and sweet, and make for great summertime drinks.

Best Sparkling Wine for Mimosas

best sparkling wine for mimosas

There are many different types of sparkling wine that can be used to make mimosas, and the end product will vary drastically depending on which style of sparkling wine is used. It is important to choose the right type of sparkling wine to achieve the best mimosa.

The most affordable representations of the mimosa are made using everyday sparkling wine that can cost under $10 per bottle. Fans of these types of mimosa claim that orange juice masks the taste of sparkling wine, so the quality of wine isn’t very important.

There are also people who swear by only using Prosecco when it comes to mixing up their mimosas, as this affordable Italian sparkling wine features large bubbles that lead to a mimosa with more texture than other styles.

For more high end mimosas, Champagne can be used, which is considered by most experts to be the best representation of sparkling wine in the world. Champagne is made using a labor-intensive process called the “Traditional Method,” which produces smaller and more refined bubbles.

Mimosas that are made using Champagne are smooth and delicate, as they feature a unique texture due to the fine bubbles along with some of the most refined tasting notes in the world. It is recommended to dial back the orange juice ratio and only use a splash when using Champagne.

Cava is an affordable style of sparkling wine that is produced in Spain, and many people love using it for mimosas due to its affordability and reliability. This Spanish sparkler is reasonably priced, and carries tasting notes of green apple and pear.

There are also certain types of specialty mimosas that shine when made using sparkling styles of Rosé. This includes lemonade mixed with sparkling Rosé, which is often referred to as a “Pink Lemonade Mimosa.”

Mimosas and Brunch

mimosas and brunch

In the United States, mimosa drinks have become so popular with weekend brunch meals that the two are nearly always thought of together. Weekend brunch is responsible for a huge portion of mimosa sales, and many restaurants stock up on sparkling wine each week just for these brunch services.

Brunch has exploded in popularity in the US over the past two decades, and it has risen from a relatively obscure meal to a weekend staple for the next generation. There are many people who celebrate brunch with friends at least once per month.

Bloody Marys and Mimosas are the two top-selling drinks during brunch services, and each has its own purpose. Many people look at the Bloody Mary as a “hangover drink,” while the mimosa is generally used to “get the party started.”


National Mimosa day is one of America’s favorite holidays, as it gives one of the most simple and delicious sparkling wine based mixed drinks its own platform every year on May 16. There are many different ways to celebrate this unique holiday, including mixing up a mimosa at home and enjoying various drink specials.

Many people choose to celebrate National Mimosa Day by attending brunch with friends at their favorite local restaurant, as the rise of the mimosa and brunch have been intertwined over the past few decades.

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