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The 6 Best Wine Podcasts (Updated 2024)

Charl Joost
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

Wine is an interesting topic that comes up often during social events or around the dinner table. If you want to hear new takes on the industry, the best place to get that information is wine podcasts. On these shows topics such as wine collecting and how to correctly wine taste are discussed.

In this article, we are going to discuss our top picks of the 6 best wine podcasts. Each of these podcasts adds value to the conversation, with interesting takes and thoughts brought up. This should help you decide which podcast you want to listen to next.

Overview of Top 6 Best Wine Podcasts

  1. The Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast
  2. The UK Wine Show
  3. The Wine Vault Podcast
  4. Interpreting Wine Podcast
  5. The Wine Show Australia
  6. Wine Enthusiast Podcast

Top 6 Best Wine Podcasts

1. The Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast

the unreserved wine talk podcast

Natalie MacLean has worked as a journalist for 20 years, writing about wine and gaining insight into the industry. This led to the creation of the Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast with a wide range of topics covered, guest stars, and MacLean’s wine reviews.

Among these topics is a discussion on the experience of competing in the World’s Best Sommelier Competition as well as a look at the underground community of wine forgery. These are interesting topics that are inspired by MacLean’s experience in the industry and the things she has come across.

An interesting episode that was released as a collaboration between MacLean and Lawrence Francis (from Interpreting Wine Podcast). They discussed the power of podcasts and how MacLean got into writing about wine for so many years.

Other episodes see MacLean reviewing the wine and discussing the style and classification. The episode titled Tradeoff Between Taste and Alcohol saw MacLean taste chardonnays and how different wines of the same classification taste differently.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Natalie’s podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Spotify. You could therefore access this podcast via various platforms.
  • Average length: At 41 minutes on average, this is a good podcast to listen to during your morning or afternoon commute. Otherwise, it is a good podcast to build into your evening routine and listen to the discussion while enjoying a glass of wine.
  • Frequency of uploads: New episodes of the Unreserved podcast are uploaded daily. This means you will always have something new to listen to and will not have to wait long before a new installment is released.

2. The UK Wine Show

the uk wine show

As one of the oldest wine podcasts in the United Kingdom, the UK Wine Show was launched in 2006 and is hosted by Christ Scott. The focus of the show is to explore the wine industry and its effects in the UK, as well as explore the wine industry elsewhere in the world.

Among the guests invited to take part in the show are winemakers, wine critics, bar owners, and producers. These episodes see Scott interviewing these individuals and getting them to share their opinions on the topic of the episode.

One interview was conducted with Lauren Denyer who took listeners through the WSET L4 D4 Tasting Exam. This exam involves 4 sections which include tasting wines from the same variety of grape, from the same country, from the same region, and then unrelated samples.

Another episode looked at the art of investing in fine wines with Marcus Allen. As a less volatile asset, the discussion sparked some back and forth that will leave listeners entertained and enlightened.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: The UK Wine Show is available via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and the Thrifty Fifty website. This show can be accessed by various platforms making it easier for listeners to tune into the next episode.
  • Average length: Each episode is roughly 35 minutes making it a shorter podcast to enjoy. Given the frequency of the uploads and the length, this is a good show to listen to while getting ready or doing the dishes.
  • Frequency of uploads: New episodes of the podcast are uploaded each week. This allows you to start your week with a new episode and keep updated about the opinions and suggestions of the host.

3. The Wine Vault Podcast

the wine vault podcast

Hosted by Rob Dern, Becky Dem, and Scott Feil, The Wine Vault Podcast is an interesting podcast to subscribe to. Each episode looks at a different wine and sees the hosts trying the wine on air. They go through their opinions on the wine, whether they like it or not, and how to wine taste correctly.

Although their primary focus is value wines, exotic wines are tasted. Episode 345 involved a wine from the Bodegas Borsao portfolio, with the wine being the Zarihs Syrah. Other episodes see them trying wines from wine box subscriptions with them giving their opinions on which wine is worth buying.

Once the hosts have tried a wine and decided they like it, or the estate it originates from, they add it to their Hall of Fame. This gives listeners the option to track down the wine they have heard about and try it themselves.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Aside from the Wine Vault podcast website, the only other places to listen to this show are on Apple Podcasts and via the show’s RSS feed. This does decrease the accessibility of the show and makes it more difficult for some listeners to subscribe.
  • Average length: At approximately 65 minutes per episode, this show is a long-form podcast. You may struggle to listen to the episode right through without breaks unless you have an hour to spare and focus on the podcast.
  • Frequency of uploads: Another show that uploads weekly, the Wine Vault is a good show to build into your weekend nights. You can enjoy this show during a quiet night or on your commute if there is traffic.

4. Interpreting Wine Podcast

interpreting wine podcast

Hosted by Lawrence Francis, Interpreting Wine, is a podcast aimed at interpreting wine and how to market it. The primary focus of this podcast is to help wine brands and winemakers learn how to position their brands online. Francis takes winemakers through the process of examining their brands.

Episode 497 is part of Francis’ series on Sonoma County Winemakers. He interviewed David Ramey from the Ramey Wine Cellars. They discussed Ramey’s origin and how he got into winemaking. Additionally, he gave Francis a virtual tour of the vineyard with an explanation throughout.

This series contains 4 episodes, each of which explores the County’s top wine producers. This is to give listeners an insight into how the wine is made, the history behind each producer, and other information that guests find interesting.

Other guests who take part in this series include Kim Stare Wallace from Dry Creek Vineyard, Justin Seidenfeld of Rodney Strong Vineyards, and James Hall of Patz & Hall Winery. Aside from this series is over 400 episodes looking at other vineyards and wineries to explore.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: This Podcast is available on Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Radio Public. You can therefore choose which platform to listen to the show on which allows listeners more variety and accessibility.
  • Average length: Each episode runs for approximately 47 minutes which makes it a decent length. A good time to enjoy this show is while you are stuck in traffic or if you are trying to wind down at the end of the week.
  • Frequency of uploads: New episodes are uploaded each week which allows you to experience a new take or opinion often. Particularly if you are not already subscribed, there is a buildup of episodes for you to work through and catch up on.

5. The Wine Show Australia

the wine show australia

Hosted by Simon Nash, Richo Doumani, and Jill Upton, the Wine Show Australia takes listeners into the minds of industry leaders. Individuals in the industry are interviewed and their stories are then shared on various platforms to make them more accessible.

The hosts each have an interesting story about why they got involved with the podcast. Simon has spent more than 30 years exploring wine regions worldwide to discover more about his passion. Richo has worked worldwide as a wine professional, while Jill is a seasoned wine reviewer and brand manager.

One episode involved a conversation with Peter Lloyd who comes from a family that has taken care of the Cariole vineyard in McLaren Vale. This conversation looked at the tricks and secrets behind older vineyards, and what Lloyd suspects the future of the Vale will look like.

Other episodes involve discussions on wine festivals such as the Prosecco Festival in Melbourne which was discussed with Mel Brauer. During this conversation, Brauer gave Simon and Richo a lesson on how to taste Prosecco and identify the underlying flavors in the beverage.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Radio Public, and Pocket casts. This allows you to access the podcast on your preferred platform without needing to go via another channel.
  • Average length: This is a shorter podcast to listen to when doing a quick chore or on a short drive. Each episode runs for roughly 30 minutes meaning you do not have to dedicate too much time to listening when busy with something else.
  • Frequency of uploads: The podcast uploads new episodes often, with approximately 12 new episodes uploaded per month. This amounts to roughly 3 new episodes per week to keep you entertained.

6. Wine Enthusiast Podcast

wine enthusiast podcast

Created in 2016, the Wine Enthusiast Podcast is hosted by various editors of the podcast. The focus of the podcast is the world of wine, with the podcast sometimes covering beer and spirits. Topics covered include emerging trends in winemaking, educational elements of the industry, and more.

Episode 133 is an interview of Carmelo Anthony (who is a National Basketball Association (NBA) star) and his business partner Asani Swan. The interview focused on Anthony discussing his new wine label, which is named the Seventh Estate. He discusses the wine label and how it came about.

An extra episode that is not part of the official show looks at the history behind the oldest vine in the world. This discussion occurred between Jacy Topps from Wine Enthusiast and Jason Wise from SOMM TV. The topic focused on the 270-year-old vine and how it came to still exist.

This podcast focuses more on the industry rather than wine tasting and gives listeners an insight into the inner workings. Various winery owners and experts in the field are interviewed to give their opinions and thoughts on the wine industry.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: You can listen to new episodes of the Wine Enthusiast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Podhero, Podcast Guru, Radio Public, and Overcast. This gives you multiple platforms to access the podcast giving you more variety.
  • Average length: Another shorter podcast, each episode runs for approximately 37 minutes. You can therefore enjoy this podcast while doing chores or going through your daily routine.
  • Frequency of uploads: New episodes are released each day. This allows you to have something to listen to every night while winding down from the day or every morning while getting ready to go out.

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