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The 10 Best Hotels in Tuscany Wine Country (2024 Guide)

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

As a country known around the world as a premier winemaking destination, Italy is the home to many regions flourishing with far-spanning acres of beautiful vineyards. Still, while these vineyards are widespread throughout the country, Tuscany stands tall above the rest as Italy’s officially recognized wine country destination.

As one of the oldest wine-growing regions on Earth, with evidence of the practice occurring in the region dating back as early as the 8th century BC, Tuscany is a destination that promises visitors the opportunity to explore the industry’s history while sampling some of the most delicious wines in the world.

However, with vineyards spanning seemingly endless acres across the Tuscan landscape, determining the best place to stay in Tuscany wine country can take time and effort.

From a lavish resort in the oldest corner of the winemaking region to budget-friendly accommodation in a neighborhood with an up-and-coming vineyard, these are the ten best hotels in Tuscany Wine Country.

The Top Hotels in Tuscany Wine Country

  1. Castello di Ama
  2. Castello di Spaltenna
  3. Badia a Coltibuono
  4. Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco
  5. Castelo di Velona
  6. Castello Banfi – Il Borgo
  7. Borgo Canalicchio Di Sopra Relais
  8. Monteverdi Tuscany
  9. Tombolo Talasso Resort
  10. Villa le Querciolaie

Where to Stay in Tuscany Wine Country – Tips and Advice

  • Where Is Tuscany’s Best Wine Region: There are two main regions in Tuscany Wine Country – the hills of Central Tuscany and the region’s Tyrennian Coast. While these broad areas divide Tuscany into two, they also feature various micro-regions that each grows their wine variations with unique flavors. Of these micro-regions, the most famous and most visited wine producers are Chianti, Montalcino, and Monteverdi.
  • Why Stay in Chianti: Dedicated to the production of wine since the Etruscans occupied the countryside, Chianti has been one of the world’s most famous producers of the substance since as early as the 8th century BC. As such, it is the perfect destination in Tuscany Wine Country for exploring the history of the industry in the country while sampling some of the world’s most celebrated varietals.
  • Why Stay in Montalcino: Home to one of if not the most celebrated wines produced in Italy, Brunello do Montalcino, the Montalcino region is a must-visit destination when exploring Tuscany’s Wine Country. Beyond enjoying the prized varietal made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, Montalcino features an idyllic landscape of rolling hills and sweeping vineyards.
  • Why Stay in Monteverdi: A small village along the slopes of the Metalliferous Hills, Monteverdi is located in a region near Tuscany’s Tyrennian Coast that typically does not see the same volume of tourists as some of the region’s most famous areas. Still, it boasts a rich history dating back to 754 AD and features many fantastic wineries in the region, most notably Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

The Best Tuscany Wine Country Hotels

1. Castello di Ama – Chianti $$$

castello di ama
Image: Castello di Ama

Nestled in the heart of 75 hectares of beautiful sprawling vineyards, the Castello di Ama is one of the most celebrated wineries in one of Tuscany’s oldest and most historic regions.

In fact, the winery itself has a history that dates back nearly 3000 years, with evidence of the region’s Etruscan occupants using the area to produce wine long before the Holy Roman Empire.

Today the Castello di Ama offers guests a luxurious stay over the remains of what would have functioned as one of the most sought winemaking properties in history. The facilities include far-spanning vineyards and several services and amenities that elevate the hotel to an unmatched level of luxury.

Visitors staying at the Castello di Ama are transported back in time as they explore the history of the property’s winemaking industry through a series of winery and vineyard tours. The hotel’s specialty tours include guiding visitors through the vineyard’s award-winning varietals, along the historical relevance of the Chianti Region, and even through the very evolution of the property itself.

Also available within the complex is the celebrated Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani, which serves us delicious cuisine dishes specifically curated to accentuate the delectable flavors of the vineyard’s fantastic wines.

The Castello di Ama simply can’t be beaten when it comes to full-service luxury accommodation in the most historical winemaking region of Tuscany.

2. Castello di Spaltenna Exclusive Resort & Spa – Chianti $$

castello di spaltenna exclusive resort and spa
Image: Castello di Spaltenna Exclusive Resort & Spa

Also located in Tuscany’s historical Chianti Classico Region, the Castello di Spaltenna is a full-service luxury resort conveniently located in Gaiole near several of the region’s world-class vineyards while remaining within walking distance of the town’s services.

As one of the region’s most abundant resorts, the Castello di Spaltenna features a wide variety of services and amenities, including three exquisite restaurants, an extensive wine cellar, a large swimming pool, and even an onsite full-service spa.

But of course, when visiting Chianti, guests will want to explore more than just their resort’s facilities. Luckily, the Castello di Spaltenna provides several excursions into the surrounding countryside, nearby cities, and even some of the region’s most celebrated vineyards.

These excursions include everything from some of the region’s best nature hikes to retracing the steps of Leonardo Da Vinci and even visiting the nearby communities of San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.

Once finished exploring the engaging countryside, visitors will retreat to the privacy of their hotel room, where they will enjoy only top-quality luxury amenities.

While each room in the hotel’s catalog features its own unique luxurious additions, all rooms are decorated with a traditional rustic design and feature plenty of comforts that provide complete immersion into the region’s rich history.

3. Badia a Coltibuono – Chianti $

badia a coltibuono
Image: Badia a Coltibuono

Combining a historic stay in Tuscany’s classical Chianti region with comfortable, full-service accommodation, the Badia a Coltibuono is one of the best ways to explore Tuscany Wine Country while traveling on a budget.

Operating in the region for over a millennium, the Coltibuono has historically been known as one of the region’s premier producers of elegant wines and excellent oils.

With the hotel’s main facility nestled along the idyllic hillside of Monti del Chianti, guests staying at this fantastic accommodation are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of the monumental vineyards and farmlands.

Badia a Coltibuono features an onsite tasting room and restaurant, both serving as fantastic day trip destinations for enjoying classic Tuscan wines and cuisines. However, for the Coltibuono experience, visitors should plan to spend at least one night in the hotel’s selection of luxury rooms, suites, and villas that preserve the classical charms of the 11th-century abbey the hotel is built within.

Like many winery hotels in Tuscany, the Badia a Coltibuono only operates from April through October. Rates start at $134 per night in April for the hotel’s Classic Double Room, but prices increase throughout the season.

4. Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco – Montalcino $$$

rosewood castiglion del bosco
Image: Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

The epitome of luxury resort accommodations, the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco offers a unique stay that combines the region’s natural beauty and celebrated wines with an Italian heritage and culture that dates back centuries.

Located within the historic town of Montalcino, the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco operates out of an 800-year-old estate situated in the heart of Val d’Orcia, an officially recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, and occupies over 5,000 acres of beautiful countryside and vineyards.

Located within the extensive premises of the resort are several luxury amenities that separate the Rosewood apart as one of the premier accommodations in the world.

These opulent additions included an onsite cooking school where guests can learn to craft traditional Italian cuisines, a private golf course for a calming day on the tees, the hotel’s celebrated winery hosting daily tours, and many more engaging activities for guests to explore the marvels of the region.

To unwind, the hotel also features plenty of services and amenities that facilitate relaxation. These include the resort’s onsite full-service spa, a panoramic heated pool, bocce ball, tennis courts, and a fitness center.

5.   Castelo di Velona – Montalcino $$$

castelo di velona
Image: Castelo di Velona

Another beautiful Tuscany resort overlooking the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Castello di Velona, the Castelo di Velona boasts a luxurious stay with a rich history that reflects the monumental ancestry of the region itself.

Operating out of a restored 10th-century castle, Castel di Velona is one of the most opulent stays in the Montalcino region and boasts some of the most breathtaking views of the celebrated Brunello of Montalcino vineyards.

While the hotel provides a convenient situation in the heart of Tuscany for exploring everything the wine country has to offer, the wide variety of onsite services and amenities make the Castelo di Velona a destination worth experiencing in its own right.

Featured within the hotel complex features three in-house restaurants, including a poolside service area, a full-service spa, and a selection of wedding and event venues, and is even located near Tuscany’s celebrated Michelin Star restaurant, Il Silene 1.

Guests staying at the Castelo di Velona continue to enjoy the wholly luxurious experience of the hotel, even within the comforts of their private quarters. Each room is designed with rustic styling and is decorated with antique furniture while sporting modern amenities, including marble bathrooms, log fires, and satellite TV.

6. Castello Banfi – Il Borgo – Montalcino $$

castello banfi Il borgo
Image: Castello Banfi – Il Borgo

Home to the hotel, two restaurants, a wine shop, and even a glass museum, the Castello Banfi Resort is more than a simple accommodation option.

Located near the city of Montalcino, the Castello Banfi sits atop an isolated hilltop that overlooks miles of the resort’s own vineyards and Ombrone Valley. The hotel’s outdoor pool boasts some of the most breathtaking views anywhere within the complex.

Visitors can sample the resort’s homegrown wines and several varietals from nearby vineyards with an accompanied charcuterie at The Enoteca, the resort’s onsite wine shop and tasting room.

Alternatively, visitors seeking the culinary flavors of the region’s celebrated cuisine can head to either of the hotel’s two restaurants, where they will enjoy only the finest tastes of Tuscany.

The hotel features five luxury room options, each with modern amenities, including a walk-in rainfall shower, a bath, wood beam ceilings, and Tuscan-style interiors.

7. Borgo Canalicchio Di Sopra Relais -Montalcino $

borgo canalicchio di sopra relais
Image: Borgo Canalicchio Di Sopra Relais

Visitors seeking a budget-friendly method for exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Montalcino Region will want to book their night’s stay at the fabulous Borgo Canalicchio di Sopra Relais.

Only 1.2 miles from Montalcino, the Borgo Canalicchio di Sopra Relais is one of the greatest valued accommodations anywhere in Tuscany’s wine country. It features not one but two outdoor pools for guests to soak in as they take in their awe-inspiring surroundings.

Also featured within the hotel’s complex is a large garden and wine shop which sells the hotel’s own Brunello wine. Additional services, restaurants, and shops are available to guests and are located only a short distance away in historic Montalcino.

Borgo Canalicchio’s comfortable room selections feature plenty of modern amenities and designs, including wrought-iron beds, wood-beamed ceilings, fully equipped kitchens, and extensive lounge areas.

Rates start at $154 per night for the hotel’s One-Bedroom Apartment unit.

8. Monteverdi Tuscany – Monteverdi $$$

monteverdi tuscany
Image: Monteverdi Tuscany

Monteverdi Tuscany Hotel offers a unique experience for visitors as it combines its historical setting and rustic designs with the full comforts of a five-star resort.

The result is an accommodation that transports guests back to medieval Italy, where each guest is royalty and experiences the expected luxuries and opulence that accompany the title.

The Monteverdi Tuscany Hotel is a medieval hilltop village that overlooks vast vineyards and cypress tree groves. Also observable from the boutique hotel is the extensive Roman road network that weaves through the region, old watchtowers, and several walled cities.

However, while the historical setting of the Monteverdi Tuscany Hotel makes it one of the region’s most unique stays, the hotel’s full-service onsite amenities separate it as the premier accommodation option in Monteverdi.

The hotel features several restaurants and lounges for visitors to sample both the culinary favorites of Tuscany and several flavors of the region’s homegrown wines. Also featured within the hotel is a full-service spa and wellness center and an extensive event venue that frequently hosts celebrated musicians throughout the year.

9. Tombolo Talasso Resort – Monteverdi $$

tombolo talasso resort
Image: Tombolo Talasso Resort

Occupying an idyllic corner of the Tuscan shoreline, the Tombolo Thalasso Resort is a fantastic accommodation for enjoying full-service amenities, a convenient location for exploring the region’s wine country, and simply unwinding with a wellness retreat while breathing in the fresh sea air of the coast.

Along with a 200-meter stretch of private Blue Flag beach, the hotel also features an onsite outdoor pool, pine and olive tree groves, a seaside terrace, and an onsite restaurant that serves up local delicacies prepared using only locally sourced ingredients.

Perhaps the resort’s most significant appeal is the Tombolo Talasso’s extensive wellness center which features thalassotherapy saltwater pools, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, and beauty and massage treatments.

But of course, the luxury doesn’t end there, and guests will continue to bask in the lap of luxury long after they have retreated to the privacy of their rooms.

Each room at the Tombolo Thalasso Resort features full comfort amenities that emphasize health and sustainability.

10. Villa le Querciolaie – Monteverdi $

villa le querciolaie
Image: Villa le Querciolaie

Another fantastic budget-friendly way to experience the magical wonders of Tuscany’s wine country, the Villa le Querciolaie offers guests a cost-effective way to stay directly in one of the region’s most historic buildings while embracing the modern comforts provided by the hotel’s extensive services and amenities.

Operating out of a 16th-century Florence-style villa, the Querciolaie offers guests accommodation riddled with reminders of the region’s storied past. Along with suitably styled lush gardens and sculptures, the hotel also features two modern outdoor pools and a quaint living room with a cozy fireplace.

Additionally, each room at the Querciolaie offers base comfort amenities while providing additional opulent comforts, including elegant furnishings, en suite bathrooms, and a complimentary sweet and savory breakfast.

Rates at the Querciolaie start at $112 per night for a Double or Twin Room.


While each region of Tuscany wine country has something unique to offer, each destination is as beautiful as the next. Luckily, several accommodation options are littered throughout the countryside, with hotels and resorts suitable for visitors of any budget.

From opulent five-star resorts to quaint boutique hotels, these are the best Tuscany wine country hotels to fit any budget;

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