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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is a popular type of alcoholic beverage. With the popularity of the drink so high, it is no wonder that there are numerous brands on the market. While all of the drinks may be called Vodka, not all brands produce the same type or flavor.

In this article, we will focus on the brand Roberto Cavalli Vodka. This is a premium brand of vodka that was established in 2005.

The drink is produced in partnership with the well-known designer Roberto Cavalli. Interestingly, Roberto Cavalli was the one who designed the bottle in which this vodka is packaged.

To find out more about this unique brand of vodka, keep reading!

A Brief History of Roberto Cavalli Vodka

history of roberto cavalli vodka

This brand was created in partnership with its namesake, Roberto Cavalli. Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer who established his vodka brand back in 2005.

At first, Roberto kept his vodka brand private and only shared it with his close family and friends. Now, it is a popular vodka brand known and enjoyed by many!

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is an Italian Premium Vodka. It is made and produced entirely in Italy. This is the first premium vodka brand to do so.

To create this elegant and sophisticated alcoholic beverage, the company uses only the finest grain. The variety of grain was selected by Roberto and his son Tommaso themselves from the fertile Granda Valley.

This choice of grain is rich with a type of starch known as a-type starch. This is known to convert the sucrose into the purest form which in turn affects the distilled alcohol. It makes it cleaner and more engaging.

Grain is not all that goes into the creation of this premium vodka. Magnificent, clear water is sourced for use in the making of this beverage. The water is sourced from alpine slopes located on Monte Rosa. The environment where this water is created is in pristine condition as it is far away from any kind of pollution.

The water sourced for Roberto Cavalli Vodka has a low mineral content and it, therefore, does not require any distilling. The use of this pure water is known as what gives the vodka all its purity. This purity is what is said to contribute to the excellence and extraordinary quality of the drink.

When ready, the liquid is then distilled and filtered through only the most extravagant marble flakes and shavings. This process is done to ensure that the alcohol has the perfect pH balance.

The final product created by Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a crystal-clear drink. It features a sweet yet soft note on the palate with a well-balanced and silky elegance. On the nose, it has a genuine, clean aroma with a soft touch of citrus.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka Prices, Variations & Sizes

roberto cavalli vodka variation

As with most alcohol brands, Roberto Cavalli Vodka has several types of vodkas in its range. Take a look below to find out what different sizes and variations Roberto Cavalli Vodka has to offer as well as the price range for each.

Variation Size Price ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Classic 700 ml $40 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Classic in Jeroboam 3l $162 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Classic in Magnum 1.5l $77 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Golden Edition 1l $45 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Night Edition 1l $45 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Blueberry Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Orange Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Rosemary Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Mango Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Açai 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Melon Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Watermelon Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Coconut Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Pineapple 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Vodka Coffee 1l $41 40% ABV
Roberto Cavalli Almond Vodka 1l $41 40% ABV

Roberto Cavalli Vodka Alternatives/Comparisons

roberto cavalli vodka alternative

If Roberto Cavalli Vodka is not for you or even if you enjoy it but would like to try something else, there are some alternative brands you could give a taste test.

  • True Premium Vodka – this is an Italian vodka with a 40% ABV
  • Purus Organic Vodka – another Italian brand of vodka with a 40% ABV
  • Zone Tangerine Vodka – this interesting vodka is Italian with only a 25% ABV

There are also several other popular brands of vodka you could give a try that are not Italian. These brands include:

How To Drink Roberto Cavalli Vodka

horoberto cavalli vodkaw to drink

You can enjoy your Roberto Cavalli Vodka in several different ways. The most popular way to drink this Italian brand of vodka is mixed into your favorite cocktail or mixer.

However, this is not the only way things can be done! If you feel so inclined, you can also have a shot of this vodka. Or you could even sip a flavored variety straight or over ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Roberto Cavalli Vodka?

This Italian vodka brand is owned by the Francoli family, and it is produced by Distillerie Francoli.

Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka a good brand?

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is created using only the finest ingredients. The brand prides itself on the elegance and perfectionism that goes into the creation of this drink. This vodka is described as being sophisticated, elegant, and of exceptionally high quality.

When was Roberto Cavalli Vodka released?

Although the date is not clear, it is said that this Italian brand of vodka was released back in 2005. Although Roberto was said to have kept his vodka to himself at first, only to share it with his closest family members and friends.

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