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The 6 Best Mexican Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is that clear spirituous liquor with a history steeped in legend and lore. Whether you enjoy a good vodka martini, a vodka tonic, or simply want to appreciate the nuances one might find with potato-based vodkas or wheat-based vodkas, you’re in for a treat.

This article will give insight into some of the most popular Mexican vodka brands. Yes, that’s right, Mexico doesn’t just produce tequila. In fact, Mexican vodka brands are quickly gaining popularity for their smooth and clean flavor profiles.

The Top Mexican Vodka Brands

  1. Habaneros Vodka
  2. Oso Negro Vodka
  3. Rolling Still Spirits
  4. Sx Liquors Negro
  5. The Community Spirit Vodka
  6. Vodka Villa Lobos
habaneros vodka
Image: Habaneros Vodka

1. Habaneros Vodka

Habaneros Vodka, an 80-proof corn-based spirit, has been distilled six times and is flawlessly mixed with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and habanero pepper flavor profiles.

These flavor profiles combine to form a predominantly vanilla flavor that is swiftly followed by a glimpse of warmth, generating a brilliantly rounded and interconnected mixture of sweet and hot that truly captures the Mexican culture.

The vodka is not overly sweet and remarkably complex, accompanied by the iconic warmth of the Habanero pepper, which develops slowly (not too hot), and in a satisfyingly exciting manner.

The natural principle of these two distinct yet complementary flavors is captured in Habaneros Flavored Vodka. Mellow and enticingly sweet, it slowly builds to the famed heat of the Habanero pepper.

2. Oso Negro Vodka

oso negro vodka

Oso Negro vodka is 40% ABV and, in Mexico, is a household name. Casa Cuervo, Mexico’s oldest distillery, produces this spirit. Only Smirnoff, a world-renowned vodka brand, sells more than Oso Negro vodka in Mexico.

This high-quality imported vodka is valued somewhere between Popov vodka and Smirnoff, making it significantly less expensive than other imported vodkas.

The spirit is distilled and bottled in Mexico and is available in one liter, 750 milliliters, and 250-milliliter bottles. In Mexico, vodkas are frequently mixed with flavors such as fruit drinks like orange, pineapple, lemon, or tomato to make cocktails.

Jose Cuervo, one of the best-selling Mexican brands of tequila, is the owner of Oso Negro.

3. Rolling Still Spirits

rolling still spirits
Image: Rolling Still

Rolling Still Spirits is a women-owned distillery company from Taos, New Mexico.

They inspire a tale about a time and its connection to the environment that has transpired in Taos, New Mexico’s Sangre De Cristo Mountains – of which the water used for distilling by the Rolling Stones results from that connection.

Their water penetrates through The Phoenix Spring after navigating roughly 8 decades of mineral-rich soil and rock. The water here has been resurrected with personality, complexity, and a silk vitality so valuable and life-changing that it could only be discovered in the high desert.

Rolling Stones observes every phase in making their vodka as a chance to introduce a certain connectedness and intimacy to the frontline. This includes the extraction of their water, the sourcing of local, natural ingredients, and the distillation process as a whole.

One might think it would require more time to do this. But, as their water story has demonstrated, time is already on their side.

Slowing down and treating each phase and blunder as equal, Rolling Stone continues to introduce honesty and creative thinking to their project. By infusing the essence of Taos in every drop of their spirit, they revealed a way of being.

4. Sx Liquors Negro

sx liquors negro

Negro by Sx Liquors is a Reposado Vodka produced from vibrant Latin sugar cane. Immersed with profound, rich, and soulful flavors after resting in Anejo oak barrels.

SX negro provides unrivaled smoothness and uncompromised quality. SX Liquors’ gluten-free barrel-aged products are manufactured in Jalisco, Mexico, and come in hand-blown as well as painted bottles.

SX Negro Vodka, Blanco Vodka, ChaChaCha Tequila, Cafedoble Tequila, Mojito Rum, and Samba Rum are among SX Liquors most popular spirits.

Their price is not too bad either – $29.99 for 750ml bottles and $39.99 for 1-liter bottles. The brand is currently pushing its’s liquor line nationally across the United States.

5. The Community Spirit Vodka

the community spirit vodka
Image: The Community Spirit Co. Reservebar

The Community Spirit is a new age, top-shelf vodka that strongly emphasizes community involvement.

As fantastic new vodka, this brand uses its marketing expertise to support needy communities. They donate every communication tool to the causes their spirit’s customers care most about.

The collaborative campaign of Community Spirit to assist usher in a more socially just service industry. They’ve selected four areas of emphasis and are collaborating with non-profit partner organizations to enhance and magnify the tasks they’re doing to better the lives of employees in the hospitality industry.

They strongly feel that doing what’s best for the community benefits everybody. It’s safe to conclude that The Community Spirit Vodka, as a brand sets a good example.

The award-winning Casa Lumbre partnership, guided by Master Distillers Dr. Iván Saldaa and Lupita Garcia, created Community Spirit Vodka. The result is a smooth and character-filled vodka deserving of the top shelf by incorporating their decades of expertise with the finest the sector has to offer.

Their vodka is made from 100% American corn, is 5x distilled, is gluten-free and Kosher certified, and is filtered with activated coconut carbon.

They begin with a base distillate made entirely of American corn. Since vodka can be made from various grains, they select corn as their core ingredient because it produces excellent vodka.

Community Spirit is distilled 5 times in copper stills to ensure the most delicate flavor. Their spirit is manufactured and distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, before getting distributed to a Mexican partner in Aguascalientes.

Before actually filtering the vodka with flakes of coconut carbon, which eliminates impurities without vigorously removing the flavors and aromas from the spirit, it is hydrated with native well water to make it seamless and soothing.

To cut down on waste, the remaining water is collected and ultimately treated before being reused for irrigation.

6. Vodka Villa Lobos

vodka villa lobos

Villa Lobos is a Mexican vodka with a distinct point of differentiation from other vodka brands. It contains the agave worm (the larva of the Comadia redtenbacheri moth found in Northern Mexico), which is typically frequently associated with Mexican Mezcals.

This company’s marketing emphasizes the drink’s ties to Tequilas, and it won a second prize medal at the United Vodka Tasting Competition in Brussels in 2003.

Currently, the spirit is accessible as a 45% ABV spirit that comes with the Agave worm or a premium 55% ABV vodka that does not contain the worm.

Distilled 5 times and produced from 3 grains of varying grains with water extraction from deep artesian wells and snow melting on top of Mexico’s highest active volcano, El Pico de Orizaba, which is snowy year-round.

Their vodka goes through high distillation, charcoal filtering, and resting. These unique features make their vodka an excellent mixer.

The peppery, wheat, agave, and barley are special flavor notes of Villa Lobos Platinum Mexican Vodka, which is cautiously distilled at Villa Lobos.

It’s a clear vodka with a clean, classy nose and a seamless fragrance of grain, charcoal, and spice. It has a soft but joyful taste on the palate, with bright grain flavor and spice. Completing with a fresh and vibrant flavor

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