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Don Julio vs Casamigos Tequila

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

People who are fond of trying out new adult beverages must be wondering about the contrasts between Don Julio and Casamigos.

Although Casamigos and Don Julio are both varieties of premium tequila that people love, there are some discrepancies between them, especially in terms of flavor and taste.

They are both renowned brands supplying good quality products having a luxurious flavor and immense versatility. For example, Don Julio has a memorable scent infused with the essence of lemon, agave, and grapefruit.

Likewise, Casamigos also delivers a refreshing scent of citrus fruits, agave, and sweet vanilla. Contrary to Don Julio, it feels crisp and neat on the palate.

Therefore, you should read the article below to understand the similarities and differences between Don Julio vs Casamigos and discover which of these drinks suits your taste and needs best.

Don Julio vs Casamigos – History

Initially, both brands were separate since their founders were different people. Presently, however, the same company-Diageo has acquired sole ownership of the two brands.

Diageo is a company based in Britain that controls more than two hundred liquor brands worldwide.

Don Julio

don julio bottles

The founder of Don Julio, Master Distiller Don Julio Gonzalez, was a true genius. He started producing tequila by distilling the agave plant when he was only seventeen years old.

He was so skilled in the art of making tequila that he quickly acquired fame and rose to the position of Master Distiller.

Don Julio is a tequila that has retained its famous reputation since its inception in 1942 and has established a large fan following worldwide.


casamigos bottle with glass

Casamigos is a top-shelf tequila brand that has a more recent origin. A famous American actor George Clooney partnered with his friend Rander Gerber and property developer Mike Meldman, intending to create tequila depending on their personal preference and for their consumption.

However, the resulting products were so favorable that in June 2017, Diageo purchased the brand for $700 million and started supplying its tequila worldwide.

Don Julio vs Casamigos – Manufacturing Process

Don Julio – Ingredients

The main ingredient for Don Julio tequila is Weber Blue Agave which farmers harvest from the lush highlands of Jalisco. The founders own land in this area, which supplies a sufficient amount of agave for tequila.

Since the aging process for tequila is lengthy and complicated, the company concentrates on maintaining it over time alongside the growth of the agave plants because they need to be at least seven to ten years mature before harvesting.


don julio making

The manufacturing of Don Julio is intricate, involving a modern production process. The company employs skilled workers to harvest each plant meticulously by hand.

After harvesting the mature plants, the workers remove the root of the agave plant and clip off the sharp leaves. The remainder of the plant is called piña. This is the primary raw material concerned with tequila making.

Experts steam the primary ingredients for 72 hours before grounding the agave into smaller pieces. Then the spirit passes through double distillation to guarantee that it has purity and smoothness.

Finally, experts pour the tequila into stainless steel tanks or bourbon casks so that it undergoes aging and deepens in flavor. Once the tequila has aged considerably, experts pour the liquid into bottles and deliver it to shops for selling.

Casamigos – Ingredients

The Casamigos brand also uses Blue Weber agave to create all its products. The company purchases a large amount of agave from the highlands of Jalisco.

However, unlike Don Julio, Casamigos incorporates agave that is seven to nine years old at the time of harvest.


casamigos making

The manufacturing process for Casamigos tequila is slightly different, although the base ingredient is the same. To achieve perfect taste and balance in its tequila, Casamigos employs the traditional production process.

According to the conventional procedure, experts steam the agave plant from Jalisco Highlands for seventy-two hours. Then they mix a specific amount of yeast into the agave syrup, setting it aside for fermentation which requires at least eighty hours.

Once fermentation is complete, a slightly alcoholic liquid with a gentle, sweet flavor forms. People refer to this as agave beer that evolves into tequila after undergoing double distillation in stills.

Casamigos tequila is unaged tequila that rests for two months only. After this duration, the workers pour it into bottles and send them to the markets for sale.

Don Julio vs Casamigos – Description

Casamigos tequilas feel smoother on the palate and have a lighter flavor than most Don Julio varieties. Hence many people, especially those new to drinking, find it easier to enjoy Casamigos tequilas, even on their own.

However, there are pronounced differences between the different varieties of both brands in terms of taste and essence. To better understand the contrast between Don Julio vs Casamigos tequila, refer to the description of their Blanco variants.

Don Julio Blanco


It appears completely clear and has a slightly thick consistency.


The first impression of Don Julio Blanco carries a refreshing and clean scent of agave. You can also detect hints of tropical fruit like pineapple, guava, and papaya.

However, shadowing these subtle fruity notes is a slight medicinal smell, probably stemming from the fresh agave.


taste don julio

The initial sip feels dense and sweet in the mouth with a slight burning sensation. This is a typical feature of fruit-based tequila. With another sip, you can feel the flavor develop further.

Now you can easily detect grassy notes, especially in the mid-palate area. At the back of the mouth, however, you can taste menthol, white pepper, and stone fruit.


Don Julio Blanco does not leave a strong, unpleasant aftertaste. It has a medium, quick finish with impressions of menthol, white pepper, and tropical fruit. Some people complain that the lingering sensation feels slightly ”flat”.

Casamigos Blanco


It is transparent and ranges in density from light to medium.


The most potent scent that is easily detectable is vanilla beans. However, as you sample the beverage further, you notice gentle hints of tropical fruit, like papaya or guava. In general, it does not have a complicated mix of smells.


taste casamigos blanco

The initial taste feels sweet and bright on the tongue. Hence it has an uplifting effect on your spirits. There is also a refreshing smell of fresh agave that anchors the nose.

Midpalate, you can decipher a prominent flavor of agave, banana, papaya, and vanilla. At the rear of the palate, there is a hint of spices like black pepper and additional vanilla. Some people can also detect a medicinal note.


Casamigos Blanco does not leave a long-lasting taste in the mouth. Instead, it leaves a brief finish carrying hints of medicine and vanilla. Some people also observe dryness on the inside of the cheeks.

Don Julio vs Casamigos – Usage

Casamigos and Don Julio tequilas are famous because of their excellent taste and versatility. There are so many ways to enjoy these brands of tequila.

You can have them neat with ice cubes or incorporate them into cocktails for a truly delectable experience.

However, Don Julio has a more robust flavor compared to Casamigos, so having it neat can be harsh unless you are a seasoned drinker. Hence, for most people, the choicest way to enjoy Don Julio is by mixing it into cocktails.

On the contrary, Casamigos tequilas are mild and gentle in taste, so it is ideal if you sip them neatly. However, since they also have a sweet taste you can use them as a mixer for cocktails and margaritas.

Don Julio vs. Casamigos – Prices

Luckily, there is no stark difference between the costs of both brands. So feel free to purchase whichever you fancy or perhaps both!

A bottle of Don Julio Blanco has a price of $53, while a bottle of Casamigos Blanco containing the same volume of alcohol is approximately $51.

The cost of each bottle can vary depending on the age and variety of tequila. However, typically, there is a difference of only two to three dollars in the prices of both brands, with Don Julio being the more expensive one.

For example, a bottle of Casamigos for 750ml liquor ranges from $49.99 to $59.99. Similarly, a 750ml bottle of Don Julio varies from $48 to $67.

Don Julio vs. Casamigos – Alcohol Content

person pouring water on drinking glass

Almost all variants of Casamigos and Don Julio tequila, including Blanco, Añejo, and Reposado, are 80 proof and have 40% alcohol by volume.

Generally, most tequila possesses 40 – 50% alcohol content which is on the higher side and can cause intoxication with only a few shots.


Undoubtedly, both Don Julio and Casamigos are perfect options for those who love tequila. Casamigos has a muted and mild flavor, while Don Julio bears an intense and decadent taste.

Ultimately what you opt for depends on your personal preferences. While Don Julio has been around longer and has established a high standard for what exquisite tequila should be, Casamigos also holds some charm for beginners trying to get accustomed to the taste of tequila.

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