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How Much Fireball To Get Drunk?

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Although there are times when nothing is more desirable than drowning all your sorrows in a comforting bottle of alcohol, on most social occasions, it is best to drink liquor without getting drunk.

Hence, it is vital to know how much Fireball to get drunk because people often consider it milder than traditional whiskey. 

Whiskey generally has a standard alcohol content varying from 40-60%. However, Fireball is a less potent variant, having only 33% alcohol by volume. Thus you cannot become intoxicated after having a single shot of Fireball.

You can down a few shots of Fireball before you feel it. This begs the question, how much Fireball does it take to get drunk?

Factors That Determine How Quickly a Person Feels Drunk

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Alcohol has an immediate impact on a person new to drinking. One shot of Fireball is enough to make a beginner feel drunk. New drinkers have lower alcohol tolerance.

Since their bodies are not ready to resist the effect of alcohol, a shot of whiskey having only 33% ABV can intoxicate them quite easily.

Seasoned drinkers

Frequent drinkers are unaffected by a shot of Fireball. They are prone to having hard liquor regularly, so their bodies develop alcohol tolerance.

Thus a mix containing a serving of Fireball, Crown Royal, and a lime wedge feels like plain water or a dessert.

Time of Day

Having liquor on an empty stomach has a markedly different impact on the body compared to having it on a full stomach. Having two shots of Fireball plain or with ice without eating anything before is detrimental to the drinker.

Similarly, you become drunk quicker when you drink on an empty stomach, even if the liquor such as Fireball has a lower alcohol volume.

Body Weight

After having three servings of Fireball, most people start feeling tipsy, and those with a lower alcohol tolerance compared to others may also get slightly drunk. 

The effect of a serving of alcohol on different people varies depending on their body weight. People with more body mass react and get intoxicated differently.

A large-bodied man will take longer to feel tipsy than a thinner drinker. Generally, three servings of Fireball are sufficient to start numbing the senses.

Five Shots

Five standard size servings of Fireball will make you drunk even if you consume liquor regularly. If you down five shots of Fireball plain or with ice, you will start experiencing drunkenness within an hour. 


Fireball whiskey
Image: Fireball whiskey

How long does Fireball take to show effects?

A serving of alcohol typically has an impact within 30 minutes. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey does not produce any noticeable effect until thirty minutes to an hour.

However, the signs appear quicker if you take more than a single serving within half an hour.

Can you drink Fireball whiskey by itself?

Yes, you can drink Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey on its own because it has a pleasing taste carrying the richness of cinnamon and the sweetness of honey.

People compare its flavor to the delectable taste of Ferrara Candy Company’s candy called “Atomic Fireball”. 

Can Fireball whiskey cause a hangover?

Unflavored whiskey does not have as much flavor as flavored liquor, so you indulge more in the latter. Many people find it easier to down a large volume of Fireball whiskey because it has a sweet taste similar to candy.

However, after consuming eight to nine shots of Fireball, you will surely experience a hangover the next day, along with the associated headache and upset stomach.

How long does it take for alcohol to enter the body?

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Image: fireball bottle

Food decreases the speed of absorption of alcohol in the gut. However, alcohol typically enters blood circulation ten minutes after consumption. The body absorbs it through the stomach lining.

When you consume alcohol after ingesting food high in fat content, the alcohol takes longer to pass into your bloodstream since fatty food is more difficult to digest. 

What quantity of beer is equal to a shot of Fireball?

According to one estimate, a 12 oz serving of beer, which is roughly 354ml containing 5% alcohol by volume, contains the same ethanol concentration as Fireball.

So one shot of fireball having 40% alcohol by volume equals a 12 oz beer with 5% alcohol.

How Much Fireball To Get Drunk – Conclusion

Technically, how much Fireball to get drunk is a question with no fixed answer. Several factors influence the effects of alcohol on a person, like the rate of drinking, weight, age, gender, and physical and mental fitness of the drinker. 

One person can start feeling drunk after a single shot, while a seasoned drinker may need eight shots to feel inebriated.

Regardless, always be mindful of the amount of liquor you consume because a single shot with less alcohol can still damage your health without making you drunk.

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