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What Is A Quad Espresso At Starbucks? What to Know & How to Order

Jason Gass
Last Updated: March 17th, 2023

The quad espresso is the ultimate drink for the coffee lover. It is a rarely ordered drink from Starbucks but can be a nice option for venti espresso beverages.

But what is a Quad Espresso? In short, the quad espresso is a caffeine-filled, four-shot drink that will get your morning started and give you a boost of energy to get you through the day.

What Is a Quad Espresso? What You Need to Know

what is a quad espresso

The quad espresso sounds like a complicated coffee drink. However, when you get right down to it, it is nothing more than basic espresso.

When you go to your local Starbucks and order a single shot of espresso you get a concentrated, 0.75 ounces of coffee. A quad espresso is four shots of espresso in a single serving. So, instead of 0.75 ounces you get a cup with three ounces of espresso.

Not many people order a quad espresso on its own. It is more often ordered by people that like the Starbucks venti sized drink, but want less milk and more espresso. Most people order quad shots of espresso in their Starbucks latte, cappuccino, flat white, or iced espresso.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering a quad espresso at Starbucks is the caffeine. Espresso is a concentrated coffee, so it can have more caffeine in a single ounce than a regular coffee. If you quadruple that amount, you can get much more caffeine than you need on a daily basis.

How Much Caffeine is in a Quad Espresso at Starbucks

how much caffeine is in a quad espresso

We’ve just briefly mentioned the caffeine factor when it comes to the quad espresso at Starbucks. Before you go out and order a quad espresso you should be aware of the caffeine quantity. Many people think that their Starbucks espresso has more caffeine in a single shot than regular coffee.

The average single shot of espresso from Starbucks contains around 75 mg of caffeine. The normal cup of coffee contains around 100 mg of caffeine. If you want four shots of espresso in your Starbucks drink, you can expect to consume around 300 mg of caffeine.

This is a lot of caffeine. It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration recommends that healthy adults only consume 400 mg of caffeine per day.

If you aren’t sure that you want to drink that much caffeine in a single beverage, you can always request your quad espresso be made using decaffeinated beans. Starbucks decaf espresso contains approximately 3 mg of caffeine per shot, or 12 mg for a quad.

Quad Espresso Drinks at Starbucks to Order

quad espresso drinks at starbucks

Typically, Starbucks customers add shots of espresso to espresso-based drinks. However, we have heard of people adding a shot of espresso to their cold brew or regular iced coffee.

If you are not into the fancy, frilly drinks at Starbucks, you should go with a basic; a quad espresso is simply four shots of espresso in a single cup. Many people love the simplicity of the quad espresso. You can also enjoy this basic drink iced.

If the idea of drinking straight espresso is too much for you, then there are a variety of other drinks that work great with added shots of espresso. Drinks that work well with the quad espresso base are lattes and mochas.

Many people order the venti size of these drinks and add a couple of extra shots of espresso. In the venti, the quad shot reduces the amount of milk used in the drink.

Some people really like a quad cappuccino. This traditional espresso drink gives you an extra boost of energy on those slow mornings.

Any of your favorite espresso-based drinks at Starbucks can also be made as an iced drink, so you can enjoy a delicious coffee even on a hot day.

How to Order a Quad Shot at Starbucks

how to order a quad shot at starbucks

So, now that you know what a quad espresso is, and the types of drinks that are best with a quad shot of espresso, you need to know how to order one. This is actually quite easy. Your Starbucks barista will know exactly what you mean if you ask for a quad, so order your coffee with confidence.

If, for instance, you want a vanilla latte with four shots of espresso, in a venti-sized cup, you would ask for, “a quad shot venti vanilla latte.”

Just remember, you need to specify your cup size, any added flavors, and milk choice (if you don’t want regular milk).

What Is A Quad Espresso At Starbucks – Final Thoughts

For the brave at heart, the quad espresso from Starbucks is a great way to get more caffeine in your favorite drink. Many people prefer this option since it reduces the amount of milk in their drink.

However, remember that a quad espresso has a lot of caffeine, so stick to the quad espresso only when you really need a boost.

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