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The 5 Best Siphon Coffee Maker (2024 Guide)

Ashe Samuels
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

The siphon coffee maker may not be as user-friendly as a drip coffee machine, but it still has passionate fans. That said, anyone can get into the art of siphon coffee with a little practice!

Siphon coffee takes the art aspect of coffee making to nearly experimental heights. Not only will your morning cup taste nicer than ever, but you’ll also look like a science expert in the process. Today’s siphon coffee makers come in enough varieties to satisfy multiple tastes and skill levels. Believe it or not, there are even a few beginner-friendly models!

We’ll sort out the best siphon coffee makers by categories such as accessibility, size, and style. If you want a brief breakdown of our top picks, check out the following:

What Should I Look For in a Siphon Coffee Maker?

look for in a siphon coffee maker

Siphon coffee makers may be unique, but they’re not that unique. Below are several factors to consider before adding one of these little beauties to your kitchen.


How much room do you have for your coffee-brewing habit? Siphon coffee makers tend to be on the taller side, so double-check your kitchen counters to make sure you have room.

Coffee Volume

Do you like to brew for guests or brew alone? Most siphon coffee makers can do four or five cups, though some are as small as three.


Due to the high amount of working parts, siphon coffee makers are a little more expensive. Expect to pay between $50 to $200 for one, then save a little extra for replacement parts.


While siphon coffee makers aren’t as visually diverse as other brewing methods, you still have a few options. If you want your set-up to match your kitchen or office, double-check their color.

Most siphon coffee makers come in stainless steel, copper, or gold. The glass chambers are still the dominant part of the design, so just about any set-up will welcome this addition.

Brewing Time

Siphon coffee takes longer to brew than your average coffee maker. Some models may take between twenty to thirty minutes, while faster models need seven or eight minutes.

Skill Level

One of the biggest barriers to buying a siphon coffee maker is skill level. Since this coffee method already resembles a home science experiment, you won’t want to overlook this detail.

The siphon coffee maker comes with several parts such as the two chambers, tube, filter, burner, and lid. If you’re just starting out with coffee brewing, so many working parts may be intimidating. We’ll make sure to include some beginner-friendly options below.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Siphon Coffee Maker

dstblcr-table__imageHario "Technica" Glass Syphon Coffee Maker
  • Heat Resistant Glass Bowl and Burner
  • Perfect for Gift
  • Easy to Use
dstblcr-table__imageYama Siphon 8 Cup/32oz/950ml Stove Top Coffee Maker
  • Vacuum Brewed Coffee
  • Heat Resistant Body
  • Works on Gas and Electric Rangetops
dstblcr-table__imageBodum PEBO Coffee Maker
  • Electric Stovetop Compatible
  • Vacuum Brewed Coffee
  • Easy to Clean
dstblcr-table__imageDiguo Belgian/Belgium Balance Syphon Coffee Maker
  • Elegant Retro-Design
  • Eco Friendly Reusable Filter
  • Easy to Use and Wash
dstblcr-table__imageSolac SIPHON BREWER 3-in-1 Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Vacuum Brewed Coffee
  • Reusable Filter
  • Brewing Time and Temperature are Perfectly Calibrated

The Best Siphon Coffee Makers

siphon coffee maker in the market

Siphon coffee makers are seeing a comeback among passionate coffee fans (and very curious beginners). We chose the following models for standing out significantly in one or more areas.

1. Best All-Around Option: Hario Technica

The Hario brand has made a name for itself by providing accessible, high-quality coffee supplies for a variety of drinkers. If you’re an intermediate home brewer who wants to start experimenting with new methods, you can’t go wrong with the Technica.

You get to choose between a three-cup or five-cup model here. Either way, you’ll get a well-made model made out of durable, sustainable materials. Firstly, the glass is heat-resistant to prevent burns and protect the delicate temperature of your coffee. All the other accessories are made out of stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. Not only will your purchase last a long time, but it’ll also be more easily recycled.

We recommend finding a rubber placement mat when using this model since its lack of grip means it can slip and slide during use. Make sure it’s not flammable material, though, since the base is located next to the burner.

We Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Drinkers who want some flexibility in coffee volume
  • People who want to keep their purchase for a very long time
  • Passionate fans who want to start buying more sustainable supplies

We Don’t Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • People who want a travel-friendly brewing method
  • Anyone who wants more visual variety in their brewing supplies

2. Best User-Friendly Model: Yama 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon

While drip coffee makers and pour-overs are great for starting out, they’re not the only brewing methods you can kick off your journey with. The Yama 5-Cup Stovetop Siphon is a brilliantly user-friendly selection for newcomers.

You can already tell who this model is built for thanks to its simple appearance. This siphon coffee maker has fewer working parts, too. The top and bottom chambers are linked together to form a design similar to a Chemex, but works more like a Moka pot. The easy grip handle makes it easy to manipulate the coffee maker for the best placement. Even easier, all stove tops are compatible with the Yama 5-Cup.

This model is both safe for the dishwasher and the microwave (though the latter won’t make your coffee taste very good!). If you ever lose parts or damage them, Yama provides several replacement parts to increase the longevity of your purchase.

We Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Beginner coffee brewers who want to experiment a little
  • Drinkers who have limited brewing space
  • Fans of the Moka pot and the Chemex

We Don’t Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • People who want more color options in their brewing supplies
  • Drinkers who want a larger carafe to serve other people

3. Best Travel Model: Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker

Have you thought of traveling with your siphon coffee maker? If you absolutely can’t resist some old-fashioned vacuum coffee during a holiday or meet-up, Bodum PEBO has you covered.

At less than eight inches tall, this model is even smaller than the Yama 5-Cup. Both the size and the durable heat-resistant glass mean this coffee maker should hold up to repeat trips. Just make sure to pack it with your clothes or a wad of newspaper to be on the safe side. You don’t want to shell out even more money for replacement parts.

You can use this coffee maker on glass and electric stovetops, which is great news when your coffee brewing locations constantly change. If you need to use an electric coil burner, the Bodum PEBO comes with a wire diffuser.

Even the coffee brewing time is shorter than average! While most siphon coffee brewing can take between fifteen to thirty minutes, this model needs around five to ten. Coffee fans who like to brew for large groups won’t be satisfied here, but travelers and solo drinkers will be thrilled.

We Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Solo drinkers who want to experiment with new brewing methods
  • Homebrewers who travel regularly
  • Beginner brewers who want fewer working parts

We Don’t Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • People who like to brew for friends or family
  • Anyone who wants more visual variety in their coffee brewing methods

4. Best Visual Design: Diguo Belgium Luxury Royal

If you crave some visual panache in your brewing supplies, you’ll be well taken care of with the Diguo Belgium Luxury Royal. With its swooping curves and glittering colors, this elegant creation looks straight out of a fantasy novel.

This model is far from style over substance. You’ll enjoy a reusable coffee filter that cuts back on paper waste while providing a delicious cup. The glass is heat resistant, too, though we recommend handling it carefully. It’s still easier to burn yourself with a siphon coffee maker than with other brewing methods.

Your purchase comes with a few accessories like a measuring cup and a coffee scoop. However, you’ll have to provide your own alcohol for the burner. If you want to see what other styles you can get, the Diguo comes in rose gold, classic gold, and stainless steel.

This is the kind of coffee maker you buy when you want to enhance the experience of home brewing. It’s also a nice choice for entertaining guests or family. That said, the carafe only holds five cups, so save this brewing method for smaller gatherings.

We Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Drinkers who like to entertain family or guests
  • People who want to select from a variety of colors
  • Coffee fans trying to reduce their carbon footprint

We Don’t Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • People who make coffee for very large groups
  • Beginners who want fewer working parts or less maintenance

5. Best Option for Coffee and Tea: Solac Siphon Brewer 3-in-1

If you’re torn between your love of coffee and tea, try out Solac. Their 3-in-1 Siphon Brewer is able to create delicious coffee, tea, or regular boiled water.

What immediately stands out about this model is how it doesn’t look like other siphon coffee makers. Since its chambers, burner, and filter are bundled together, it looks like the cousin of a drip coffee maker or a blender. Beginner siphon coffee brewers will love how easy it is to create vacuum coffee without fussing around with parts.

This model comes with an automatic brewing function that determines the temperature for you. Once you’re done, the machine will turn off with its automatic shutoff feature. The sealing lid will keep your drink hot for a little while longer if you get distracted. To top things off? You can make your coffee in just seven or eight minutes.

Beginners will enjoy being able to try siphon coffee brewing without being overwhelmed by fiddly settings. More experienced brewers may be turned off by the lack of fine control.

We Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Dedicated fans of coffee and tea
  • Beginners who want fewer working parts to deal with
  • Drinkers who want a faster cup of vacuum coffee

We Don’t Recommend This Siphon Coffee Maker For

  • Experienced brewers who want more control over the final product
  • Anyone who wants more visual variety in their brewing supplies

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