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5 Best Non Coffee Drinks At Dunkin Donuts You Can Order Now

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: April 12th, 2023

Dunkin’s is the second most popular coffee chain in the United States, and a quick trip to Dunkin is an automatic morning ritual for many people on the east coast.

There are many people who are either trying to limit their caffeine intake or simply don’t enjoy coffee wondering what the best non-coffee options are at Dunkin. I have taken a deep dive into Dunkin’s current menu and highlighted the five best options for non coffee drinks at Dunkin Donuts you can try on your next visit.

The Best Non Coffee Drinks At Dunkin Donuts

  1. Matcha Latte
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Frozen Chocolate
  4. Coolatas
  5. Dunkin’ Refreshers

matcha latte

1. Matcha Latte

Matcha is an extremely popular and historic type of earthy green tea that can be traced all the way back to China in the 8th century. Matcha is a great alternative to coffee in the morning, and there are many health benefits associated with drinking it on a daily basis.

Matcha tea is naturally high in antioxidants, which many studies have shown to help reduce the risk of cancer. It also contains less caffeine compared to coffee, though many people find it still gives them an adequate energy boost in the morning.

Like many of the other offerings on Dunkin’s menu, their Matcha is fairly sweet compared to versions found at more traditional coffee and tea shops. It is blended on high with your choice of milk to make a hot and frothy beverage that is tasty and has a foamy texture.

2. Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular hot beverages in the world, and there are many people who choose to enjoy it outside of the holiday season. A piping hot cup of hot chocolate is a great way to warm up on a cold day, and is also a suitable replacement treat for those abstaining from coffee.

The hot chocolate at Dunkin is iconic for many people, and it has a distinct creamy and frothy texture that can be tough to replicate at home. Many office employees find that a mug of hot chocolate is also a great way to cut back on caffeine during a midday lull.

Another thing that separates the hot chocolate at Dunkin from other options is the fact that they regularly offer different flavor combinations. Peppermint hot chocolate is usually available during the winter months, and espresso flavored hot chocolate is an option all year long.

3. Frozen Chocolate

frozen chocolate

The Frozen Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats on the Dunkin menu, and it is a great caffeine free-option for warm weather enjoyment. It is available in a variety of different options, and many people choose to add either a caramel or vanilla swirl.

At first glance, the Frozen Chocolate looks like something that should be on the menu at Dairy Queen rather than Dunkin. Some people compare it to the Starbucks Frappuccino, but there is no caffeine in the Frozen Chocolate.

This sweet treat is topped with a sizable portion of whipped cream, and chocolate syrup is drizzled around the inside of the cup before the frozen chocolate is added. Personally, I consider this to be more of a “desert” than a cold beverage, and I believe it is best enjoyed after a meal.

4. Coolatas


The Coolata line of frozen drinks at Dunkin is very different from anything else on the menu, and many people compare them to Slushies or Icees. There are currently three different flavors to choose from, and Dunkin tends to release more flavors during the summer months.

Flavors like blue raspberry and strawberry are fairly common when it comes to frozen iced drinks, though Dunkin also carries a unique signature flavor. The Vanilla Bean Coolata is truly unique, and many people choose to mix it with one of the other flavors.

5. Dunkin’ Refreshers

dunkin’ refreshers

Dunkin’ Refreshers offer a unique combination of fruit juice and green tea in an iced beverage that many people find to be a perfect “pick me up” in the middle of the day. There are three different flavors available, and the Refreshers sell particularly well in hotter areas.

Mango Pineapple is the most popular flavor of Dunkin Refreshers, and many people prefer their flavor over the similar beverage that is sold at Starbucks. It is a great tropical treat that is perfect for enjoying on a warm day.

There are also two other fruity flavors to choose from, with Peach Passion Fruit being another fan favorite. Strawberry Dragonfruit is the newest addition to the lineup, and it is likely that the Dunkin company rolls out more Refreshers flavors in the future.

Non Coffee Drinks At Dunkin Donuts – Final Thoughts

While coffee and donuts drive the majority of sales at Dunkin, there are plenty of great beverage options for those who do not drink coffee. Hot drinks like matcha lattes and hot chocolate are popular options during the summer months, while cold drinks like the Dunkin Refreshers and Coolatas are the top summer sellers.

Feel free to leave a comment below detailing your favorite non-coffee drinks to order at Dunkin, and be sure to let me know which beverages you think should have been included on this list!

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