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5 Best Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks – Under 200 Calories

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: April 11th, 2023

Dutch Bros is an American coffee chain based in Grants Pass, Oregon that has developed a reputation for serving rich and sugary coffee drinks.

Many serious coffee enthusiasts consider many of the drinks at Dutch Bros to be “over the top” with hundreds of calories and dozens of grams of sugar. While the majority of drinks on the menu are far from healthy, I have taken a close look at the menu and hand-selected five of the best Dutch Bros low calorie drinks available.

The 5 Best Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks

  1. Americano
  2. Cold Brew
  3. Nitro Cold Brew
  4. Iced Tea
  5. Nonfat Latte



The Americano is one of the most basic and popular espresso-based drinks in the world, and it is simply made by adding piping hot water to one or two shots of espresso. The addition of water dilutes the strong-tasting espresso and helps to make the acidity levels more moderate.

Dutch Bros serves both a hot and cold version of the Americano, and the largest size of each only contains 20 calories. Many serious coffee enthusiasts find the Americano to be the best drink on the Dutch Bros menu, and I tend to agree with them!

Like every other drink on the menu at Dutch Bros, the Americano can be customized in a number of different ways. Many people like adding flavors like mocha or caramel to their iced Americano, though the addition of these flavor shots adds calories and sugar to the drink.

Cold Brew

pouring cold brew coffee into glass

Cold Brew coffee has become very popular in the United States over the past few years, and its recent rise to prominence can largely be attributed to its combination of relatively low acidity and high caffeine content.

One of the most unique items on the Dutch Bros menu is called the Toasted Cold Brew. This is one of the only coffee drinks on the market that is brewed cold and then served hot, and this is one of my personal favorite drinks to enjoy at Dutch Bros.

They also serve a more traditional cold brew drink over ice, which has a distinct flavor and contains only 20 calories. There are also flavored varieties of cold brew like the Caramelizer and White Mocha, but these sweetened options contain around 300 calories and over 30 grams of sugar.

Nitro Cold Brew

nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro Cold Brew is a new and exciting style of cold brew coffee that is even stronger than the original in terms of caffeine content. It is made using traditional cold brew coffee, which is then pressurized and infused with nitrogen while being dispensed.

The result is a beverage with a unique texture that I personally find falls somewhere between frothy and creamy. Nitro-style cold brew is less diluted by water compared to regular cold brew, so first-time drinkers should be careful as the caffeine content is slightly elevated.

The Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew contains only 20 calories, and it is also available in a hot version. There are flavor options available like The Kicker, The Annihilator, and the Caramelizer, though all of these sweet versions have calorie counts of between 150 and 250.

Iced Tea

lemon iced tea

Many people are unaware that Dutch Bros offers a wide variety of different iced tea flavors, and there are currently 45 different flavors listed on their website. Sweeter flavors like Strawberry contain 80 calories in a small size, but the calories really add up with larger versions.

While not all of the nutritional information is listed for each individual tea flavor on the Dutch Bros website, it is safe to assume that less sweet options like Earl Grey and Green Tea will contain less sugar and calories than sweeter options like “OG Gummybear.”

Nonfat Latte

nonfat latte

Lattes are extremely popular espresso-based beverages that contain high ratios of milk. They are often made using whole milk, which is high in both fat and calories. One of the best ways to enjoy a latte while keeping an eye on your calorie intake is to order a “nonfat latte.”

Nonfat lattes are made using skim milk, which contains far fewer calories compared to whole or 2 percent milk. I am a big fan of non-dairy milk when it comes to lattes, though certain versions like oat milk contain too many calories to make this list.

Best Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks – Final Thoughts

The menu at Dutch Bros is full of rich and sweet drinks that are very high in fat, sugar, and calories. While they may be hard to find at first when taking a look at the drive-thru menu, there are a handful of low-calorie options that still deliver flavor.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel that there are any drinks that I have left out, and be sure to include any “off-menu” creations that you have tried at Dutch Bros!

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