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How Much Baileys to Get Drunk?

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Baileys Irish Cream is a sweet and creamy delight with a hint of vanilla and a strong Irish whiskey flavor. It’s popular in hot chocolate, coffee, and on the rocks all over the world, but how much does it take to get drunk on it?

In this article, we will answer the question “how much Baileys to get drunk”, as well as want you can expect when drinking this liqueur.

The Main Question

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But the question arises, can Baileys make you go from woozy to drunk? Simple answer: Yes! This Irish delight has been a staple for bartenders across the world when it comes to a delicious and versatile cocktail.

It also makes coffee go from good to great in just a shot. All in all, we are big fans.

How Much Alcohol Is In A Shot Of Baileys Irish Cream?

Bailey’s contains an ABV of 17% which may be low but hits the mark, every time. In a full-size bottle, 17 shots of liquor would be present, and 3-4 shots may start making you feel slightly intoxicated.

However, around 8-9 shots would work well for both men and women to get drunk.

Baileys Irish Cream provides a rich taste with every sip constituting mainly cream, sugar, and Irish Whiskey. Irish whiskey is the culprit responsible for getting you from tipsy to drunk on having shots.

Having an ABV of 17% (Alcohol by volume), although lower than whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin, Baileys still contains a higher ABV than beer (4-5%) and wine (5.5-16%). 

However, as it involves heavy use of high-calorie ingredients such as cream, the strength of alcohol is decreased. This provides a sense of ease and comfort rather than making you jittery, which is also why you may need to reach for more delicious Baileys to get drunk.

How Many Shots Of Bailey’s Irish Cream Would Get You Drunk?

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This bartender’s favorite may contain lesser alcohol content but can take you from tipsy to a state of regret just as quickly as an average cocktail.

A full-size bottle contains about 17 shots, and 1 shot may contain about 17% alcohol. Consuming about 3-4 chilled shots in a row would get you feeling boozy, but around 7-8 shots would be enough for both males and females to get intoxicated.  

Can You Get A Hangover From Baileys?

Too much holiday cheer can cause you to forget that your beloved festive hot chocolate is fused with Irish whiskey, having you go for more, one after another.

The realization of it all creeps up on us the next morning when a baileys hangover hits, painful as it can be, to say the least, but nothing some good sleep, lots of water, painkillers, and hangover remedies can’t fix! 

Can You Drink Baileys Straight Up?

Baileys is a delicious, versatile drink and can be consumed with other constituents like coffee and hot chocolate, even ice cream, or on its own.

The best way to drink it on its own is chilled over ice, as it goes down smoothly and the taste of whiskey is not too strong and diluted by the cream.


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Is Baileys a woman’s drink?

Baileys Irish cream has a distinct flavor with milk and sweet balance, and a hint of whiskey hitting all the tastebuds.

Due to the nature of the drink, Baileys has been called a ‘girly drink’ and ‘woman’s drink’ by Baileys’ creators Gluckman and Jago, respectively. However, we ask you to be the judge yourself and put it to a test!

What happens if I drink too much Baileys?

In the long run, having too much sugar and alcohol can lead to many health issues like diabetes, weight gain, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Hence, the consumption of any beverages containing alcohol and sugar should be watched and be in moderation only. At the moment, however, it may lead to a sugar rush, some tipsiness followed by a hangover the next day.

How Much Baileys to Get Drunk – The Bottom Line

To get drunk on Baileys, a person would need to drink anywhere from 3 to 4 chilled shots straight up, back to back, to 7 to 8 shots, depending on tolerance and gender, and body weight.

Remember, to always drink responsibly.

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