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How Many Ounces Are In A Fifth Of Whiskey?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

The question as to how many ounces are in a fifth of whiskey has a simple answer but an interesting discussion behind it. There are approximately 25,6 US fluid ounces of liquid in a fifth of whiskey.

A fifth is a unit of measurement which has been used for wine and distilled beverages in the United States. It is equal to one-fifth of a US liquid gallon which is equivalent to 757 millilitres. Recently, a fifth has been superseded by the metric measurement of 750ml for a standard bottle of alcohol.

How Many Ounces Are in a Fifth of Whiskey

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How many ounces are in a fifth of Jack Daniel’s?

A ‘fifth’ as a measurement refers to a fifth of an imperial gallon. A gallon is equivalent to 160 fluid ounces, so a ‘fifth’ is approximately 32 fluid ounces (fl oz).

What is a 375ml bottle called?

Different names refer to liquor bottles of different measurements.

Name US Customary Units Metric Units
Pinta 12.34 US fluid ounces 365 ml
Pint 12.7 US fluid ounces 375 ml
Half Litre 16.9 US fluid ounces 500 ml
European spirit bottle 23.7 US fluid ounces 700 ml

A pint is therefore what a 375ml bottle is called.

Is drinking half a fifth a lot of alcohol?

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A fifth is approximately 750ml, meaning half of a fifth is 375ml of alcohol. Since a standard drink is 1.5 US fluid ounces, you could have approximately 17 drinks of a standard size. So drinking half a fifth is a lot of alcohol to consume in one sitting.

Do 2 pints equal a fifth?

There are 4qts in a gallon and 2 pints in a qt. therefore, a gallon contains 8 pints. A fifth of 8 pints is equal to 1.6 pints. So, 2 pints is more than a fifth since 2 pints is equivalent to 1.6 pints.

How much does a fifth of vodka cost?

Smirnoff Vodka will range in price depending on the region, but an original bottle of Smirnoff No. 21 (750ml) will cost between $11.99 – $14.99.

Is a shot 1 ounce or 1.5 ounces?

There is no standard size for a shot except for in Utah, where a shot is defined as 1 US fluid ounce which is equivalent to 29.6 milliliters.

Elsewhere across the US, a standard size is generally between 1.25 fluid ounces and 1.5 US fluid ounces (37ml – 44ml). a double shot of alcohol in the US is roughly 2 fluid ounces or more.

How many ounces is a fifth?

  US Sizes Metric Sizes
Pint 16 ounces 500 milliliters or 16.9 ounces
Fifth 25.6 ounces 750 milliliters or 25.4 ounces
Quart 32 ounces 1 liter or 33.8 ounces
Half-gallon 64 ounces 1.75 liters or 59.2 ounces

Why is 375ml called a Mickey?

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‘Mickey’ is a name for the measurement of alcohol in Canada. This measurement is for a 375ml bottle of alcohol.

What are the tiny bottles of liquor called?

Miniature bottles of alcohol are usually used for promotional purposes, gifts, or samples. In Scotland and the North-eastern region of the United States, they are commonly known as shooters and nips.

Elsewhere, these bottles are referred to as airplane bottles, travel-sized bottles, or mini-bar bottles.


What is considered binge drinking?

Binge drinking for a man is consuming 5 or more drinks within 2 hours. For a woman, binge drinking is when you consume more than 4 drinks in 2 hours.

Are four ounces of whiskey a day too much?

Four ounces of whiskey is equivalent to just under three standard drinks of whiskey. For women, the recommended amount is one drink per day, while men can have up to two whiskeys a day.

What is considered a heavy drinker?

For men, a heavy drinker will consume more than 4 drinks a day or more than 14 drinks per week. For women, this changes to 3 drinks per day or more than 7 drinks a week.


The answer to the question “how many ounces are in a fifth of whiskey” is 25,6 US fluid ounces. The term ‘fifth’ has since been superseded by metric measurements, and now a metric fifth refers to 750ml which is equivalent to 25,4 US fluid ounces.

The differences between the metric system and the imperial system can cause some confusion, particularly when it comes to alcoholic drinks.

Having a standard bottle size, of 750ml makes it easier to work out equivalents when trying to buy a beverage and needing to compare prices.

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